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  1. This was on another message board: Meghan is in such deep denial over the sh**tiness of her own party.
  2. I’d like this to be a “Three Time’s the Charm” season with both Danielle Reyes and Danielle Donato (forgot her married name), Britney and Victor (without Nicole). And...uhhh...Paul, because I’d like to see the Danielles cut him down to size.
  3. I can totally see Cody yelling at his 8 year old daughter “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR VICTIM NOISES!”
  4. Man, I hope they’ll show some more of those Floridian dodos screaming about not wearing masks just so that we can see Joy do a mocking rant about them. She wasn’t there Friday for that, which was bitterly disappointing.
  5. To expand on the BB22 in the Love Island house rumor: a friend who works in television media told me today that Love Island might actually end up doing THEIR season in a hotel in Vegas, freeing up their house for BB22.
  6. I’m sort of starting to believe the rumor that the Love Island house in Fiji will be used for BB22: All-Stars and Exes or whatever the hell it’ll be called.
  7. peachmangosteen, you are a true superstar on this board and I agree with all your choices except Donny. I always thought he was as phony as a three dollar bill.
  8. Oh god, those pics of Nick brought back all the visceral hatred I felt about him all last summer. One of the worst HGs ever for so many reasons.
  9. Good god, Meghan McCain is insufferable. That’s all I got, guys. Namaste.
  10. I hope, if they manage to pull this off, it’s revealed that America votes for the evicted HG this time. I think this would be the perfect season to do that. Gotta get people motivated to vote, hint, hint.
  11. I’m so looking forward to a Vanessa/Christie showmance.
  12. I’m still sort of thinking that maybe Geraldine will be unmasked in the finale as not someone who they seem to be. That rapid shift in facial expression, vocal tone and body language in the scene with Konstantin got my suspicions raised. She’s like Sandy in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, I tell you.
  13. Ahhhh, I do think you might be on to something with this theory. Ever see the film The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie? Where the mousy young student Sandy manages to not only sleep with Miss Brodie’s fella but also ends up destroying her career? And Miss Brodie learns to her cost how foolish she was to have underestimated Sandy. In the final scene she cries out “ASSASSIN!” as Sandy coldly walks away from her. Ironic, huh? I totally think Geraldine killed Kenny now. Or was somehow instrumental in his death via some sort of “business arrangement” with Paul and The Twelve. It’s often the quiet ones.
  14. Well, how very Six Feet Under of them. It was just OK. I think Annalise’s courtroom monologue would have sufficed.
  15. I think it’s pretty safe to say Joy might be in a much better mood tomorrow since it’s been announced that a judge has opened the door to legal challenges over the DOJ’s dismissal of the charges against Michael Flynn. And, oh yeah, Ana Navarro’s headgear homage to Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard was fabulous. Or did Norma just wear the turban in the stage musical?
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