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  1. All I can say is that I hope for more next season with Stephanie. I was disappointed that there was no clear direction with her character. Fuller House was much like Full House...corny but nice to pass the time watching.
  2. Overall, this season was better than the last one. I enjoyed it! I look forward to the next season (if there's one).
  3. I always thought that Jodie was the most charismatic of the kids. I'm really only watching for Stephanie. Overall, it's good enough and I liked this episode a lot.
  4. I thought Jackson would be out and be free of the consistent whiner...but nope. She didn't tell him about the baby because she wanted him to choose her and not just the baby. However, I bet they will get together again.
  5. I watched for Vixen. I liked Vixen (except, I would prefer a short haircut just because...) and that was about all that I cared about. No wait...my eyes did just about roll out of my head when Felicity could suddenly walk...no problem...all the way to the door.
  6. The Chloe actress depresses me on every show she's on actually, this is no exception. I would be cool with her disappearing or even killed. She can be replaced with someone else.
  7. This was a WACK episode following the Earth 2 saga. The reactions to Earth 2 were kind of tacked on.
  8. I think this is the first year that Kenya Moore realizes she may be in the same place Brandi Granville is now on RHOBH, not on screen. When Nene knows not to act a fool with someone (Kim...I will never forget how she acted when she first met Kandi), then you know that you are stepping over many lines.
  9. I think something is wrong as well with Kenya. She has a severe problem that I can't put my finger on. I do believe that she's jealous of Kim (not of her clothes, which doesn't bother me....clothes are clothes).
  10. venusnv80

    Iris West

    Well apparently the writers CAN write for Iris and they did a fantastic job last night. I want to see more of it.
  11. They said that Diana, Bruce and Hal were just Easter Eggs nothing more.
  12. Hmm interesting theory about it being Wally.
  13. Finally, they give me what I want...in another universe, but just the same. First things first, Iris. I loved that she was all about her job, but still sexy, kind, sarcastic and a Daddy's girl. Ironic that they finally had Joe act as if Iris is the most important person in his life and he ups and dies. Oh well, I got to hear Jesse sing...so that worked and I also loved how Joe-seph hated Barry. Barry...well...E1 Barry was really playing but not telling Iris who he was, but I could tell that he was just trying to keep himself under control. I did LOVE his speech to Harry Wells though.
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