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  1. To those wondering why the newsman didn't give the advantage to David: David's tribe wasn't going to tribal that night. They won (second place) the challenge that time. It was Aubrey's tribe going and, perhaps, that was the only person on that tribe, other than Wendy, that he knew anything about. And he wasn't about to give the advantage to Wendy.
  2. DallasGypsy

    Spring Baking Championship

    Only watched the first 15 minutes or so before I turned it off. The contestants were so hyper (did they find Nancy Fuller's secret stash?) that they reminded me of the Kids Baking Championship. I can bear that with the kids ... with the adults? Not so much.
  3. DallasGypsy

    S38 Preview & Speculation Thread

    I keep wondering if Lauren will end up in the same camp that she's in now. If she has to go to a different camp, he won't have time to retrieve her idol from the place where she buried it.
  4. DallasGypsy


    New Season - April 19, 2019!
  5. DallasGypsy

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Started watching the Holiday episodes the other night. In most of the episodes, the people weren't looking for homes in October-November so they could be in and decorated for the Holidays. No ... they were looking in Spring, Summer. You could tell by all the leaves on the trees, the flowers in the yard. And, the funniest part was when the house was decorated for Christmas, all the windows had shades or blinds drawn. That way you couldn't tell that there wasn't any snow outside. hahahaha!!
  6. DallasGypsy

    S37.E13: Finale

    I lost a lot of respect for Christian after he was voted out. At his Ponderosa, he was pontificating about the game ... he sat in the jury box making faces as if he was the only one astute enough to understand what was going on ... and, finally, he voted for Mike. If he's never invited back, fine with me.
  7. DallasGypsy

    S37.E13: Finale

    Great season ... deserving winner ...
  8. DallasGypsy

    S37:E13 Finale LIVE CHAT

    They talk talk talk about blindsiding Mike and they all fall in line and vote Allison!
  9. DallasGypsy

    S37:E13 Finale LIVE CHAT

    Can Angelina or Mike make fire?
  10. DallasGypsy

    S37:E13 Finale LIVE CHAT

    Angelina doesn't have to worry about immunity ... she has the idol.
  11. DallasGypsy

    S37:E13 Finale LIVE CHAT

    Again ... another puzzle??
  12. DallasGypsy

    S37:E13 Finale LIVE CHAT

    At least, Jeff didn't go running into the audience to get their reaction.
  13. DallasGypsy

    S37:E13 Finale LIVE CHAT

    yes ... she got them rice and drove the last three votes .... Right!
  14. DallasGypsy

    S37 Ponderosa *Possible Spoilers*

    Christian ... wearing a sweater and long pants?? What gives, dude?
  15. DallasGypsy


    Finished!! Really liked the dark humor and the twists and turns. I tried to not second-guess what was going to happen and that made it much more delicious. Yes, I would watch Season 2. After all, Patty hasn't gone to regionals and still has to finish high school. Time for more mayhem.