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  1. pizzakari

    Nev: The Hairy One

    Tara, I'm dying to know what you think about this article which confirms the rumor (I had never heard before) that Nev was kicked out of college for punching a woman? Dick.
  2. pizzakari

    S06.E12: Sissy That Walk

    Courtney just does. not. get. it. She thinks the competition is merely about talent and has seemingly not heard every other thing out of Ru's mouth about loving yourself, heart, sisterhood. The winner isn't going to be the most polished, she's going to be the most genuine. I'm not sure to what you are referring, but I think at this point in the series, it would be hard for them to find worthy contestants that didn't have some connection to RuPaul. I'm not well-versed in the stats on drag queens, but I certainly don't think the number is so large that 13 contestants worth their salt could be found that weren't well-known or connected to RuPaul in some fashion.