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  1. I didn't pay much attention to Nick on Andi's season and didn't watch Kaitlyn's season. I watched some of BIP when he was on. So he's been with Andi, Kaitlyn, Liz and....... I just don't really see why women are so attracted to him. Can anyone fill me in?
  2. My short and sweet summary. Vanessa is more in love with the ring than Nick, just like most of them.
  3. Oh, airhead Sara is such a flake. She continues to act like a cutesy 22 year old. This is a good week to tune out.
  4. It is just me or were they all extra annoying today??
  5. Oh please. This woman was probably picked "in advance" to be the Bachelorette when she was picked for the Bachelor. She was given the first impression rose for a reason. Sadly enough, I watched the show to know that.
  6. Airhead Sara is griping her husband watched a TV show without her. She will forever be a bottomless pit of need that will never be filled.
  7. Where was Joy today?? I can't take a show with Airhead Sara and Jediblahblah without Joy.
  8. I watched about 10 seconds of the Airhead Sara Super Bowl coverage when she talking to Ted Cruz. Did it go on and on forever?
  9. Friday was nice without Airhead Sara and Jediblahblah. I won't be able to tolerate Airhead Sara's "cutesy 22 year old" Super Bowl coverage on Monday. I can envision it now!! Guy Day Friday needs to go the way of "what the hell Wednesday". And it needs to end quickly.
  10. Airhead Sara was really was really getting on my nerves during the Dr Phil segment/show promo . Why does she always act like a cutesy 23 year old? She is almost 40 and needs to grow up. Gosh, enough is enough.
  11. Is it just my TV or is Jediblahblah looking more orange? Is she using too much spray tan?
  12. Was she wearing boots? I was trying to figure out what she had on her feet.
  13. What was Jediblahblah wearing today? Can someone please explain the white jumpsuit? Airhead Sara continues to annoy me to no end. I really need a day without her.
  14. I'm sure TLC is paying for the suitcases and clothes. Does anyone really believe Adam and Danielle are getting a bill?
  15. It is just you. Airhead Sara is still a flake. Celia is right.
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