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  1. Or Tebow. He's been known to do quite well when he takes over after Orton stumbles.
  2. As a dutiful NFL fan, I got up early to watch the London game, saw the first quarter, then woke up after the game ended. Then I had coffee and turned the channel to NFL Redzone which whips around so fast I have no idea who played whom and what happened to anyone. My Broncos don't play today and I am anchorless. So I suppose I should go rake some goddamned leaves.
  3. I'm on the same side of the field as the Broncos bench, but down a ways. The keep-away playfulness happened between me and the bench. One of the receivers outted Peyton about the keep-away (the dude who caught TD509), saying Peyton approached them a couple days before the game and suggested they do it after 509. They even did a run-through of the routine, which is totally in keeping with Peyton's preparation and attention to detail. Peyton said he was kind of surprised that they actually went through with it. I believe it, as he is the locker room king and while I wouldn't say he intimida
  4. Danny Franks, Peyton's remaining opponents this season are Chargers (twice), Patriots, Raiders (twice), Rams, Dolphins, Chefs, Bills and Bengals. You're welcome.
  5. I'm a Broncos season ticket holder and not only was I there to witness history made with PFM's 509th TD, he held off on tossing that TD until the second quarter where he threw it on my end of the stadium, my corner of the endzone. Right. In. Front. Of. Me. It was awesome. Lots of 49ers fans in attendance, and everyone I've spoken with who was there agreed that they were great fans. Loud, enthusiastic, but not obnoxious like many opposing team fans are. And what was really neat was they, along with all of us, appreciated Peyton's accomplishment and showed it by standing and cheering with t
  6. Yep, that was Heather. I'm dying for Nancy's strawberry-rhubarb pie. Boy did it look good!
  7. 80 yards, 59 seconds, no timeouts, 2-pt conversion. Denver's D much improved over last year. They need to do better, no argument there, but it's something. They were trying for the "bend don't break" approach in OT and yep it was hard to watch Wilson march them right down the field. (Broncos fan here, in case you can't tell, lol.)
  8. Holy shit, that was an intense game. No such thing as a moral victory, but it's slightly satisfying that Seattle had the crap scared out of them. Denver has a much better defense than last year, and Emmanual Sanders is a much improved weapon for Peyton over Decker. Christ, I thought I was going to have a heart attack.
  9. Peyton Manning was fined $8,268 by the NFL for last week's taunting penalty, the first of his career. Said Peyton, "I accept the fine. It was money well spent."
  10. I agree that the reasons for the circus differ between Tebow, Manziel and Sam. The volume of the circuses is what I was referring to. Had to roll my eyes, hard, at the media falling all over itself to air Manziel's postgame press conference and ignoring Hoyer who for now is the STARTING QB. But... Johnny said mostly all the right things. I'm thinking he either spent some of his money on a PR agent or he's beginning to realize the NFL isn't college and he's not the superstar he was at A&M. There were a couple of times he looked a little surprised, as he was coming off the field, at
  11. Merylinkid, I was going to bring up the Tebow parallel to Manziel but you beat me to it. I fear Michael Sam's career is in danger of being derailed for the same reason. I loved the thrill that was Tebow during his playing time here in Denver, but I have to confess it was a relief when the circus left town with him. I see the same building around Manziel and Michael Sam, although I think the Rams will be smarter about doing what they can to keep Sam out of the glare, than the Browns organization with Johnny Football.
  12. I know next to nothing about either of them, other than the blonde is or was on some Housewives show, but I caught part of an episode of Hard Knocks which features the Atlanta Falcons this year. A segment showed them both at home, and she would just not shut the fuck up. Hard Knocks is about FOOTBALL PLAYERS not desperate housewives. She must think any reality TV show is about her. Jesus.
  13. My god someone tell me these women aren't aliens from another planet.
  14. If they had edited out every "like" that was uttered, this episode would have lasted 35 minutes.
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