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  1. It was my favorite thing ever and especially because they were laughing about how dumb this show is. When Colton got the date card I was confident this show hates us. Colton is not my person and never will be. Stop trying to make Tia happen. More Eric please! I think Clare and Benoit's "engagement" was super fake and when they "broke up" she posted a picture of their feet together---I thought it was one of those photos where the woman puts the shoes on her hands and pretends there's another person there. Her instagram has since been scrubbed of any reference to him. I think they were
  2. Not to body-shame but I've often said this! Compared to some of the bodies we've seen....Peter comes to mind. I was thinking Annalise was just the saddest sad to ever sad this episode until she confronted Jordan about his lame behavior. She may be afraid of bumper cars, dogs and dying alone but she sure found some guts to stick up for Chelsea! Chelsea, I must admit, looked really beautiful while being berated. She seems too old for David. Bibi putting voice to how much it smells there and how gross they always look was hilarious and confirmed a lot of my thoughts. Speaking of..
  3. Kendall is stunningly beautiful--I can't imagine anyone not being able to stare in her presence. But when "Have you ever seen a dead body?" is your go-to small talk/flirt, that's not great! I am not interested in Tia at all so to have to sit through two dates with her was snoozfest. I loved when Chris' chyron read: "Goose". Although the silly goose thing has gone out the window as he's returning to full crazy goose gearing up to mob Colton for some kind of wrong reasons offense. Kevin just randomly slipped it in that Ashley I cheated on him with Jared--can't believe they let tha
  4. The Bella Viall reference slayed me! My ears pinged on this too! How can it be true? Colton should've combined his "I'm a virgin" and "I dated Tia" confessions together because then " a weekend with Tia" takes on a much more harmless meaning. Wasn't she super-religious also? This is also the guy that dated Aly Raisman correct? The fact that the doughy model came to the rose ceremony with the comforter was so stupid and obviously staged. I wish she would've been more firm with Conner because he shouldn't be rewarded for that behavior. He's a young 25 and who needs that nonsense?
  5. Hi everyone newbie here, I just binged Ray Donovan seasons 1-5 in like two weeks. I see I might be in the minority bc I really hated Ray (does he ever wear a simple tee and jeans) and my favorite character by far is Mickey--"What did he ever do to you?" indeed. Have an affair while his wife was dying, um... kind of like you? I also hated Abby until her personality change brain tumor. It was disgusting to me with Ray and the child actress, gross. Also I thought Ponyboy was crazy hot with that beard, LOL.
  6. Thank you StatisticalOutlier for schooling me on Indy Cars! I know nothing of car racing either & was being snarky ;)
  7. haha yes and turn left! He did do those daredevil bike tricks! I can't tell? She started off a sassy moonshine drinker but now seems like kind of a bummer. I feel like she could be final because of the whole Raven connection--like they maybe knew each other before the show? I honestly have no idea what he's thinking even more so after his confession of love for the snooze Lauren.
  8. Luke may be an acquired taste but he wears the hell out of a beanie. I was surprised by the Lesley-Dean hookup. I remember really liking her on Sean's season but she didn't seem like Dean's type (Kristina, Danielle). I kind of loved when she said she wanted to know what he thought of her boobs and he said it only mattered what she thought of them. Aw, Dean's getting growed up. Benoit is adorable, mostly with glasses. Clare totally pulled away from his later kisses--she's more into "smoking hot" Christian. It was jarring to hear her tearfully say that she was surprised guys were into
  9. It was kind of obnoxious to me that they didn't even bother to learn really basic Italian in order to somewhat communicate, like hello, please, thank you? Yes I'm a fuddy duddy. I don't get why they aired Arie bolting the table (to fart?) Why not just edit it out? To include with no explanation was just bizarre. I'm so irritated that he said he was falling DEEP in love with Lauren. It was like an Arrested Development "HER?" How and why?! @BuckeyeLou you're in my head! I really liked Bekah too, I found her charming. I felt like she brought out a lightness in Arie. I don't se
  10. I don't fault Arie for the "It was so busy today!" comment because can you imagine having to work so hard all day trying to keep anything going with that dullard Lauren B for Boring? As soon as she became Lauren B for Bummer with her broken engagement tale of woe (weak excuse for being so boring and standoffish) he couldn't possibly let her go. Oh to go through life skinny and blonde indeed. Where was Chelsea during the Moulin Rouge dancing? I don't think we saw her in her outfit. Did she refuse to strip? Speaking of Moulin, Arie loved getting a peak of Becca's butt when she turned.
  11. I read she was at some launch party in Hollywood and has not one but two TV projects in the works which makes me want to barf. I chose not to watch her interview. I can't get over the press release where she stated she was a victim. Her carelessness nearly destroyed a man's reputation/life. It's not a case of slut shaming it's just overall irresponsible. I'm bummed about the leftovers, that everyone now has to take out Christen or Lacey or worse, Jasmine. Tickle Doc kissed her waaaay too fast it was so awkward! I felt really bad for Sarah actually because I think Adam really led her
  12. Oh man me too. I was like "There's the Taylor I know!" Excited if there really is a Taylor/Derek fight next week. I found the whole sit down thing super boring and it made me really irritated how ABC takes zero responsibility for its role in Corinne-Demario. Was it not their producer who shut it down? Bring that person on and have them explain themselves, especially to Demario, who apparently left Paradise with no idea that there was talk of a sexual assault accusation against him. It's not The. Most. Dramatic. Conclusion ever for the Wicked Nasty Media to assume something untoward happen
  13. YES! If she has so much money why does she not spend it at a fantastic hair salon? Her hair always looks horrible. Also, she lives in Miami, has a Spanish-speaking nanny and the only Spanish word she knows is "map" from watching Dora the Explorer? This girl. I hate how the show is so "Ohhhh this horrible thing happened and it's so horrible that we have to give it a two-episode arc PLUS an exclusive post-interview" a la everything Chad. I swear Iggy was telling others that Lacey's grandMA died, not grandPA. And could he have cared less about her? It was all about him staying, it was as si
  14. Anyone notice that Eric doesn't ever touch her? Like when they are kissing he sits still while she kisses him? They have zero chemistry as a couple. I felt like her mom haaaated him. I think it's sad that Rachel is so adamant that she doesn't want a boyfriend, she wants a fiance--- look at Jojo and Jordan or Shawn and Kaitlyn--does it really make a difference if she really likes/loves him? Alas, I don't think Peter is all that into her. Which leaves Bryan as the consolation prize. When she said "I thought you were a douchebag" I chimed in "I STILL do!"
  15. PLEASE! Season 6 was really hard on me Direwolf wise. Starting with Ghost wailing at still-dead Jon. Speaking of reunions, couldn't Arya have just swung by Winterfell to see her sibs?! I know she's on mad revenge spree but just for a sec!
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