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  1. He claims he was a given a catalog of women to pick from. Why not ask for one that isn’t “shy”.
  2. I wanted to smack him when he told Rachel that he’d “pick up the slack” in the money department. He clearly is letting her finance the whole operation and who knows what he’s doing while she toils away here. He looks like he gained a few pounds. Can he even get a spousal visa and come to the USA if he owes a settlement to someone or the government as a result of his criminal record? Rachel says she won’t leave the older daughter behind, I think she’s using that as an excuse. It seems like as soon as she gets a bit of money set aside, instead of being excited to be closer to her goal of the
  3. I’d care more about Rose being “embarrassed” and “hurt” by Ed if she and her sister hadn’t gotten their little dig at him, “he’s fat but that’s ok cause he’s rich”’ and when he was so clearly put off by sleeping in a rat infested, “open air”bedroom during a rainstorm, with exposed electrical wiring. She kept looking at the camera and smirking, as if to say “I’ll fuck this slob and get what I can from him” She only dragged Prince into the picture when she was cutting Ed up. If she was so concerned about Ed being a father to him, she would have refused her little vacation unless he came along.
  4. I loved Varya’s mom, no nonsense, no yelling, no phony acceptance of his past. She straight up told Varya, think long and hard, and then think some more about how “his past, will affect your future” Best of all, no fake hugs and kisses when Geoff left. I do think however that Geoff rebuffing her in the airport was a mind fuck on her and I would not be shocked if she hasn’t dumped him. He’s a master manipulator, more than Jessie, more than Ash. They’re amateurs, he’s a pro. And DANGEROUS.
  5. Erika was in a ten year relationship “on and off” with a chick that wouldn’t come out of the closet. Breaking up with Stephanie should be a breeze after such a short period of time. Maybe she should go back to dating guys for a while.
  6. Looks like Darcey is training her girls in the art of overdoing everything. Aren’t you supposed to apply some of that stuff “sparingly”?
  7. David calls Lana “his girl”. He’s there to “get his girl”. Shades of Big going to Paris to get “his girl”
  8. the leak reeks of both Kris and Kim. The older Kim gets the more like Kris she becomes. Kris set up the Lamar and Khloe confrontation at the gym and I think both she and Kim will be more than happy to throw Scott as a red herring to deflect any possible issues that may emerge with Kanye and his mental state.
  9. I can’t stand her thinking that everything Jamie knows, she needs to know and her indignation when he doesn’t give her the inside scoop on everything. I also think her mom should be a more frequent guest at Sunday dinner. The woman has no family other than Edie and I enjoyed watching her tweak Frank. And if Jamie and Edie have a child I’m sure she would enjoy swinging occasionally.
  10. Why would he have spent money on a vasectomy when the only deposits he’s been making the last 20+ years were into a sock?
  11. She was on Ellen recently saying that despite Kanye wanting more kids, she is done with 4. If by some miracle she actually became an attorney, I can see her looking for some one who would be more accepted in those circles. She’ll never risk Kanye going into some rant at the wrong time.
  12. Frank’s still got that Catholic upbringing, more so than any of his kids, I’m guessing he still had to cringe at the thought of his son having an illegitimate child. I wonder how much family back ground Sean shared with him. If Joe’s mom is as controlling as she seemed, he may already have broken away from her to some degree. He is on the force now, it’s the assignment she objects to, she didn’t stop him from becoming a cop. Joe and Jamie were very close when younger, will Jamie and his nephew bond also?
  13. Erika looks like a page from a children’s coloring book.
  14. Is that the Cuban dish with ground meat and olives? Yummy!!
  15. We know she was huddled over her dining room table, box of wine within reach, piecing that baby together. I’d die if Stacey came slithering down the stairs and Darcey caught her in the trash searching for it.
  16. It will be interesting to see how well Joe blends into the family. Will Danny see him as competition? Will he be immediately part of the trusted inner circle and all for one, one for all? Will he be expected to join them for church and dinner every Sunday and if he doesn’t does that mean others can get out of it also? It will be interesting also if Frank acknowledges him publicly (or if Joe wants to make it public). When it was revealed that Joe had been killed by the Blue Templar and all those dirty cops were nabbed with multi millions of dollars, and the one who killed Joe committed s
  17. Watching that clip.. I thought of Lindsay Lohan.
  18. She has to refer to him as boyfriend, she’s probably unable to remember any of their names, especially after a half dozen drinks. I wonder if she’s ever been out in a public place with her nips nearly on display and had a manager or owner of a business ask her to cover up or leave.
  19. So let’s see how the Ed thing plays out. How serious is Rose about more kids vs going to the USA. If she figures out that he hasn’t done the snip snip yet, she can still get pregnant before he does. All it takes is a box of condoms and a needle. Sadly I know a couple of women who had “just one more” via that method. She could even be pregnant after the one or two times they’ve had sex. Or will Ed back off his stance and agree to more children?
  20. That’s really sad, he had great chemistry with Donnie.
  21. The part of the plot line with the mother wanting Frank to change the kids job... first Lori Laughlin was on a few seasons ago begging Frank to pull strings and NOT hire her son ( a kid that Frank allegedly mentored when the dad died on the job) and got all pissy when he refused. Was the mother going to approach Tom and reveal the secret and make her request of him, and was beaten to the punch 🤜 by Sean.
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