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  2. Azgard12

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Ding ding ding. We have a winner according to a response.
  3. Azgard12

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Did anyone send a DM?
  4. Azgard12

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    There's a YouTube video from about a week ago that said Drogon get shot/blown up. It is from a different source so it seems to be speculation. That said the video was correct about a lot of Episode 4 content as well and lines up with the spoilers. Could be fleak.
  5. Azgard12

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Based on the leaks... Episode 5: Varys Euron Hound Mountain Qyburn Episode 6: Jaime (maybe ep 5) Cersei (maybe ep 5) Daenerys (maybe ep 5) Drogon (speculative?)
  6. Azgard12

    S16.E14: Top 10 Reveal

    It was the 10 who advanced, but swap Garrett for Dennis.
  7. Azgard12

    S16.E14: Top 10 Reveal

    Okay, I watched this to see what it was all about finally. Next time is Disney. I fully anticipate Ada sings "Reflection" from Mulan and pulls the wig off at some point.
  8. Azgard12

    S16.E14: Top 10 Reveal

    So I am not actively following this show and have no dog in this race, but I'm told that "Catie" got the most votes of the top 6 and that "Jonny" got the least of everyone **via the American Idol app**. Sorry to have no source; disregard me if you must. I also hear that overall it was relatively close in the middle.
  9. There was one thing this episode that bothered me and makes me want to do more research. I've spent a lot of my time volunteering at food banks and homeless shelters in three different {highly religious) states. Reed indicated that 90% of these services as provided by Christanity / the religious. In my experience, this isn't true. For example, all of my service is counted as being affiliated with a church when I volunteer at food banks, as that's just how they do things. Many people who are seeking food from said food banks *must* associate themselves with a church and volunteer to gain benefits. If there's any one defining group of people you meet while volunteering (and I say this with no animosity or judgement)... it's criminals. You meet a lot of people who are working off community service hours or surviving off of benefits after leaving incarceration. I'm in no way criticizing those who volunteer or these institutions. But to cite the good Christians do in these places as a reason for them to be tax-exempt just doesn't work for me.
  10. They're clearly going for "hive mind" right? Which somewhat still speaks to the political and cult themes...
  11. Azgard12

    S01.E02: Blue Cat

    Absolutely agree that you can tell that it isn't the Ozarks. I live fairly close and have been many times, and it feels actually less nature-y than the Ozarks are. However, I think the portrayal of the non-tourist people is a bit spot-on. They always seem to be excessively bored with a dislike of outsiders. You'll still hear slurs like the r-word or the f-word.
  12. Azgard12

    S01.E01: Sugarwood

    I completely agree that this feels like Breaking Bad. I felt somewhat lukewarm toward the first episode. I mean, I want to keep watching, but if this show somehow were to disappear from my queue, I wouldn't go searching for it. I'm on for episode two.
  13. Azgard12

    S05.E13: Chapter 65

    Are we certain Leann is eliminated? There will be a season 6 for sure, but man it's starting to wear thin...
  14. Azgard12

    S34.E13: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

    Everyone seems quick to say that the ladies should have booted Brad... mainly because it seems like viewers don't like Brad and do like the ladies. That in itself should explain the choice. Gotta keep them goats around.
  15. Azgard12

    S01.E08: The Upside Down

    Really just have two thoughts: 1) In reviews of the show (before I'd seen it), I kept reading that the ending made no sense and explained nothing. Uh, pretty much everything made sense (aside from how nobody else seemed to care that their loved ones disappeared). Did they add scenes or were some reviews (IGN) just kind of dense? 2) Is this going to be an anthology show like American Horror Story? Or will Season 2 build upon the existing world?