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  1. Anyone seen Jill newest post on Instagram?! https://www.instagram.com/p/BzRV4T-Aft3/?igshid=wkbnsot0cyk1 Cathy has written a book about the horrors of her cancer, treatment & escaping death. It’s called “I Shall Not Die: My Walk Through The Valley of Death”. The cover is a photo of her & Israel. It’s A LOT. Cathy probably feels non religious people deserve their cancer because they aren’t in God’s good graces. It sickens me how she feels she was only saved by God. But I’m bias as I work in experimental cancer research & we want to help as many as we can throug
  2. Bisexuality is a sexual orientation. Sexuality is a spectrum. not a straight line from "straight" to "gay". All the cries of "Luke MUST be gay & now the FB comment proves it" were really disheartening to read all season. If Luke is dating a man & happy, good for him. Frankly, I don't have sympathy for Kate. Yes, Luke is an asshole. But, the onus is on her for staying with him AND (if true) asking for affection/sex. Girl needs to learn some self worth and work on her self esteem. Also, my cousin is friends with some people who know Kate. She's not from Philly, she's from my
  3. Everyone seems to be forgetting how ATFR with Jason, Molly & Melissa went down. It all "seemed" to happen live on the ATFR special. There was not a live studiop audience. Just CH, Jason, Molly & Melissa. But Jason & Melissa had already basically broken up, she was already talking to her ex who she ended up marrying. Molly agreed she still thought of Jason, but also did not agree to move to Seattle or pursue anything serious for a long time. Then I believe two years later, they got engaged and ABC televised their wedding. Jason also SOBBED when he let Molly go home and showed
  4. jb0495

    S34: Zeke Smith

    I thought Zeke may have been trans last season, but didn't put any more thought into it and then I stumbled upon it on Survivor Sucks prior to this season (hard to ignore, unfortunately in the Zeke thread) and read the Harvard Crimson article. I figured, rightly so, that it was no one's business and no one on Survivor needed to know. I was just curious, since there is malicious content on Survivor Sucks regarding Zeke and transitioning in general, along with the Crimson article, is there anything online prior to his transition? I would hope not and I hope it doesn't get dissected like it
  5. Jinger is wearing PANTS you guys! Looks like Jessa & co took a trip to Waco, Texas. Stopped into Magnolia Market, wonder if they saw Chip & Joanna Gaines.
  6. @ProfCrash I remembered reading something about Sandra after her first win, so I assumed she was probably smart with both winnings. There are a lot of returning players that I always like to see back (Ozzy, Malcolm, Cochran etc) just because they seems to really love the game and enjoy playing. Sandra just always seems too bitter, manipulative and now completely full of her self; and not the good manipulative, full of it, "I love this game and I love playing" type. To each their own, I guess. But I will LOVE if Varner gets Sandra ousted.
  7. I guess I forget a lot of the last season with Michaela. I don't remember much about her at all, just that she got to the middle of the season by flying under the radar and then exploded or tried to do a big move and she was voted out? Can someone fill me in? I can't wait until they merge, I want Sandra and Michaela gone. Maybe Zeke will start talk about Michaela and they'll get Sandra or her next. I think they're all idiots if they give Sandra another million dollars. I bet she's fairly wealthy if she was smart with both winnings; she doesn't need any more money or exposure. I lik
  8. http://tvline.com/2017/03/27/arrow-season-6-katie-cassidy-series-regular-black-siren/ UGH, Can't she just move on??
  9. I think it's all just wonky editing, it always is. It was the same with Kaitlyn's season; she picked Shawn practically when he stepped out of the limo and her entire season was about her sleeping with Nick. Instead of the Andi approach "feminist rant", do what you want in your relationship, she was slut shamed. What I did love on their ATFR, was Shawn saying he wanted to go on specifically to meet Kaitlyn and thought they'd be a great match and texted his friends about it. And Kaitlyn's family saying she was different around Shawn and how he knew a lot about her family before the family
  10. I was home from work and randomly scrolling through Netflix. Watched the first season and loved it, although I was disappointed there wasn't any follow up from the TV movie. I'm almost all caught up now and WTF happened to the great, little historical show? The clothes are atrocious. Elizabeth doesn't looks so bad but Abigail and Jack are terrible. What is with the light jeans and J Crew type jacket I noticed in a few episodes? UGH, I agree with the downturn in quality and the annoying plot lines. I like Rosemary and Lee but Rosemary is very annoying and seems to be involved in eve
  11. I don't get all the Sandra love; I think she got lucky with her wins. I always see her and think, seriously SHE is who won Survivor twice? Wish she had been voted out and I didn't like that they condensed all of Tony into one episode :( I wish Tony had kept his mouth shut, I wanted to see him work with Malcolm.
  12. We're all long lost twins here. I did the same thing, with this episode and Hamilton. I sob at It's Quiet Uptown.
  13. Does anyone think that Mateo is very light skinned for having Jane & Raf as parents? Just a weird observation since I notice things like that. I think the time jump was very well done. I'm interested to see where it goes.
  14. I can't link to the video posted on FB but they named Seewald #2.... Henry Wilberforce Seewald. Wilberforce is the last name of a British general in the early 1800's, who was a large proponent of Evangelical wing of the Church of England. I feel so bad for Spurgeon now that his brother is named Henry. Too bad it isn't Elliott and Henry....
  15. Is anyone watching The Putnams? Geez even the Duggars leave & cleave!
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