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    The Lion King (2019)

    I think this is the right release year. There's nothing official, but a bunch of casting news has started dropping. First it was Donald Glover as Simba, and just a few seconds ago, Jon Favreau dropped a comment on Twitter that James Earl Jones will again be Mufasa. Am I incredibly excited about this? Yes I am.
  2. starri

    S04.E06: Entering a World of Pain

    Wasn't just you.
  3. Mrs. Ramsey went back to work fairly early in the series, which is why Aunt Cecelia moved in.
  4. starri

    Star Trek: Picard Anticipation

    I think they actually established that in Voyager. In the episode where they had the three drones that had separated themselves from the Collective and came looking for Seven, they had far more extensive implants, and IIRC, they made mention that the reason Seven wasn't like that was because the Doctor had done such a good job removing hers.
  5. To me, if they're going to tell the story (even if they do it without some of the heavier elements), the audience needs to have an emotional connection to whoever is going to pick up the hammer. How much the audience is connected to Jane is debatable, but they would literally be starting from scratch with a new character.
  6. The comics story could have been really cheap, but it was honestly WONDERFUL. It ran for four years, and it was kind of devastating when it ended. I very rarely think this, but I would have been fine for Jane to continue as Thor for a long, long time. It would have meant recasting Jane. They pulled off a major recast once, but I don't know if they could manage it again, especially when they're much deeper into their story. Plus, maybe Brie can give Natalie some Jeep-pushing pointers.
  7. During the panel in Hall H, Kurtzman asked the crowd if they'd like to see a Pike series, and got a huge confirmation cheer. His response was "noted." I honestly think they'd do it in a heartbeat if they could get Anson Mount to commit. He's said that needing to be in Canada for months to film is too hard for him, but maybe they'd consider either backing up a dumptruck full of money into his drive, move the production to LA (like Picard), or both.
  8. starri

    Star Trek: Picard Anticipation

    Data also says that he downloaded his memories into B-4, which is confirmed when the latter starts singing "Blue Skies" at the end of the movie.
  9. Apparently, three will be on the Enterprise, two are animated, and the final one will tie in with Picard.
  10. The MCU's female King of the Asgardians is going to spend Thor 4 looking for her queen. Good for Tessa Thompson.
  11. Apparently, as part of the first stop on the We Love You 3000 tour, Ben & Jerry's is giving out ice cream treats in San Diego. Including Hulka Hulka Burning Fudge.
  12. Jane Foster becoming the Goddess of Thunder was an outstanding story in the comics. I'm actually quite pleased to hear this.
  13. starri

    Watchmen Anticipation

    All I need is Regina King as Costumed Adventurer kicking ass.
  14. In all the excitement over the Picard trailer, the other one for the new batch of Short Treks also appeared. PIKE!!!!!!!
  15. starri

    Press Your Luck

    And how. I couldn't help but be charmed by her. She and Elizabeth had great chemistry together.
  16. starri

    Anticipation For His Dark Materials

    Me three. That looks amazing.
  17. starri

    S04.E04: Heads You Lose

    I've been really impressed by the cameos. I know Max Greenfield has always been happy to put in appearances, but Tim and Mercer were big surprises. And Max was a REALLY deep pull.
  18. starri

    Cats (2019)

    I guess Rebel Wilson is playing Rebel Wilson again. Because that's about her limit as a performer.
  19. starri


    Is that...GENE? This is like the Disney Afternoon version of Infinity War.
  20. And the town doctor was a woman. It's rather sad to think that was probably novel in the mid-80s. Even though that plot seemed to come out of nowhere, it made so much sense in hindsight. Mary Ann seemed to get her saucy sense of humor from her grandmother. I remember loving that when they met up with Grandma at the Mall of America on their road trip, Grandma really shaded Dawn's father, who was being a total asshole.
  21. With the BSC--in addition to Watson trying to buy Kristy's affections--Stoneybrook seemed to have two sides, the upper-class side and the upper-middle-class side. Given that Stamford seemed like a stand-in for Hartford, with its eleventy-billion insurance companies, the general lack of money problems among the families (exception for the Pikes) seems realistic. And now I can't stop thinking that Watson was neighbors with Richard and Emily Gilmore. As an aside, one of the things I really liked about the setting was that so many of the moms worked. Which also strikes me as realistic for the population Stoneybrook was likely to have. The moms who were divorcees probably had to (and that provides a need for the BSC's services), but Claudia's mom didn't, nor did Kristy's mom after she remarried.
  22. starri

    Cats (2019)

    That is...horrifying.
  23. Regarding the stinger on the end: Oh HELL yes!