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  1. TimWil

    S01.E01: Pilot

    But Jonathan Tucker gave a beautiful performance as a sweet young artist doomed to die from an AIDS-related illness in the 2009 TV film An Englishman in New York starring John Hurt as Quentin Crisp. He made me cry then (my brother died from an AIDS-related illness in 1992) and he made me cry again in this pilot when his character was visibly moved by his partner Finola’s story as well as the little sister’s. Besides Flashforward (awful casting IMO), Fringe, Lost, The 4400 (horrible leading man IMO), Manifest, The Last Ship, Departure, Threshold, Surface and Invasion there were also high c
  2. I LOVE THAT. It’s brilliant. THANK YOU.
  3. No mention of Jamie having been in the first season of Big Brother? How very dare they. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/02/23/jamie-kern-lima-on-handling-rejection-while-building-it-cosmetics.html
  4. So because of Joy’s second shot today’s show was pre-taped and I was denied the amusement of hearing Ana’s take on the (Mr.) Potatohead scandal? Life can be so very cruel sometimes.
  5. This is hilarious. And yes, it confirms Meghan pronounced “Matrix” like “May-tree-ix,” three syllables. And in other news I really hope Ana gets to weigh in on the (Mr.) Potatohead controversy tomorrow.
  6. Oh dear god, all this talk of Erika Jayne makes me think off all the posters still up in the Broadway district of Jayne’s curtailed stint in Chicago. And tonight I will no doubt have a nightmare in which Meghan herself assumes the role of Roxie Hart. I wouldn’t put it past those producers. They’ll be pretty desperate to rake in the tourists whenever theatre resumes in NYC.
  7. I love it that I introduced George Hahn to you! His tweets helped get me through the past 10 months.
  8. “Give him a f**king minute, Princess...” I love George Hahn.
  9. Her sheer awfulness has become truly exhausting on a day to day basis. Sort of like how a certain former, twice impeached and disgraced president was.
  10. I suspect Sunny won’t hold back on her opinions about him, at least.
  11. MeAgain will no doubt refer to RL tomorrow as an “icon.” I don’t know, to me an “icon” is someone who is respected by a wide cross section of people. I’ve asked Joy on Twitter to at least bring up how RL would, on his radio show, “celebrate” when gay men were dying from AIDS-related illnesses. In any event it should be interesting.
  12. I loved Joy saying that her mother would phone her asking if she’d heard about Rachel and Joy would say “Who’s Rachel? We’re Italian.” Joy was most likely referring to popular soap character Rachel Davis Matthews Clark Frame Cory Hutchins from the NBC daytime soap Another World (1964-1999). One of my earliest memories is my mother being enraged by this woman named Rachel on the TV and talking to her sister on the phone about her-“Rachel sent Alice dead baby clothes after Alice lost the baby! I HATE THAT WOMAN SO MUCH.” P.S.-A French Village is on Amazon Prime, not Netflix, and it rea
  13. Oh man, I hope Monday includes Lou Dobbs’ show being cancelled by Fox. Let’s see if MeAgain gets back on her Cancel Culture soapbox and I hope SOMEONE pushes her off it by reminding her that FOX NEWS actually CANCELLED A SHOW.
  14. Ana and Sunny really do deserve kudos for slicing and dicing Van. I just wish Ana could have snuck in a crack about that time on CNN when, following the second (?) State of the Union Address, Van said Trump sounded “presidential” and that seemed to be a signal that maybe he was turning a corner in his presidency. Which we all knew was never gonna happen.
  15. With the chyron at the bottom of the screen screaming “GOP HYPOCRISY IS EVERYWHERE” Lemon played a clip of MeAgain ranting and raving and Lemon finally said “Meghan has selective hearing.” Ouch.
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