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  1. RemoteControlFreak

    S17.E01: Premiere

    It's the difference between being a 21-year-old hot shot in a competition where he knows he's better than everyone else. and a first-time mentor, trying to fill the giant shoes of Tim Gunn while being true to himself.
  2. RemoteControlFreak

    S05.E06: Operation Complication

    I think he just didn't want to have an unscripted conversation on camera. This show may seem like unscripted reality TV, and it is, but most of the scenes with Greg, Jazz's siblings, and even with Jazz, are either one person talking to the camera or a specific short situation, typically shot inside the family's home, talking about one discrete topic. Jeanette seems like the only person who is willing to have herself filmed at any time, in any place, and in less controlled situations.
  3. RemoteControlFreak

    S05E05: Ghosts

    Since when do you hear about college admission decisions by having someone stop into your living room and hand deliver offers from colleges you apparently haven’t even applied to? And then they’re given 24 hours to reply and accept the scholarship. Answer: Never. That’s not how college admissions works. If this show can’t be accurate about something I know a lot about, like college admissions, how can I trust it to be accurate about something like the inside workings of the US State Department I know little about?
  4. RemoteControlFreak

    S11.E05: The Girl Who Cried About Wolf

    Stayed around hoping this show would improve from its abysmal start. And it has. Just slightly. It's moved on from the one-note and pretty insulting theme of Murphy, Frank, Corky and Miles being clueless old folks stumped by anything introduced since 1992 and addled by age with whippersnappers Avery, Patel et al there to save the day by explaining everything from how to use Twitter to how to ask for consent before having sex. At last we saw the old folks displaying a touch of the skill and intelligence that, presumably, got them all back on the air. And the youngsters finally have some believable fallibility. Tyne Daly's "This is my America..." line, and the entire scene, was the best. She's one of the the stronger actors in the cast and needs to be able to shine.
  5. RemoteControlFreak

    Sweet Home Sextuplets

    I was talking more about newborns, but obviously you and I go to different church, little league and school events.
  6. RemoteControlFreak

    Sweet Home Sextuplets

    This article says they were "hoping for a girl." And this article says "Courtney was hoping and praying for a girl."
  7. RemoteControlFreak

    Sweet Home Sextuplets

    I don't why I keep watching this POS. One, of many, pet peeves: who takes one infant, let alone six, to church on Mother's Day, to a little league game, or to a kindergarten graduation? If they can't afford to have their nanny plus a babysitter watch the kids for a few hours, they shouldn't have had six kids. I'm pretty sure the Mother's Day church service was staged just for the show. This is obviously just done for the drama factor of the show. It's almost as absurd as when the Outdaughtered family took all five three-year olds shopping for bathing suits and had the kids try the suits on, to boot, as if they would fit differently on one kid than on the others. I've watched several of these TLC multiples shows and this family seems particularly unprepared for what they were getting into.
  8. RemoteControlFreak

    Sweet Home Sextuplets

    This doesn't make sense. What does a clotting disorder have to do with fertility? And if she had a miscarriage, that's not a symptom of infertility. The symptom of infertility is difficulty in getting pregnant, not in staying pregnant. And if she has trouble carrying a baby to term, taking a fertility drug makes it more likely to become pregnant with a baby or two, or six and the goal of getting pregnant is to carry a baby to term. According to the story, she miscarried after having Saylor (the first kid) and found out that she had a clotting disorder that could risk both the baby and mother if she got pregnant again. So she turned to fertility drugs that actually increased her odds of getting pregnant and of having multiples. And she had twins. Then she did it again and had sextuplets. I'm going to cautiously call BS on Courtney. I think she and/or her husband wanted another kid and wanted to have a girl, so they took fertility drugs to increase the chance of getting pregnant. If she has a clotting disorder, one of the last things she wants to do is give birth to sextuplets. While she may have some kind of clotting disorder (possibly Antiphospholipid Syndrome), there's no logic behind the claim that this is somehow connected to her decision to take fertility drugs.
  9. RemoteControlFreak

    Sweet Home Sextuplets

    They're actually spelling it Saylor, which takes a bad name and makes it worse. I feel sorry for all the kids saddled with these ridiculous names, but especially for Rawlings Waldrop. Sheesh.
  10. RemoteControlFreak

    Sweet Home Sextuplets

    True. My point was that the odds of having sextuplets without fertility drugs is essentially zero. The odds of having sextuplets while taking fertility drugs is obviously not zero, or this TV show would not exist. More importantly, the argument that Courtney's use of a low dose fertility oral fertility drug made her less likely to conceive multiples than if she had taken a higher dose or use an injectable methods, or if she had used IVF, is completely false. The dose and delivery method of fertility drugs does not affect the odds of having multiples. And, most higher order multiples are the result of using fertility drugs, not from undergoing IVF.
  11. RemoteControlFreak

    S10.E01: Episode 1

    A lot of bad ideas in this episode. Delivery box. No fucking way is a UPS driver going to take the time to fiddle with the padlock thing. The scanning technology may work but only if the scanner reads the bar code while the driver is approaching the porch or walking by the box and then it automatically pops open the box and automatically closes and locks it after the driver drops in the package. It's got to be hands free for the driver. The technology I'm suggesting should actually not be that hard to implement. Lego glue. This might work with older kids or adults who have the dexterity and patience to apply a dab of glue carefully to eat lego connection. I don't see the average kid using it. And while they said you could soak the legos in water to dissolve the glue, did they say what happens when kids drip the glue all over the floor or carpet? Foldable straw. I rarely use straws, so I may be missing the market, but are people that dedicated to drinking stuff through a straw that they'd carry a foldable one in their pocket or on their keychain and then wash it out between each use? I don't see it. Bear bowl. I camp and backpack and I don't even see the value in this. Car campers can bring regular camping cookware and backpackers can get by with a single titanium pot.
  12. RemoteControlFreak

    Sweet Home Sextuplets

    Like most parents, he probably wants his kids to be able to go to college if they so choose. While I do not support this family's choice to take fertility drugs to have a fourth child, I support their desire to give their kids as many options as possible and not to limit their education or career choices.
  13. RemoteControlFreak

    Sweet Home Sextuplets

    Science and data refute this claim. 1. Taking fertility drugs results in more multiple births than does IVF. 2. 77% of triplet or higher-order multiple births are caused by use of fertility drugs. The rate of triple or higher births as a result of IVF has actually declined as a percentage of total IVF-assisted births because of a trend to transfer fewer embryos. 3. While the odds of conceiving six babies that all survive to birth and beyond after taking fertility drugs is extremely low (the odds of conceiving six that don't survive to birth or die shortly after birth is, obviously, higher), the odds of having six babies WITHOUT taking fertility drugs is almost zero. There's about a 1 in 4.7 billion chance that a woman will conceive sextuplets without taking fertility drugs. 4. Just because a drug is taken orally, this does not mean it's less effective. In all medical situations, patients take the lowest dose of the medication needed to achieve the results. In this case, that result was pregnancy. It seems like the sexto-mom is trying to minimize how much medical interference she used in the attempt to have more children, but taking a low dose or taking the medication orally does not mean it's less powerful or less likely to cause multiple births. sources New England Journal of Medicine NPR: Fertility Drugs, Not IVF, Are Top Cause Of Multiple Births CBC: Multiple births
  14. RemoteControlFreak

    S05.E01: E Pluribus Unum

  15. RemoteControlFreak

    S11.E01: Fake News

    It actually does not make sense if you have knowledge about how Washington politics and media and the people involved in it works. Her ignorance about Twitter is completely out of character for Murphy Brown. Obviously, a number of posters here don't have smart phones and don't use Twitter but I'm pretty sure none of these people are recently retired high-profile Washington broadcast journalists, known for their strong opinions and quick wit when discussing current events and politics.