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  1. Read the article. It really gives another way to read what happened.
  2. Thanks. But I am not the original poster of this link. I don't remember who it was, hence the reason I haven't mentioned its name, but I read it and I really thought it was important to repost it, because a lot of people didn't noticed it at first.
  3. Regarding Leah, I really think that this article, posted earlier, is a must-read, as it give more "sense" to what we saw : https://hypebae.com/2016/8/leah-mcsweeney-bipolar-mental-health My ex-neighbour (the flat under mine) was suffering of the same mental illness. She told me that the most difficult thing is to stay ON your meds, because she was SO missing the "up" period, that, sometimes, she went off of them and... I knew it, because she was euphoric for a few days, and, after that, I witnessed kinda same scenes that we were served during this episode. [ETA : and yes, like Leah, she also did drugs, went to rehab, mental illness facilities, etc...] And I'll add that the other HW are probably aware of her condition, and that explain why there were kinda... stoic (?) + that can also explain why Leah WANTED her sister here (as a support ? once again, read the link, because, for me, it all ties together)
  4. Martime law doens't depend on a country. It's an interntional one : www.un.org/Depts/los/LEGISLATIONANDTREATIES/PDFFILES/ESP_1992_Act.pdf
  5. You are such not a badass, but a fake ass bitch ! I love hating you ! You are such not a badass, but a fake ass bitch ! I love you ! Yes, you can 🙂
  6. Yes ! I love it ! I hope you will too ❤️
  7. Did we know that Dorinda does recaps in video on her YT channel ? : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHc3Tfey6iLoqUqb34HBAKQ
  8. Auto quoting myself, more than one year ago 🙂
  9. For my part, my request would have been : sailing, sailing and sailing, and count me in as a deck crew ! For quite all the cruise ! THAT would be my ideal vacation, lol !
  10. THIS. If she's been able to purchase half a million of masks, that's half a million lacking somewhere else !
  11. THANK YOU !!!!!!!! I have been ROASTED in a group on facebook for saying that. I feel less alone now. Stay safe ❤️
  12. The preview : That seems to be a good one ❤️ !
  13. Unpopular opinion here but... I surprisingly really liked Victoria and her beiges !
  14. One thing I noticed while following some of the crew on Twitter, is that Jenna and Georgia follow eachother and seem to be really close... but not with Madison... So I bet on big trouble with Madison later in the season, with her fired... Wait and see.....
  15. I guess it's because the crew quarters are smaller than on BD"MY" (Motor Yacht) and he's also sharing his cabin 🙂
  16. #BluestoneManorSpecialEdition #DirectorsCut
  17. imho, his motives were more like an : "Hey, guys ! We're filming now ! It will be on camera ! We have to do damage control right now" 😉 (BUT I really think that they were all concerned, but if there were no VDPR, they would probably have sucked it up. All of them. Ho, wait... Without VDPR, no Bethenny with Jax, so no wedding and no homophobic pastor, lol !)
  18. If interested on her Gucci python shoes, rep here : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000012392348.html
  19. Unpopular opinion here : Lindsey and Carl are meant to be together... The adjustements will be probably tough, but... It's a good pairing. There will be probably a split, and they will be back together, for the good. I'm projecting, but it's what happened with my husband (15 years in a few months ❤️) and I found a lot of similarites between them and us.
  20. Bad botox.... (and if not convinced, look at the lines on her forehead... Same unfortunate curve ^_^ )
  21. Sebastian is, for me, the only one -except for Christian Siriano, of course- winner of PR who is the real deal in fashion/couture ! Those pieces are to die for and I LOVE the bags, belts, etc.... Beautiful, timeless and... so chic ! He's SO talented.
  22. WHO is Jasmine ?!? Thanks !
  23. I like this franchise so far. And I really enjoy Glenn (and for the ones who ask why he's called "Glenn" and not "Captain Glenn", don't forget that he's been living on the boat with Ciara and Paget on the Parsifal III for 9 months, etc., and sailing is NOT the same world that motor yachting at all) ETA : And I DREAM of that kind of cruise, as I'm a sailing girl !
  24. Unpopular opinion here : I didn't even remember of Celine Dion's reverted tux (and I was wearing reverted vests in ~1985 - 1987, so that's maybe why I didn't remember it, because it was nothing "new" from my perpective) For me, except that it was reverted and white, I don't get what everyone is saying. For real. From the front or from the back ! Sergio's is a dress and not a pant, it's fitted and not loose,.... I really don't get it. EDIT : to add a picture... (and trying to find a picture of the back of Sergio's)
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