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  1. It was a little confusing with the captions, but I think that was talking about the production crew, not the boat crew. I'm guessing that whatever she made for the boat crew was either basic and fine, or more likely, because she was sick they let her off of that for the first charter...
  2. I did like the way the house Altman was showing kept some original features rather than being a complete typical box. I do think the whole price drop was for show. Down from 17.5 to 17 I think - that's not really going to invite new offers and isn't showing a willingness to entertain significantly lower offers.
  3. I still can't get over the fact that they told Betty's parents about Leo! Not that they shouldn't know, just that the first thing I would have done when the parents show up is call the Case Worker! Which of course would have helped avoid the crazy yelling with no authority. Also, the idea that the grandparents would think it safe for random people to show up and take a baby? Please, you can still have drama and emotion with a case worker pointing out procedures....
  4. Does she look different in recent pictures? Or have I just never really noticed what she looks like previously (I think this is very possible, it's like when I see her and she looks like her I know it's her, but when she looks different - like smiling at her birthday party with the costume, I could hardly recognize her.
  5. I haven't heard about this before, but I do remember Lala talking about his package a few seasons ago, so I don't know what to think about those comments if this would have been their only time together....
  6. Getting rather annoyed, she can bring metal and her surgical things thru the stones but she couldn't think 'hey, a tiny amount of gold back then would have been incredible, let me see what valuable things I can take with me to help me/us when I'm there' but they can't do that for the same reason a rowboat couldn't be used by YI et all to get the box.
  7. No, that's part of why I'm so confused. She tweeted about being at a hospital in the NE, maybe Massachusetts, I don't remember, so that's why I don't think she was at the hotel at all when it happened and she's just making a stink about her vacation plans changing.
  8. I also notice that the coming winter that was about to kill the 100 via exposure is no longer an issue - but I guess that's due to the filming schedule, too bad it's another dropped plot.
  9. I most definitely am not a follower of her or generally the RH, but can someone clarify for me? I haven't read any indication that her allergic reaction was at the hotel, rather that she had a later trip planned?
  10. Laura does seem rather interested in the boys' attention and did giving mixed signals - 'hold my hand' to Adrian then everything with Ashton. If I were her manager I would be very frustrated with her resistance to direction and feedback
  11. I'm basing my statement on my high level of knowledge from watching a few seasons of Deadliest Catch :) The teaser clips we've seen throughout the season didn't show much but watching this longer clip as soon as the shot went back to platform shot I could see the coil of rope and Ashton was already stepping in it and tangled up as he moved around so I was shocked that he didn't appear to react to try and untangle himself then.
  12. I still can't get over the fact that the kids were brought back by the deck crew on the small boat WITHOUT LIFE JACKETS and there were so many other horrible things that we didn't even hear Cpt Lee mention it!
  13. I have a similar feeling. Yes, she's socially awkward, but she actually is decent at her job (that one drink order on a bad foot and antibiotics not withstanding) and doesn't complain about endless laundry, bed turn down, taking orders from Kate or other details that half the third stews aren't even able to handle.
  14. I'm really confused about the time frame. Who was it that had a baby early in season 1? Isn't she the person talking about the baby being a year old or am I confusing characters?
  15. I agree, though I don't think Rylee was there when he said that so she may not have known Ross had checked on that with Chandler. It also may have seemed 'normal' to Ross that Chandler would be on late again since he had the night before and had also gotten some naps. I would be annoyed that Chandler can rest when he decides but without a schedule others would need his permission, and no one's going to ask.
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