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  1. A few nights ago I happened to catch Jonas Nay on the German channel ARD in a three hour television film where he played a butcher who emigrates to North Dakota in 1919. Of course he was adorable in it.
  2. This was, for me, the least enjoyable episode of the entire series so far. I didn't give a shit about Philip's mid-life crisis, although Menzies played it as well as he could. And reducing the Apollo 11 astronauts to dim, one-dimensional jerks first baffled me then angered me. I did enjoy Anne placing paper cups (?) on the snoozing Queen Mother, though. It makes me hope they will still do a Christmas-set episode where they all sit around wearing those flimsy, stupid looking paper crowns on their heads which a lot of British families wear at Christmas lunch.
  3. TimWil

    S03.E01: Olding

    And in Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again young Rosie had gorgeous, large sky blue eyes and then adult Rosie (Julie Walters) had small dark eyes. That was really, really bad eye color continuity. But back to the episode: I'd happily listen to Olivia Colman read the phone book so even though a part of me feels she's just not right casting for Elizabeth II I'm going with it. And I've never seen Tobias Menzies in anything so I'm grooving on his Philip. He's great.
  4. TimWil

    S03.E01: Olding

    I saw West's mother Prunella Scales play Queen Elizabeth II in the wonderful one-act play A Question of Attribution which has been mentioned upthread. I believe it was later filmed for TV with Scales. The play's author, Alan Bennett, also played Anthony Blunt. It was paired with another one-act play An Englishman Abroad (which was about Guy Burgess) under the umbrella title Single Spies and performed at the Royal National Theatre in London.
  5. 2 continuity errors I recently picked up: In Season 1/Episode 1 Ed mentions an H bomb had been dropped in DC. But in Season 2/Episode 10 John claims that a "new kind of atomic device called a hydrogen bomb" had been developed by the Japanese. And in Season 2/Episode 9 the flashback showed the bomb hitting DC in either late afternoon or early evening when John and Helen arrived in their apartment (or was it a cabin?). But in Season 4 it was mentioned that the bomb had been dropped on a Sunday while people were in church.Would anyone be attending church in late afternoon/early evening in December? Re: the alt-world film Smith showed the Nazis-so they never figured out it had to be a fake because the Japanese had only recently developed a nuclear weapon which was far less powerful than the bomb shown in it? This concern was brought up by the Japanese command but it was never followed up in the story. The conclusion with all those non descriptive people wandering out of the tunnel looked way too much like the climax of Close Encounters of the Third Kind for my taste. I half-expected a dog to wander out, too. It made for a very unsatisfying conclusion but I love the show so am OK with it. And I was very satisfied that both John and Helen eventually paid with their lives. Unlike...hmmm...yeah, Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, I'm looking at you.
  6. TimWil

    S02.E08: Dundee

    If there was ever a time anybody could ever say “He’s told me so much about you” it was Jennifer when Kendall introduced her to Logan. I was surprised she didn’t say it. If there ever was the right time for someone to say “He’s told me so much about you” it was Jennifer when being introduced to Logan by Kendall. I was actually surprised she didn’t say that.
  7. TimWil

    S02.E08: Dundee

    I’m pretty sure Logan said to Shiv that Jennifer had “a brain like a balloon.”
  8. TimWil

    S02.E08: Dundee

    So now we know Connor’s mother was put into a mental hospital and Connor was sexually assaulted at age 12 by a camp councilor? But both allegations were voiced by Roman so maybe we’ll never know if either was true. I hope Jennifer remembered to take those hotel soaps back with her to NYC.
  9. Is it too early for me to thank all you wonderful posters helping me to wile away those long summer months? Even though, in my opinion, this season was one of the absolute worst ever in so many ways? Anyway...thanks.
  10. I really do think tomorrow’s final competition should be true/false questions about what happened in the world while they were in the house. With today’s big political news being the capper, of course. I remember they did something like that quite a few years ago but I think it was for something like a Veto comp.
  11. I like to think that Roman’s remark about “Sally Anne and the summer of the horses” finally identifies the Sharon Stone type lounging by the pool in the opening title sequence. Because it sure ain’t Lady Caroline.
  12. I still stand by my assertion that Tommy could get AFH because of the casual viewers. Christie looked PISSED at the very end of the jury house segment. You know she slapped that “but it’s good game playing” shit out of Analyse or whoever thinks Jackson’s lying was acceptable.
  13. Ah, OK! I remember British actress Stephanie Beacham (The Colbys, among other things) was totally deaf in one ear.
  14. From what I gather Hunter doesn’t have hearing issues. Are you confusing her with the character she played in The Piano?
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