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  1. She screwed herself.  She is stuck with  4 kids that have an unstable father. She’s getting older and less attractive every year. She’s no Kris Jenner. Kris is going to use this situation to benefit herself. Kim’s wishes be damned. Kim signed herself over years ago to Pimp Mommy...”you’re doing great honey”, “Marilyn Monroe was in Playboy” 

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  2. 3 hours ago, BrainyBlonde said:

    This article in People is definitely laying the groundwork for a divorce. Next to E!, People seems to be the place that always has a direct line to the Ks. So, I think Kris feeds them info through "sources." If this story is accurate and Kim and Kanye have been growing apart for a while, why the heck did they have another baby and renew their vows last year? Was that some last-ditch effort to save their marriage, or were they just trying to keep up appearances? I know I probably shouldn't sympathize with either one of these very privileged people, but I can't help but feel bad for both of them as I've seen firsthand how devastating mental illness can be to a family. I hope that whatever steps these two take next their children will be okay.

    Even kids raised by “more normal-ish”celebs seem unable to avoid the pitfalls of mom and dads celeb status. The Kardashian/West brood aren’t going to fare well. 

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  3. 34 minutes ago, Ucross said:

    I am assuming Bini just wants to have sex, gets married to continue doing so, and when the girl gets fed up and goes home, it would be difficult to charge him to support the kid from USA. He's probably got quite the hero reputation among his friends as these girls are so dumb.

    He’s going to be unhappy with a baby around interfering with his days of dancing (?), playing Rocky in the alleys, what with the punching at invisible opponents and running up doing back flips off the trees. How long is his career in MMA going to last anyway? His face is getting heavily scarred especially near his eyes. 

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  4. 26 minutes ago, shouldbedancing said:

    I'm thinking more about Jihoon's mom. Deaven came with the baby... Jihoon's mom didn't even make a move toward the baby. Didn't seem to look at him. Aren't they still at a grandparents stage where they want to fuss over him? Jihoon's dad rushed over to help Deaven. I think Jihoon's mom really doesn't care and she was serious when she said she didn't want Deaven for a daughter in law.

    I don’t think she doesn’t care about her grandchild, she just is not happy about sourpuss Deavon and an additional grandkid moving into her tiny home. I don’t think Deacon has smiled once or made an attempt  to be gracious to his family.!



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  5. 6 minutes ago, GaT said:

    I have no sympathy for him, Kanye knew exactly what he was marrying into & he wanted it. Remember, when he proposed to Kim he didn't do it privately, he rented a baseball stadium, had “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!” up on the Jumbotron, flew in her entire family to watch, & let the entire thing be filmed for the show. He's just as much a famewhore as any of them.

    The Ks might have to find another show to pimp themselves out on

    Ellen DeGeneres Show Under Investigation


    I’ve no sympathy for Kanye, nor any of the K/J family. I wrote off Ellen back when she and Portia tried to break an adoption  contract with an animal rescue group. She’s a bully. 


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  6. 19 minutes ago, heatherchandler said:


    Kim keeps slyly looking over at the camera.  And it is not her usual ugly cry.  They have a HUGE PRIVATE ranch to have this discussion, why be in a car with windows?

    And her tits are hanging out of her top. 

    She/Kris are creating plenty of dramatic photos, even if it isn’t discussed  on the show, they will make sure they hit the internet, that will drive interest in the next season. We see this happen every season. 
    They pulled the same BS when Lamar ODd.

    Kris and Khloe will eventually show up on ELLEN and talk about how incredibly strong Kim is, and the bond she and Kanye have. 


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  7. 4 hours ago, Hiyo said:

    If I had to choose, I’d rather have my nuts chewed off by a rabid dog.

    So you’d pick Kris Jenner?


    Poor Kanye. He chose the worst family to marry into. Life with the Kardashians is having every aspect of your day and personal life manipulated and manufactured and you never know if situations are genuine or being directed by Kris/Kim. You become paranoid that your paranoid episodes aren’t really paranoid and your reality is skewed. Remember that video “Somebody ‘s watching me” That’s him hiding out in Wyoming.



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  8. 4 hours ago, GaT said:

    Why Kim Kardashian and Her Sisters ''Grew Apart'' From Larsa Pippen

    It's nice to know that Kris can still plant a story. I wonder what the truth is?

    The family doesn’t like other people ‘trying to come up by using their connection to the K’s’. 
    They were pissed that  Caitlyn did it and also Brody and probably Jordyn and there have been comments over the years that Khloe has issues with Malika using their friendship.


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  9. 1 hour ago, nexxie said:

    This is true, but good nannies can make a huge difference - letting North and her siblings emulate normal people and receive unconditional love.

    Sad to think that at least one of those precious children will become a narcissist, and at least one is likely to suffer from bipolar disorder.

    Choose the mother or father of your kids with great care, people - because you can walk but they’re stuck with the genes.

    And while it’s never been proven, brother Rob appears to have mental issues also. I think all the grand kids are going to have a tough life. We see that with so many of these families. Not just mental problems, but a lack direction and maybe drugs.


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  10. Kim’s advice to all the other female members of her family with relationship issues so far has been to dump their partner. I’ve not an ounce of pity for her. Seems like all his real long time friends have bailed on him, no comments from JayZ or John Legend?

    She was happy enough with Kanye’s huge displays of adoration, and big price tags. But if she can’t bank it, she doesn’t care about it.

    i hope none of her kids share daddy’s mental issues, but it does seem to run in families, so she needs to watch for signs. 

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  11. I  don’t believe Kim really wanted a big family, I think 2 would have been enough. The two with the surrogates were to try and appease Kanye,who was carrying on about wanting 7.

    I’ve always thought it was a matter of time before his paranoia reared it’s head again. When he’s rational he sees first hand how Kris and Kim manipulate each other and everyone around them, Lamar was used and tossed aside. Scott’s problems are major storylines as Robs have been. 
    i can easily see this turning into another E! Hollywood True Story.21. 


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  12. 16 minutes ago, Christina said:

    According to one of her YouTube rants, he never once saw Drascilla. She left him after the abuse and found out he was cheating with another woman, who posted on her FB that she was super happy for his baby to be born because the two of them were going to raise her, without Deavan's involvement. Then, when Deavan said "Hell no!" there was a threat to have a gang member kill her. She showed that post to a cop and received a restraining order for both she and Drascilla; he didn't even show up for the hearing. She didn't notify him of the birth because of it, and said no one is his family reached out, including his mother, who she alleged was dealing drugs along with her ex. I think she said he married that woman, who had lost custody of her children for some reason not disclosed by Deavan, and had a baby with Drascilla's dad. The kids have never met.

    Deavan's entire life drama. It's constant. We've seen her mother in action and that doesn't even scratch the surface of her conspiracy theory rants. Deavan has said a lot of great things about her dad, who I think adopted her after marrying her mom, but I'm not certain. In any case, that male figure being the strong provider and who doesn't appear to be a nutcase like her mom and aunts, may be what Deavan is looking for or, more likely, a man who will let her do whatever the hell she wants to do while he provides, like the relationship of her parents. She and Jihoon both come across as beat down and depressed. They also don't seem to really like each other. 

    New drama is that Deavan changed the name of their YouTube channel from VannyJunny or JunnyVanny to Family Vanny resulting in rumors that they have split permanently. Deavan is also posting photos of herself on Instagram that are so manipulated they do not look like her. She's deleted several because of rude comments, but here are two until she deletes them, too.


    I bet for every hour spent creating these looks, Her kids got barely 5 minutes of her time.

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  13. On 7/10/2020 at 11:27 PM, Texasmom1970 said:

    I think Deavan is doing what a lot of Americans are guilty of on the show and others. They expect all countries to have the same housing as seen in U.S. She needs to readjust her thinking and expectations or drag her ass back home. 

    And yes Jihoon is flighty and irresponsible, but she picked him!


    She barely knew him or anything about him. Why does she think some strange guy wants to take on the financial and emotional responsibility for her fatherless kid? IMO she’s tired of being a single responsible mom and wants to dump the burden on him. I’ll bet  her mom was in her ear complaining about getting out of the house. 
    She swallows every bit of bullshit Jihoon spins and just sits there with that slack jawed, dumb blank look on her face. And has the balls to be put out because Jihoons mom would have preferred a Korean girl as a daughter in law?  She’s lucky his parents were as gracious as they were. Drusilla looks like a sticky, smelly brat. I can’t stand stringy dirty hair on a young kid. Deavon looks like she spends plenty of time on her own face and hair. She’s no less selfish than Jihoon. 

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  14. Just now, Pepper Mostly said:

    I wonder if Deavan is already knocked up by some other loser.She's sure in a hurry to flee. 

    I guess she feels she’s done enough in life and someone else needs take over the burden of supporting  her two mistakes. Nice dig at Jihoon needing “extra snug” condoms!!


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  15. 19 hours ago, DaphneCat said:

    I think it's this more than anything.  He feels like he's being treated as less than and doesn't like it.  I also think a big thing with him is he wants to make sure Elizabeth is getting as much as her sisters have gotten in the past - if THEY got weddings that cost X so should Elizabeth.  Supposedly the sisters have successful husbands but we don't know if they did it on their own or their father-in-law helped them out too.

    Yes, Andrei needs to step up. But Elizabeth is clearly just as determined to make sure she gets everything each of her siblings has gotten. And her dad just looks like push over, unable to say “No”. She expects him to fork over big bucks for not one but 2 extravagant weddings and keeping a roof over her, Andrei and the baby’s heads. And now they’re going to fight over “religion”. They all deserve each other.

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  16. On 5/27/2020 at 12:39 PM, Mrs. Hanson said:

    And let's not forget the ever famous Long Island Iced Tea!  I have heard (I am not a fan) that those babies take you from zero to sixty in no time flat!

    Maybe she should try my hubby's favorite: the Old Fashioned.  Then again, maybe not.....

    If she eats the fruit in the Old Fashion... she has a problem with alcohol. 

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