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  1. this is the same person who doesnt know you can get farm fresh eggs from the store so.........
  2. In chronobiology, an infradian rhythm is a rhythm with a period longer than the period of a circadian rhythm, i.e., with a frequency of less than one cycle in 24 hours.
  3. i was thinking,are all her "vacations" voluntary?i wonder if some them are actually suspensions?
  4. Right?she takes many vacations for a person with such a hard life.
  5. the front of her nose,where it looks like the cartilage wants to burst through the skin.many bodybuilders have that.
  6. she looks like she takes HGH(Human growth hormone)
  7. i honestly dont think work is the problem,that is when she seems to be happiest.i think she puts too much pressure on herself at home.
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