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  1. Another family with differences stakes their claim on reality TV. And boy does this check all the boxes. They definitely give off a fundamentalist Christian vibe, the mom doesn’t work outside the home, all the girls and women have hair down to their waist, teenage son already engaged, homeschooling, dad is sole earner with a very pedestrian job, claim they’re not on TV to be famous, yada yada yada. Following the well-worn steps trod by the families Duggar, Roloff, Gosselin, Busby et al it won’t be long before they move into a new bigger house, the dad quits his job, they start taking
  2. You have to remember that production hires these people but Captain Lee can fire them. That's what sets up the repeated scenario we see on Below Deck and Below Deck Med of department heads getting stuck with incompetent workers and right away going to the captain to plead for a change. Every season, production sticks in at least a couple of characters who are just there to make the TV show something we want to laugh or roll our eyes at. Part of the show drama is to see how long they'll last. And, obviously, there's no way that if Below Deck were not, above all, a television show, someon
  3. I agree on the definition of corruption. My point was that there was no indication that Thatcher’s reluctance to sanctions was connected to her son’s work. The mere fact that he did business in South Africa is not sufficient grounds to charge Thatcher with corruption.
  4. Obviously you don’t have to “be around” for a period of history to know if a depiction is true. In any case, it’s not even close to corruption if Mark Thatcher merely doing business with South Africa influenced his mother’s policies. Margaret Thatcher’s reluctance to impose sanctions on South Africa was mainstream Conservative Party ideology at the time.
  5. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-crown-the-official-podcast/id1485757121
  6. The official Crown podcast is a great source for learning what content the show’s creators based on real events and what is fictionalized.
  7. I don’t think it was a real stag, just movie magic. It definitely was not a real dead stag carried back on the horse.
  8. It was a sign above a merry-to-round and it said "Proud Merry Go Round".
  9. Could Popcorn be Cyndi Lauper? The voice, both the accent under the altered speaking voice and her singing voice sound like her. I'd be surprised if Sun isn't Demi Lovato. No idea about Snow Owls but at one point the woman said "oh, brother" to the man so I'm guessing siblings. Donny and Marie Osmond.
  10. Do you really mean to imply that there specific Jewish “mannerisms?”
  11. Exactly. No one would have said either “Black” or “Thank you for your service.” Also they wouldn’t have used the term “Asian.” They would have said “Oriental.” And being a veteran wasn’t viewed as that rare in late 1940s America, since being in the military during World War 2 was almost a universal experience for young men.
  12. Pic in Hannah’s Twitter showed date 02/08/19 on a Sydney AUS pharmacy package. That’s August 2, 2019.
  13. Time off from doing what? He’s the least hard working person in show business.
  14. Yes. And Sandy’s phone call to Yachty Central looking for a chef was staged. Below Deck never replaces fired members with random chefs, stews or deck hands. They bring in a vetted and approved reality TV character, often one who’s been on a previous season.
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