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  1. Watching Rachel tonight reminded me of something that annoys me about her--this squeamishness about foul language...even light foul language. This need to interrupt her own flow in explaining the news to alert us again and again that some deposition or a quote she's reading has a cuss word...and oh, "I said I wasn't on going to 'ass' but I did. Sorry." Who is she talking to? What watcher of her is going to be offended? It's strange.
  2. Whoopi is paid millions plus expenses to sit there and she's acting like this. I see it from Wendy Williams, too; this fake, I'm working class act. This notion that they're of limited means is really insincere and off-putting.
  3. p719

    It: Chapter Two (2019)

    I won't either. It's RATED R for disturbing violent content and bloody images throughout, pervasive language, and some crude sexual material 😂
  4. Can The Cooking Channel please get rid of that annoying, "You're Eating it Wrong" guy and his "experiments and tips" during commercial breaks?! They're off putting and they've been running them for years 😡
  5. Well, considering everything with Tatum, that would make the most sense!
  6. I did. I had a lot of fun with it. Mark Hamill did quite well bringing the essence of Brad Dourif's iconic character and the acting was good overall. It feels a bit rushed in the final act, though.
  7. Wendy's hatred isn't odd, it's quite common, especially here in America. Rank and file British citizens (Republican and Monarchist alike) and talk show hosts over there don't really have a problem with Meghan and they love her mother, Doria. LOVE HER. Here in the States, their problem with Meghan in America is that she got above her raising by marrying Prince Harry. Half-breeds (especially mixed with black blood) aren't supposed ascend into The Firm with a big, grand spectacle out a Disney movie and have access to Princess Di and The Queen's jewelry. Why? Because they're not. "Why shou
  8. HA! Watching Nancy pour untold amounts of liquor into her Gigi Juice, it's no suprise it's Husband #4. I was thinking the same thing! My was she proud of her Prime Rib! I probably rewound that at least 3 times because I was laughing so hard.
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