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  1. How long would this phone keep a charge? And if it dies, how would you recharge it? My iPod makes you enter the security code to recharge if it's been unplugged for a few hours. I hate all these people. Stick a fork in me.
  2. Yeah, I don't get the Rio thing. Ooh, he's a bad boy who can kill you! Sigh. Lucy? This made me so mad and upset I might take it off the Hulu list. I was stressed enough thinking something was going to happen to Au Jus. These characters are all terrible people. I adore Retta as an actor, but not even her appeal can keep me watching. I'm aware you have to buy into the world of a show, no matter how crazy it is. This is why some of my friends didn't like 30 ROCK. Still, I believe a show has to have some kind of internal logic. This one does not.
  3. Except for the moment looking at Notre Dame, it was a waste. Horrible, stereotypical writing about how Parisians treat Americans. One more "hamburger" joke and I was going to scream. I guess the cast got a free trip to Paris. That's always worth it.
  4. My favorite sitcom since PARKS & RECREATION, which was my favorite sitcom since THE OFFICE. If Mike Schur and Greg Daniels worked on another sitcom together my head would explode. Team Cockroach FTW!
  5. My guess is Luke becomes successful and Alex cannot get a job and moves into the basement. Education = BAD! Being a white guy at the country club = GOOD!
  6. Especially since he thought it was fantastic Chip Driver solved the murder on page 10! The scenes with Michael and Evil!Janet were great. I liked the quiet approach. Ted Danson could have chemistry acting with a glass of water.
  7. I watched it all last night and was really meh on the whole thing. The one bit which made me happy was having all the questions answered. When I saw the synopsis for this, I thought, "Oh, LOST wasn't bad enough? Now there's the NEW!LOST!" I also thought the crimes of the ten were way too real for me to honestly not have a huge emotional reaction to...the Susan Smith-esque woman who drowned her kids? That happened right up the road from where I live. The mall shooter? Too close. I almost tuned out during that.
  8. WAnglais1

    Twin Peaks

    I just finished S3. I have no idea what to say. I watched in on Blu-ray and some scenes were so dark, I couldn't see a darn thing. Just sound. Was it supposed to be like that? I feel like I wasted 18 hours or so. I've been told, "You need to watch it two or three times to get it." I don't have that kind of time. And still, the season ends with Audrey in some kind of peril.
  9. Bamford is a genius! I'd watch any of these women, but she's tops to me. So darn funny.
  10. A lot of comedy folks who I respect raved about this. I tuned it in and thought it was okay, until S1Ep5 and the visit to her father's house. The whole thing with step mom was okay, until FB released the pet into the wild. I loathe when any show does a disservice to animals, so I'm out. I don't care how lonely you really are. And do that many people really take cell phone photos of their junk? I'm so old.
  11. Exactly. If you say you're going to get coffee, go get coffee and call from there. Then, come back with the coffee and leave soon after. Or don't come back at all!
  12. Yeah, the toilet thing was a bit much. I thought, "Wait...he's not LBJ! We're not going to have to see anything else, are we?" The language is not organic. It's cussing for the sake of cussing. There's even been the, "Can I say that?" line. Yes, you can...it doesn't mean it sounds natural or integral to the plot. Anthony Edwards is TV married to Lauren Holly and has a mistress? Living well is the best revenge of the nerds.
  13. It was like when young actors get to cuss on stage. They make sure you know they are saying the f-bomb by saying is as loud and over-enunciated as possible. When President!Bauer was going to speak in the deserted!mall to that group of folks and is being introduced, he's almost in the dang crowd with them, yet no one noticed him standing there? Shout-out to my childhood town of Asheville, NC! Nice touch with the real people voicing concerns at the end. Other than that? Meh. Too many plot threads and I expect none to be tied up.
  14. (dials 9-1) "They say one is the loneliest number." Kinda clever, in 1972. Why would a drug dealin', counterfeitin', guy like Rio not have a code on his phone? Or was it T's phone?
  15. I'm kind of over the cop turning up at the family's church. Wouldn't that be considered harassment if this went to trial? Then again, he followed Beth to the QuikieMart, so who knows?
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