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  1. WAnglais1

    S03. E08. #scaredsh*tless

    Exactly. If you say you're going to get coffee, go get coffee and call from there. Then, come back with the coffee and leave soon after. Or don't come back at all!
  2. WAnglais1

    S03. E04. #makehistory

    Yeah, the toilet thing was a bit much. I thought, "Wait...he's not LBJ! We're not going to have to see anything else, are we?" The language is not organic. It's cussing for the sake of cussing. There's even been the, "Can I say that?" line. Yes, you can...it doesn't mean it sounds natural or integral to the plot. Anthony Edwards is TV married to Lauren Holly and has a mistress? Living well is the best revenge of the nerds.
  3. WAnglais1

    S03. E01. #thesystemisbroken

    It was like when young actors get to cuss on stage. They make sure you know they are saying the f-bomb by saying is as loud and over-enunciated as possible. When President!Bauer was going to speak in the deserted!mall to that group of folks and is being introduced, he's almost in the dang crowd with them, yet no one noticed him standing there? Shout-out to my childhood town of Asheville, NC! Nice touch with the real people voicing concerns at the end. Other than that? Meh. Too many plot threads and I expect none to be tied up.
  4. WAnglais1

    Good Girls

    (dials 9-1) "They say one is the loneliest number." Kinda clever, in 1972. Why would a drug dealin', counterfeitin', guy like Rio not have a code on his phone? Or was it T's phone?
  5. WAnglais1

    Good Girls

    I'm kind of over the cop turning up at the family's church. Wouldn't that be considered harassment if this went to trial? Then again, he followed Beth to the QuikieMart, so who knows?
  6. WAnglais1

    S44.E21: Paul Rudd / DJ Khaled

    What was up with the left side of De Nero's neck? That looked like a huge fat pocket or something worse. I don't get this show anymore. No matter how much noise I'm asked to make.
  7. WAnglais1

    S 4: Ep 15. Salary.

    Information on Walmart manager's salaries. Average $175,000 a year. https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/09/business/walmart-store-managers-wages/index.html
  8. WAnglais1

    S44.E19: Adam Sandler / Shawn Mendes

    The wife and I once went to Italy. It was a spa-type vacation. The group was in the middle of an olive grove in Tuscany, soaking in a naturally-heated pool. It was glorious for us. One woman constantly complained she wanted to go to McDonald's.
  9. WAnglais1

    S44.E19: Adam Sandler / Shawn Mendes

    And then breaking. I guess it got Fallon the TONIGHT SHOW. Opera man was a favorite of mine, and I loathe Sandler. I once wrote a "song" about how much I hate Sandler for the morning radio show I produced. It eventually helped get me fired because the hosts hated it. Circle of life. The tours skit was good and the last song touching. The scariest thing was finding out GROWN UPS 3 is on the way.
  10. WAnglais1

    S05.E12: The Beginning...

    Oh, well....I had a hate/love relationship with this show. More of the former, really. The show recast Ivy every other episode. Didn't Gordon have gray hair with the 'stash and then no gray when he didn't? A two-parter might've worked better. Oh, well...
  11. WAnglais1

    S02.E13: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

    I've grown to like this show over this season. ST:TOS used several quotes from the "Scottish Tragedy" as episode titles. And this one was another. Also, in Ed's office, one of the wall hangings is the album cover for "Escape" by Journey. I laughed when I realized that.
  12. WAnglais1

    S 4: Ep 15. Salary.

    I'm okay with the company car. Michael Scott had the Sebring, and since this is from a writer on THE OFFICE, I can hand wave that.
  13. WAnglais1

    Good Girls

    Cash stockpiled because banks have to file forms with the feds when there are deposits to accounts over a certain amount. It may be over $10,000. I'm not sure. Why am I still watching this? Rhetta. Other than that, I'm not big on any character.
  14. WAnglais1

    S 4: Ep 15. Salary.

    I hand-waved Glenn's non-Lexus car as in the same category as why he didn't have an assistant. Maybe he also thought the car would come out of his salary? To me, this says he and his wife are pretty thrifty and probably have a decent bit saved. In the end, a Lexus is just a jacked-up Toyota. The salary error I can also wave off. At my job, one year I had a bad performance review. HR decided to cut my salary by 10%. I wasn't really happy about this, but what was I going to do? It was to start in January. By that next September, it had not been implemented. Finally, it went into effect in late-October. I was not asked to pay the back cut.
  15. WAnglais1

    S04.E14 Minor Crimes

    As long as the appropriate paperwork is filed at C9 Corporate, they should be able to move on to other story lines. Thanks for mentioning this!