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  1. Cgr

    House Flipping Shows

    Texas move n flip. Wow, what a total embarrassment to TX. I wonder if all of the 'characters' are really actors. So many of the lines are obviously written and delivered poorly. We zip thru most of it but it is worth a laugh.
  2. Cgr

    S04.E13: Further West

    I liked this episode better then some of the others too. Loved Eva! And please remember to never fall in love with Cullen! Bad news.
  3. I rarely watch any of the HH anymore unless it is someplace I have been or want to go and isn't just some island/beach home. Had to watch the Rota Spain one since we lived there for 3 years over 40 years ago. Our son went to Kindergarten in the school the father was teaching at. We recognized a few of the streets and liked seeing that. But after 40 years things have changed a great deal. Especially the prices. I think we paid 85$ for a large 2 bedroom apt. Fond memories.
  4. Cgr

    Red Band Society

    I am in agreement with most of the sentiments here. Somehow it just isn't working. Perhaps it is the teen angst. And the doc beddiong the gal from the bar is just yucky. Especially when it turns out to be a 'dead' mother of a patient. And what did the nurse leave behind to do this work?
  5. Cgr

    S03.E22: Execution

    Season 1 was great. A steady downhill since then. Not watching anymore. My revenge is over.
  6. Cgr

    S06.E01: The Line

    Great episode. Obviously they are setting it up for Alicia to run since she is unhappy with the prosecution of Cary. We missed the last half hour of the show due to the run over of the game. Thought I had the next show to tape and it didn't. So had to watch on the CBS site. Ugh all those commercials! Don't want to do that again.
  7. Cgr

    S01.E01: Pilot

    As far as I remember just the husband was in her office and told her George was dead.
  8. Cgr

    S01.E01: Pilot

    So so. Will see how it goes. Will watch for awhile at least. George was obviously killed. Is it the chief of staff? He is always a killer. I wonder what his resume' says? Kids are never good in TV shows unless they are the Cosby kids. Please don't compare this to Hostages or I will never watch it again! LOL They will never be able to match The West Wing for a DC based show. It was the best ever. And the one with the woman President (mentioned above but I already forgot the name) was just plain horrid.
  9. Cgr


    I too could have done without some of the bed scenes. And I think Abby--think that is her name--would have been repulsed by the lesbian kiss. She just seems too straight for that. Girl Scouts sold calendars during the war due to sugar rationing. I looked it up! I'm sure it has been mentioned here but this is the first time I am posting to this show. But The Girls of Atomic City is a must read if you want the Oak Ridge side of the story told by women. I just finished reading it for the second time.
  10. I enjoyed the Easter Island episode just because like many I know nothing about the island except the statues. In fact I was mildly surprised the island had permanent residents! I immediately had the feeling that they would stay in the family home. I loved the singing at the end of the episode. I liked the Spanish episode just for the scenery. We lived not far from there in the early '70's and the white villages are so gorgeous. The couple seemed to be old hippies! I don't remember the Spanish being so into 'spirits', I think that is more of a Mexican thing. The day of the dead stuff she was packing was certainly Mexican or S American anyway.
  11. Cgr

    Book Recommendations

    I love Luis Urrea. Into the Beautiful North is a fun road trip book with The Magnificent 7 theme used by young Mexican girls. Hummingbird's Daughter and the sequel Queen of America are excellent. If you don't know any Spanish you might be a td lost but it is well worth the effort. He has also written non-fiction and been nominated for a Pulitzer. He write poetry and all of it is lovely. I have fallen in love with the Book Thief. I have given it as a gift to grandkids and to adults. Super read and IMO a must read.
  12. Cgr

    Favorite Authors

    Luis Urrea is wonderful. I have read and reread Into the Beautiful North and the 2 he wrote about Hummingbird's Daughter. Fantastic reading. I loved The Book Thief and have given it as a gift to grandkids and to adult friends. Just an amazing book. I am reading Fanny Flagg's latest book right now and am so enjoying it. Almost every page gives you a nice chuckle.
  13. I agree with the comments on the line up for this week. I usually FF through interviews when Jon has on one of his buddies and it is just too much like I am watching a conversation that I have no idea what they are talking about. And Tom Cruise does Sci Fi because that is his religion.
  14. And how young Carey looks!
  15. Is anyone watching the reruns of GW on Hallmark? It has become my new obsession. I had forgotten Eli has a daughter. She seems to have gone to Mandyville. And the young nurse from Nurse Jackie is Will's sister!