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  1. GirlWednesday

    Spoilers & Speculation: Running Hot & Cold

    as much as I want caity on arrow, I feel like a spinoff where she is a lead character with elements of grey would be interesting. Season 1 arrow but with Sara's journey. No one I know actually likes KC or cares for Laurel so no one I know would tune in for her story on the spinoff. I want to see Sara become a assassin. Haven't seen flash episodes with victor garber yet. But I can see the potential of the characters interacting. Ray, do gooder hero having to find a way to work with Sara who is as grey as they come, haunted by her life. I its oliver and Felicity reversed. VG will lend some gravitas and cap cold will be a fun Villian!
  2. GirlWednesday

    The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow

    Everything about the interview canon KC has said never matched the show. I was always confused by "I have known forever. I'm your best friend" The timeline doesn't fit. Sarah wasn't old enough to meet oliver at a party. Meaning LL and OQ only met at earliest 18 yrs old. How old was OQ at gambit sinking time?
  3. GirlWednesday

    Spoiler Discussion Thread

    On Just Jared website, I thought I saw Felicity in 1980s clothes. They referred to her being on Flash. Any info on this anywhere? Which episode is that?
  4. Here is a crazy thought. Any thoughts on whether Oliver is on a mental island compared to Original Team Arrow - on PURPOSE. Like the writers have a plan on this craziness. Diggle has faded into the background (presence-wise) on purpose, Felicity is trying to diversify her vigilante portfolio (because ANGST). Maybe that's his lesson. He's trying to justify two vendettas (Ra's and Merlin) and it costs him Digg and Felicity. At this point, I like the idea of my Girl Felicity going to Flash more. she is valued (screen presence wise) a lot more over there. Once the Laurel love is done, she can come back and take over.
  5. GirlWednesday

    S03.E14: The Return

    Agree with all of you about the Olicity scene being nothing more than just "throwing the viewers" an olicity bone. In the narrative, A DEAD PERSON accessed the system. Felicity being Felicity could have dragged security up there, just being a total IT nerd. IT people put in all hours for projects so it would have made sense narratively. IT NERD DROPPING A FILE OFF ON MOIRA's DESK after hours - DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. Geez writers - can you please just try a little more? Security could have done their rounds and scoffed at Felicity and walked over to the elevators and waited for her to escort her back to IT floor. Leaving Felicity to walk to Moira's desk, consider hacking Moira's computer to check if everything was ok and deciding against it, babbling and walking to the elevators. done and done. I wanted to like the olicity scene but it didn't feel genuine at all.
  6. GirlWednesday

    Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Anyone have any details on flash flashback where Felicity is wearing 1980s jeans?
  7. lol! Let's do it! solidarity in times of arrow strife!!
  8. This April I'm going to the Calgary con. My first con ever! I'm hoping it will be fun!
  9. GirlWednesday

    Sara Lance: The Canary Rises In White

    Does anyone know Caity Lotz is up to these days?
  10. GirlWednesday

    S03.E13: Canaries

    Reading everyone's comments, I'm passing on this episode. Thanks to everyone who took one for the team (team "wtf is happening" arrow). Your comments are entertaining and a salve to the disappointment of this show!
  11. Well like adding more to the Felicity role, they extended pacy as endgame. But even in the last hour of the show, Dawson was all " we are soulmates". I get reminders of that stupid soulmate shit every time Laurel says to oliver " I know you better than anyone" My reaction is always " Uhm no... Loneytunes lance, you do not know him better than anyone". The writers keep having LL saying stuff like that, just like Dawson and the soulmate schtik.
  12. I forgot about argus and the present day son. Also doesn't Slade have a son or a daughter. Nyssa has sisters. I hated lana so I tuned out from smallville season one, came back for Jensen and tuned out. Dawson's creek soulmates is another example of writers not adjusting their original game plan after show begins. Arrow's Felicity and Veronica Mars' Logan are the only ones I can think of in recent memory that have adjusted their vision to suit what is working.
  13. GirlWednesday

    S03.E12: Uprising

    I didn't think too much of Felicity telling oliver she was disappointed for choosing to involve himself with Merlin, 60 seconds after reunion. Team arrow/lair, one can imagine is a high octane work environment. Everyone's decisions impacts lives, not just them but others, innocents, etc. The trust has already been earned amongst the three that it shouldn't matter when Felicity charged at oliver for being a disappointment. 2.5yrs ago, oliver was actively killing men like Merlin. To now become his partner ... Is a disgusting choice, knowing what he Did and why. I'm on Felicity's side. Digg always steps back before making a move. He is equally invested in Oliver's mission and soul as Felicity but Felicity is a lot more invested in olivers heart. I thought that last scene was the only scene that made real sense.
  14. GirlWednesday

    S03.E12: Uprising

    I feel like this episode wasted all the important character beats. Hey writers- don't care about Ted grant, should have used those precious seconds as a proper reunion between team arrow. It was all played so casual. Too casual for my liking. Malcolm never showed remorse about the man he became but suddenly we care he killed the wrong person. What about all the people he has killed after. Pfft. I love me some JB but this shite is cray cray. Was I supposed to feel something when oliver was giving his speech to the crowd and Laurel was hiding and looking all ... Not sure what look she was going for.. Relief, admiration, envy, want for an old lover...Pfft. Digg. He is a solider, natural born leader and strategist. I sort of understood why he was in the lair, telling arsenal And fauxnary what to do while Felicity had quit last episodes. But she was there in the lair, watching everyone's back so why wasnt he leading the charge in the fight? What a waste. Felicity was a BAMF sitting in the chair, throwing shade at Merlin. But the suspension of belief required of the audience that IT girl did not notice the camera AT EYE LEVEL and the likelihood of her sweeping for third party signals, bugs etc in the lair since everyone and their dog knows where they are is just stupid. Sara.. Oh yeah she's still dead. Pity Oliver has a habit of taking advice quite literally. He took Tatsu's advice about student and teacher literally and thought only of Merlin. NYSSA and Masau are also students and would have made for a much more compelling story. Why are the writers always so obvious? As frustrating as this episode was, I sort of enjoyed it if I stopped thinking about everything and just watched my fave characters get shit done.
  15. Now I'm spitballing but watching season 2a made me realize that the writers could have fixed Laurel (imo) quite easily and in thirty seconds of the first S2 episode. LL losing tommy, decided to hit the streets as a cop. Every scene she had in season 2 could have been better if she was a beat cop that used excessive violence to settle scores and was also alcoholic. Sarah comes back, LL is pissed that sarah brought danger into their lives, kicks her out. On and on. Instead of Lazarus pit or some other shenanigans, Slade saved Tommy using mirakuru (which made him insane) and then it would Turn Laurel against oliver becuz of Tommy love (in my mind would have worked better, though you do make a great point about the imbalance of men coming back and not women). THEA goes with the merlins. Now season 3 could have been about sara and oliver learning to be full heros, going back to what made season2a great (great episodic crime fighting with team arrow expanded). Meanwhile merlins plus LL/man hunter are training up to fight Ra's al Ghul. Season 2b could have been about merlins putting team arrow in the cross hairs of the league and then becuz of THEA, team arrow is forced to split up. Blah blah angst. Someone needs to write this fanfic so I have something to hang on towhen arrow impodes! Lol