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  1. Tinsley. Ooooh Tinsley. Tinsley doesn't want the kid. Tinsley wants the Husband and the Kid(s) as a package deal. She wants the money and the house and the perfect kids in the private school raised by the nanny. She wants to buy the kid cute clothes, she doesn't want to parent. She wants the lifestyle, the kid is part of the lifestyle, it's not a thing unto itself.
  2. My favorite part of this episode is when they are all sitting around LuAnn's after dinner and LuAnn, apropos of nothing, says something along the lines of 'well ladies, I really landed on my feet, didn't I?'.....I guess she got tired of waiting for them to fawn over her so she just decided to give them a little push? LOL. She is really smelling herself this season.
  3. I actually am kind of a clean freak, my house has harwood floors and ceramic tile throughout, so I am very sensitive to clean floors with no grit or grime (something that was an adjustment from my previous carpeted life...I am sweeping/swiffering often). However, I would never walk around barefoot in an indoor/outdoor space (that's what seems gross to me) and expect my feet to be clean . It seems like common sense to me and I would put on shoes.
  4. This does not surprise me at all, with the kind of loss that Carole has experienced, I think she keeps everyone (or tries) at arm's length as to not expose herself to the kind of pain that she's experienced. I think it's the source of her 'it's not that deep' attitude, she can't let it be that deep. I think Carole guards herself and I understand why.
  5. I feel that's like asking a sidewalk to be spotless. I don't think it's realistic. The floors in the bedrooms? Sure, but if the house is built around an indoor/outdoor courtyard area, those floors are not going to be spotless. It's not a regular house/hotel.
  6. Regarding the house/floors being grimy, if I understood the layout of the house correctly, the center pool/courtyard area had an open roof? It seemed like the house had some indoor/outdoor common areas so it would not be so easy to keep the floors spotless. LuAnn should have put on some shoes. Speaking of LuAnn, I didn't think she looked like Sofia Vergara, I thought she looked like a drag queen who was playing Sofia Vergara. PS-Artichoke Basille is amazing!!
  7. Carole's swimsuit was gorgeous. I like that Carole is into fashion and I'm usually entertained by her outfits (I actually liked the "walking dress!) and I enjoy watching her have fun with what she wears. Carole is one that definitely dresses for herself (I am the same) and wears everything with confidence, which is key.....as far as the Carrie Bradshaw aspect, who am I (shoegal!!) to criticize?? ;) That is exactly where my mind went and this is why Carole will forever get a pass from me regarding her "youthful" nature. Carole spent her 30's caring for and watching her husba
  8. Exactly!! The irony of Bethenny saying that Carole doesn't have her own voice and only speaks in defense of other people while Bethenny is berating Tinsley on behalf of Sonja. Pppfffppptt. Regarding Adam, no one is obligated to work for free, but it also sounds like the added issue of turning down or losing paid work to work for B for free. Not everyone is in a position to do that at any given time.
  9. I know many "real runners", too. Marathoners, Ultra Marathoners, those who are running a marathon on every continent, those who are running a marathon in every state, those who run a marathon a month, those who began running in their 60's and those who have been running since high school. What they all have in common is that although they may be tough on themselves and their time and their performance, all of them are encouraging, celebratory and gracious to other runners, most especially those that aren't 'runners' per se but get out there and finish. The real runners that I know, know how
  10. What, you didn't realize that Adam is on a quest to meet The Love Of His Life And The Mother Of His Children and that old, wrinkled, dried up old egg-less Carole cannot possibly provide him what he truly wants, His Family?? I don't believe that they never claimed a committed relationship, they claimed that they knew that their relationship would not be a lifelong relationship, given the age difference. They never claimed they "weren't really a couple". Breakups are hard, they are messy and feelings don't go away just because you are "old" or experienced. I believe that C
  11. See, I would assume that means it's not an issue. On the show? I don't see that. (evidence, see above post "She hasn't given any update...")
  12. I guess I am wondering about the idea that it's a burning desire, that he's looking for the mother of his children and therefore, must get far away from Carole.
  13. I don't know Adam personally, so I don't know where this idea of Adam's great desire to get married and have children comes from, but it seems to me like it's just an extension of the whole Carole Doesn't Have Children shaming. There is a lot of taboo around being a childless by choice woman, I feel like there is this whole narrative around Adam and Carole that stems from the idea that a younger attractive man wouldn't want to be with an 'old, dried up barren woman'. Or, maybe it's just that BEC. *shrugs* I feel like all signs indicate that Adam is into Carole. Even still. It so
  14. Is Adam the one who "downgraded" Carole? I don't think that's been established. It sounds like it was pretty mutual agreement, along with the mutual "coffee" aftermath. There has never been any indication that there is anything but love and respect between Carole and Adam. And, Carole apologized to LuAnn at the beginning of the season when LuAnn pulled her poor pitiful me card and berated Carole for not texting. We see how well the Countess moves on! LOL!
  15. Actually, that's not true, Carole apologized for not calling LuAnn when she heard they were getting divorced. This was the first time LuAnn brought it up at the Halloween party, and how many times has LuAnn mentioned it to Carole since Carole apologized? Hmmmm.....
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