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  1. I'm still watching, but didn't there used to be redeeming qualities about at least the main characters? I care most about interesting characters, but I no longer seem to seem anything redeeming about them. Axe loved Lara and his boys, and everything was done for them (remember the panic room and "go bag"?). This season he doesn't seem to care about the boys, except for the time he intervened ridiculously at the boarding school. But there wasn't any warmth indicating he really loved that boy. Wendy used to love her husband and care about Axe. Now she just has a super power of "know
  2. I used to enjoy this show. I have nothing in common with this demographic in age, ethnicity or skin color, yet i always felt drawn to know more about these characters. Even if Zoe was self-involved, she was interesting to me. As were others (except Luka. I never liked him but understood the appeal). Now? Each character is ridiculous and self involved, Zoe being the worst. Part of her appeal, to me, was the actress, but the character now annoys me too much. also: didn’t she drop out at least one semester? How is it her senior year? I was interested in how Anna
  3. So there is not a single actual housewife on this show, still? I used to love this franchise. Now, they are all horrible. Except Eboni. She is interesting, and accomplished in her own right (not her former husband’s). I think I am done.
  4. I have no idea why I binge watched this over the weekend. My only theory is that I was nursing a cold, and somehow the cold was worse than I thought and it addled my brain. I agree with a previous posters in this thread and the other ones that each episode got a little bit worse/less compelling - I'm not sure what made me decide to stay with it. Random things bugged me. - Why did Paige always have false eye lashes? It bugged me terribly. Even the Alexis character had a few scenes without false eye lashes. Paige just looked ridiculous with them all the time. - In a sea of bad
  5. I am an SJP fan. That said, I don't understand this show. Is it a comedy? A drama? A dramedy? None of the characters are appealing to me. I don't understand them. I really wanted to like this show, because I am a fan of the female actresses, but none of their characters are likeable and compelling. What am I missing? I can be convinced otherwise.
  6. Reading this the morning after Election Day. Wish we had chosen between a Vinnick and a Santos yesterday. I wouldn't be so in despair with a Vinnick.
  7. I am enjoying this show quite a bit, but having a problem with some it. Some of it just does not ring true: it's hard to believe that it in 1970, only Cindy's husband is anti-Viet Nam-war - or rather, only Cindy's husband (name?) is willing to be vocally anti-war. This is post-RFK assassination, post-MLK, post-'68 convention, etc. The rest of the party guests looked shocked when he was speaking, with Jane and someone else saying, "But don't you want to prevent Stalinism?" This sounded like maybe an argument that would have been made in 1964, not by 1970. Also, none of these 20som
  8. True...still, she was the Press Secretary, clearly a good one, but not a political operator getting bills passed. Don't get me wrong, I love(d) CJ! Just didn't think it was odd for her former colleagues, both senior to her in the organization, to be not on board with working for her.
  9. I can't figure out how to edit my response but here is what I meant to say more concisely: "Would Toby and Josh really have that big of a problem with CJ becoming their boss? What possible reason could they have to disbelieve in her abilities and experience, and trust her?" Toby was her boss, and Josh was senior to her, and both were overlooked for the promotion to Chief of Staff. OF COURSE they wouldn't be happy with her as the choice. :) She was smart and capable and clearly a marketing/PR guru, but not a policy or dealmaking expert. Bugged me then, bugs me now. (as you can see I had t
  10. I just watched re-watched some of Season 7 - I didn't remember some details, and with the horror of these years' election it was good to watch something else. I thought the choices of candidates were amazingly prescient of '08 (well, '08 before McCain nominated Palin, anyway). I have to disagree here with the choice of CJ as Chief of Staff. As a reaction to the realism of it: I thought she was a completely unrealistic choice - she was Press Secretary and reported to Toby as Communications Director. And Josh was second in command to Leo. OF COURSE they didn't react well. (Did Josh leave
  11. One of my favorite episodes is the one where Miranda finds out she is pregnant. I have been in that same conversation with a group of friends where one is desperate to get pregnant and another is but wasn't planning to. I thought it was very realistic for a woman in her late 30s to ask herself, "Is this my baby?" I liked that it didn't become a political issue or discussion, and it was assumed that this was a really difficult decision, but all four of them were not judgmental about it. Charlotte was hurting in a way my friends and I who have gone through varying degrees of fertility issues c
  12. The show is much better than I thought -- I'd still prefer the 18-30 year olds, but this isn't bad. I am impressed by these kids. Technique is so much better than I thought it would be. And their ability to remember so much choreography, especially the younger ones, is phenomenal, really. I think JT is cute as a button, and he clearly has great chemistry with Robert -- and looks like his mini-me -- but he is too young. He has incredible technique, but incredible technique for an 8 year old, and I feel like I am watching a dance recital when I see him dance. A really good recital, but
  13. I liked Steve in future seasons, but the Steve of Season 2 was not the right match for Miranda...the character evolved.
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