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  1. J is for Jean, who fell in love with Rose.
  2. F is for Feldman. She's a Feldman, dammit. Of Buffalo.
  3. So what does the mug say that reads, "I lost my (censored) in Vegas?" I don't think I've ever heard that line in its entirety on any channel.
  4. B is for (perky) Bosoms. Whether they were perfect champagne-glass-sized orbs of dancing loveliness, or had more air pressure than Dorothy's rear tires. Either way, notice how they seem to follow you wherever you go?
  5. "Was Sophia naked just now, or does her dress really need ironing?"
  6. I don't think it's about pushing for polygamist's rights anymore. (And I'm not convinced that premise was ever 100% genuine anyway, unless perhaps from Christine.) I think the real tragedy if the business fails is that they'll all have to get real jobs!!! *gasp!*
  7. I just hope the void isn't filled by 14,759 more games of cyvasse. I was wondering about that, but Rose Leslie was credited in this episode and she didn't speak.
  8. It's never gonna happen, but I'd love to see Lindsay Duncan as Genna Lannister.
  9. Ruby Dee has passed away. After hearing her mentioned a couple of times a few nights ago on the Tony's, I checked out her history and lo and behold! She was Mammy Watkins! In her honor I'm listening to Stardust.
  10. Ooh, I can possibly answer one! I think Blanche had a small radio/tape player on the empty bed next to Dorothy's, but I'm not positive. The rest is all just a mystery worthy of the Maltese Falcon Club.
  11. Has Meri ever said WHAT exactly she's planning to study in college? (Forgive me, I missed the first few minutes of the episode.) I could get behind the idea a lot more if it was something that would help her get back into her work with youth or another viable field. And I know it's usually much better to have any college degree on one's resume as opposed to simply a high school diploma, but I can't help but wonder if this is a) a chance to escape joolry duty, and b) a way to take advantage of mother/daughter college scrapbooking kits at the party supply store. Although, if she wanted to
  12. Dang, just reading that gave me chills. The show better get it right!
  13. On my TV at least it looked like something from the Melisandre Funeral Collection.
  14. That's exactly the cut I was thinking of when I posted, Planbee. A really, really poor choice, to say the least.
  15. The fountain in that picture looks so familiar. If that's the park I'm thinking of, I spent about half an hour sitting there a couple of years ago waiting for the Constitution to open. If I'd been familiar with the Tullys at that point I would have tried to shoot a flaming arrow at it.
  16. And maybe even set up the camera so that we can have a "Fan Reactions to the Red We... I mean, Duel" video on youtube. Because I'm going to be really depressed and need something funny to watch to lift my spirits.
  17. Thank the lord (of light) we immediately had some boobs to counteract the male rear end! /sarcasm
  18. Great thread idea and title. Logo can eat dirt and die. I'd swear that whoever does their commercial break edits is from the south side of St. Olaf.
  19. I know I shouldn't be shocked and appalled that Carmen was 30 freakin years old and still pulling this crap, but I am. Me too. Kelly Price may have been the real winner in the 15 minutes of fame Catfish sweepstakes.
  20. He would have, but Tyrion stole it from his medicine cabinet.
  21. I actually squeed when I saw the snow castle, of all things.
  22. I already lost my favorite Grayson this season - The Chair. If my second favorite, Conrad, is also gone, I think I'm done.
  23. Geez, just about the only thing that "trial" lacked was the Queen of Hearts shouting, "Off with her head!" I totally forgot there was a second Mr. Danaerys, so I'm right there with you.
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