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  1. Yes, sorry, I realized that and corrected it before reading this. Maybe the mentions of the Foreman grill earlier messed with my head?
  2. They don’t know he’s Joe Frazier’s son. If they did they’d have been making comments about it from time to time and at least some of us would have picked up on them. I do remember an extended conversation in the BY about the Rocky films with Deref, Britini (and I think Azah and Christian). Britini was going on and on about them, saying she and her dad have watched each one numerous times-it’s like comfort food for them. Deref chimed in that he loves them, too. No mention of his dad. Britini’s reaction to finding out that Deref is Joe Frazier’s son could be a much needed bit of humor durin
  3. I think it’s absolutely ludicrous of Bradley to even think she deserved a shot at the nightly news anchor chair when she had been working on air for less than a year. Hasn’t she watched Broadcast News? We saw Bradley in a scene with her agent in the season premiere episode and Alex with her agents last season.
  4. Jesus Christ, pardon my pun. Well, that interview could give CBS great ammo for finally canning that inept piece of shite once and for all. She was always at best a mediocrity, both as a journalist and then host of Big Brother. Now she’s a total liability for the show and the network.
  5. Big D-“The veto competition is literally a life or death situation.” Big D has obviously never learned the actual meaning of the word “literally.” Good god, what a moron.
  6. Season low demo audience rating for last night’s special two hour episode. Gee, I wonder why.
  7. IMO Julie has always been an embarrassingly inept host and is now inserting her religious beliefs into this season. CBS should, at the very least, put out a statement that they don’t approve of her behavior. So it looks like SB is now the only one of the jury members who, with no more s**ts to give, might somehow end up calling out the agenda aka mission which reduced her, Derek X, Claire and Britini into total stooges.
  8. Another series with extremely bland, non-distinct Canadian actors in supporting roles. Swell. Diane Lane, Amber Tamblyn and the actor playing Agent 355 are fine. The others, not so much. I could give a s**t about Marin Ireland’s character, for starters. She’s not a bad actor but I’ve never seen her in anything where she’s actually compelling.
  9. And Monica Bailey came in third in BB2. And Danielle Reyes came in second in BB3. And Jun Song won BB4. So much for the theory about racist alliances running rampant throughout BB history. Speaking of Song she dragged her child into this CO controversy by quoting him on Twitter. Shame on her. Julie should be called on the carpet by CBS for her “child of god” remark to Claire. And if she keeps that religious s**t up straight through to finale night they’d finally have a good excuse to get rid of her once and for all. Enough is enough.
  10. Julie obviously is no longer a company team member after what happened with her husband and The Talk. She can claim The Cookout’s agenda isn’t what it is but I have a feeling when the s**t hits the fan in a few weeks CBS will put out some sort of carefully worded statement expressing a certain degree of disapproval.
  11. I received a highly detailed survey from Paramount + earlier this week asking me many questions about The Good Fight. Any of you get it? I thought maybe they checked in here-my screen name is similar to my email address. Anyway I was more than happy to express my displeasure with this season, particularly Wackner’s court, Rivi, Jay’s hallucinations, Carmen and Kurt/Diane. It would seem Paramount +/CBS are well aware that Season 5 was a f**k-up.
  12. So Tiffany “reminded” them that the original premise/promise/whatever was for them not to target each other? And Derek is POC so him already being voted out can’t possibly make what they’re doing look as bad as it does to those such as myself? Really? OK. Keep on justifying, Tiff. We’ll see how far THAT gets you. And Derek F’s remark about Derek X “having a season with Helen” is disgusting. He might as well have punctuated it with a certain hands on eyes gesture. I’d love CBS to include this tomorrow night but of course they won’t. Anyway, after over four years of up-is-down, down-is-up
  13. Hannah’s father is from India and her mother is from South Africa. Both are immigrants to the US. I have a feeling they’re particularly concerned about the group their daughter is currently involved with and what the ramifications from the fall-out could be. The same could be true of Azah’s parents who are both from Cameroon. I’d be very surprised if they approve of what’s happening and even if they do they’re still worried about how the aftermath could impact on their daughter from an emotional aspect. My dream scenario is Claire wins The Coin of Fuckery, pulls off Sarah Beth and puts up
  14. What was with Carmen’s yelling something about being a black woman when she was told to “shut up” in court? What the f**k did that have to do with it? And before that she tenderly rested her head against a drug dealer/murderer’s head and said “I’m so sorry”? That alone should get her fired from the firm. I hope she’s a one and done character on this show. Carmen was a profound dud as a “replacement” for the stellar Cush Jumbo. And gee, where was Wayne Brady in this episode? I think maybe the Kings finally had to admit they cast a total lightweight opposite Audra McDonald so decided he was
  15. Oh, I can totally see Deref pulling a Frankie Grande on Finale Night when he realized his dad’s name (or being cuddly, gay and adorable) wasn’t enough.
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