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    S15.E22: Head Over High Heels

    Yes. With the addition of actually making multiple people notice and give a crap.
  2. moonorchid

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    There’s some weird vibes from the situation between Ramirez and grey’s. Honestly what would they even do with her in this iteration of grey’s? Callie is such an iconic character for the show she would immediately take up a lot of space, it’s a lot like when Addison would make visits.
  3. moonorchid

    S15.E20: The Whole Package

    I’m beyond done with the oedipus vibe between Catherine/Debbie Allen and jackson/Jesse Williams. The penis joke thing to embarrass Jackson was funny in season 8. Exclaiming “my baby bought me a penis!” Is just bordering on gross. Stop it! Meredith and jackson are NOW somehow exchanging dialogue (cause it did not feel like a natural convo) about how Richard is their father more than their own fathers? Meredith, we’ve known this for years. Jackson? You're screwing his biological daughter. Stop it! No Megan, Owen and teddy shouldn’t be a thing. They shouldn’t be coparenting. Owen can def benefit from therapy but they better not try and link his crap behavior to his PTSD. Also a grown woman shouldn’t be saying “dum dum” if you’re not talking about the candy. I wish this show actually cultivated friendships. Heck I wish they hired better actors. The actor who plays Link just has such a fake delivery. Like he’s saying things as if he rehearsed. It’s weird and distracting. Plus we are 20 episodes in and NOW we are giving context to their friendship. Be better krista! Jo is getting a similar downward spiral arc that April got last year except this time people will actually give a damn and be proactive. What a concept! I dont have too much comment on jo’s actual spiral cause I couldn’t imagine learning what she learned. If anyone needs to be in therapy it’s her.
  4. moonorchid

    S03.E18: Her

    I’m glad Randal and Beth worked it out but honestly I’m highly annoyed at the selfishness they are still exhibiting. It should not be taken lightly to literally uproot your kids from everything they’ve known because mom and dad want to follow their dreams. In the end they’ll prob be fine but the way they aren’t even taking their kids into consideration annoys the crap out of me.
  5. moonorchid

    S15.E19: Silent All These Years

    The last time alex thought he “knew” he almost killed an innocent man. I don’t remember the scene, I just remember link saying he didn’t know but he never liked him. Its such a weird position cause we know that if we suspect something we should say/do something but if he did would she have accepted that help or tell him to mind his business? As a society we walk the tight rope of both constantly.
  6. moonorchid

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Stuff like that just makes me laugh (to keep from raging) reading Kristas comments on why she chose to write out april cause...cause april had already been through so much she couldn’t IMAGINE what else she could do...ish please.
  7. moonorchid

    S15.E18: Add It Up

    Japril should be a cautionary tale
  8. moonorchid

    S15.E18: Add It Up

    Makes me think ellen and Krista don’t want a partner for meredith, they want a puppy.
  9. moonorchid

    S15.E18: Add It Up

    I don’t even understand where this came from! Amelia is the one that JUST went to a conference for alternative medicine. Maggie is a cardio thorasic surgeon! Why is she trying to do less surgery? Plus, the things she listed are more concerns for a general practitioner? Where did this need to instill mood rooms come from? Did I miss something?
  10. moonorchid

    S15.E16: Blood and Water

    I don’t care what community anyone is in, we all love some drama and controversy, lol.
  11. moonorchid

    S15.E16: Blood and Water

    Maggie never gives anyone slack ever. It’s very cut and dry with her. I still hate how angry and indignant she got when she found out Richard figured out who she was and didn’t run to tell her right away. It’s never as simple as “you lied!”. He had just found out ellis his his child and now this child has zero interest in getting to know him. That’s ROUGH! It was one of the first things I didn’t like about maggie.
  12. moonorchid

    S15.E15: We Didn't Start the Fire

    Mark did something similar with his daughters son. To the effect of he chose to be a parent to his daughter rather than a grandfather to his grandson, especially when good parents wanted him. Brittneys parents have to put brittney first, and Owen is a lot of things but he loves Leo and will do right by him. It’s a hard decision but easier to make when you know where leo is going.
  13. moonorchid

    S15.E15: We Didn't Start the Fire

    His charisma would hold up any relationship. I love Greg German. Grey’s anatomy doesn’t deserve him.
  14. moonorchid

    S15.E13: I Walk the Line

    Does social services even know about Betty’s involvement? In the real world a biological mother who is a drug addict and has relapsed already would not be allowed unsupervised visits. I can very much see what they are doing being used against them.
  15. moonorchid

    S15.E13: I Walk the Line

    He called her a whore for sleeping with George. Well implied it. He never actually said the word but we all know what he was getting at. I think merder was so massive because of that first season which was almost fairytale like on top of their insane chemistry. The word gets said so much it loses its meaning but chemistry matters! Whats killing me with merluca, Krista came out and called merder toxic for the same reasons she’s framing merluca as cute! How in earth is this being flown under the radar? In the time of MeToo how is his behavior still being framed as charming and no one is calling this out?
  16. It’s difficult to see him as prestigious as mark when they never really show us his journey as a doctor. I swear all of a sudden he’s listing his credentials and I’m like “when did all that happen?”
  17. moonorchid

    S15.E12: Girlfriend in a Coma

    That’s grey’s anatomy in a nut shell tbh. Meredith kept telling mcdreamy “no” and he kept asking. But Meredith *was* doing the coy thing so it’s iffy. its hypocritical of Krista to call merder toxic because of this AND the imbalance of power but then be all for merluca 😕 off topic, “one day at a time” just released their third season and they have an episode dedicated to exactly this trope. It’s pretty awesome.
  18. moonorchid

    One Day At A Time (2017)

    I am so happy I didn’t see any spoilers prior cause I literally squealed and was so happy to see max, I really like him and now Penelope and I’m still holding out hope for them. Ugh that man is so hot, lol. I find myself crying a lot watching this. I enjoyed everything.
  19. moonorchid

    S15.E11: The Winner Takes It All

    I can’t stand maggie either for my own reasons but I’m genuinely curious based of this episode what was it that irritated you? And others? From what I saw, she had little to do except listen to Richard go on about going through the hard times with your partner and then her comforting Jackson? Me personally anyone could have literally been sitting there and would understand exactly what he was going through, this experience is not particular to maggie. Heck Jackson *has* gone through this before. But that’s my bitterness over the April part of this coming out, lol.
  20. moonorchid

    S15.E10: Help, I'm Alive

    It seems to me that if it doesn’t involve maggie or affect her or she doesn’t deem it worthy it just doesn’t exist. I think this situation would have been a good character growth moment for maggie in terms of maybe understanding why her mother chose to keep her illness from her but that would include having maggie be wrong and this show will not have her be wrong.
  21. moonorchid

    S15.E10: Help, I'm Alive

    Whars killing me though, she’s not the first to be like this but the first to not be called out and the first to be given the high ground by the show. maggie is not thinking of anyone else but herself. Not Jackson, not Richard, and certainly NOT the women who has cancer and has lost all agency. It’s driving me crazy how this is just being shrugged off. Maggie has been like this, it’s about what *she* thinks is right and on *her* timetable. It gets put under the guise of “I tell the truth” but nuance is dead with her. Meredith kind of gets like this too back in the day, she would def take sides, but Meredith also would hear the other out and realize that life doesn’t work in a black and white way and that sometimes there’s not always a villain. They are even trying to develop maggie into any semblance of a mature human being. And speaking of her mother, I wish maggie would think about why her mother kept her illness from her. Why she went on an “end of my life” world tour WITHOUT her daughter.
  22. moonorchid

    S15.E10: Help, I'm Alive

    My only guess is cause she was in the military? I’m not sure how that works. Man I can not get over maggie. Just what she’s allowed to get away with. Remember Cristina the first time she met teddy and how teddy handled that. I wish she’d handle Maggie’s self righteous attitude the same way. Teddy didn’t ruin anything for amelia, amelia and Owens stupid ass back and forth did this. Yes teddy should have told him and her reasons for not doing so we’re stupid but nuance and “grey area” is so lost on maggie.
  23. moonorchid

    Alexa & Katie

    I don’t usually go shows like this but was intrigued by the cancer aspect. It grounds this show from being too cutesy and zaney which a lot of these teen shows tends to lean towards, in the extreme. The two female leads are fantastic. So much presence and charm and they have great chemistry together. I totally believe their level of devotion to one another. I hope the show has Alexa and Katie grow and mature that devotion and don’t turn it into something toxic. I like how the families have blended into one large group whom genuinely love one another. I like how the parents aren’t being portrayed as too stupid, I like the brother and how he’s vain and a little simple on the surface but he actually cares very deeply. His subtle reflections about his sisters cancer is very touching. Ive caught myself laughing at the gags which don’t normally happen. I like how things carry over from one episode to the next. Nothing is really forgotten. The hole stayed in the table for a few eps which I thought was hilarious. Heck I loved that it was pointed out at all. The one oopsie I caught: they repainted Alexa’s entire room blue but in the next episode the part of the wall that had “after this we’re getting pizza” was there with the old color as background. I honestly really enjoy this show and I hope there’s a season 3.
  24. moonorchid

    S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    I thought of izzie too watching maggie. I’m trying to remember if izzie went unchecked like maggie is though. I’m not sure what they want to us to think about maggie. The issue I have is they keep throwing her in these complex situations but maggie is not complex or deep so when she acts like a brat, that’s really all there is.
  25. moonorchid

    S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    First time since the beginning of last season I watched an entire episode of greys. Here we go! - I can’t believe teddy is only now finally telling Owen about being pregnant and of course she does that annoying thing of prefacing it with “i need to talk to you but not now” so I have no problem with Owen trying to figure it out during surgery. Crying out loud you waited this long what’s another few hours. And I know she’s tall but how far along is she? I feel like she should be showing a little by now. - did anyone see the nurse who told teddy the OR was calling her? The SHADE in her eyes made me freaking roll! Haha. - I’ve seen some say Levi’s speech was akin to hahns leaves speech and I didn’t get that sense. Unlike Hahn, he knew he was attracted to men but much like with girls, sex just wasn’t happening for him. I wasn’t down with his attitude even though I got where he wasn’t coming from. But they really had intern Levi talk to attending Nico like that, telling him “take this patient to Peds”. This is the problem with grey’s now a days. There is not even a little respect for actual positions like there used to be. Derek and burke and Addison never would have stood for that crap. So that took me out a bit but man I laughed way too hard at Nico being flown across the way when he stepped outside, lol. - plus the symbolism of their first time and the winds picking up astronomically with live wires shooting electricity (chemistry!) everywhere made me roll my eyes HARD! Subtle this show is not. - this might be the first time I was truly charmed and warmed by jolex. The way we started with them in bed and how they both sleep like toddlers and the way he tuned over and nuzzled into her. Maybe losing japril has made me vulnerable but it was super freaking cute. I didn’t mind that he didn’t go in, he tried but there were alerts telling people to stay in and bailey told him to stay home cause coming in wasn’t worth the danger since you know...THE ACTUAL CHEIF OF SURGERY WAS THERE! - I do wish this show would stop trying to act like these people are only middle class. Alex wants a new tv, then buy a new tv with your hot shot chief salary. - I have never liked how meredith coddled maggie so when mer told maggie “he should do more surgery with you” i loved it. That’s the snarky mer I knew! Maggie’s whining about her fight with Jackson is annoying, her insistence that Meredith drop everything to listen to her whine is annoying, her childish middle school attitude about “you’re my sister your supposed to side with me” and how she actually means that makes me wants to beat my head against a wall. This is a character that they want us to love so damn hard but none of this crap would fly with anyone else. I’m already tired with HIPPA being treated as more of a suggestion than actual law. But honestly, there IS a difference between what mer did and what maggie has done twice now! Meredith told maggie to get her off her back and establish a support system for Jackson. Both times maggie did it (while not technically the second time, she had no business revealing it seconds after being told) was cause SHE couldn’t stand having a secret and to relieve herself of the “torture”. Maggie didn’t tell Jackson for Jackson or for Catherine, she told him for herself. Cause she relates to this in the worst most selfish way and she thinks it’s the correct thing to do. She wants to establish and prove herself to be able to be there. The problem is maggie supports people in the way she *thinks* they need instead of what they actually need. I know what they are trying to do with jaggie and they are so off base its mind blowing. And Maggie’s attitude with teddy? Girl take all the steps back! This reminds me of how judgmental izzie used to be when she was an INTERN! and she wasn’t allowed to carry that holier than thou attitude and I wish teddy would have told her to mind her own business but nope, another character being sacrificed at the alter of maggie so she can have the high ground. It makes me rage. I resent this show trying to trivialize what went down last week with jaggie. Nothing got resolved and Jackson was already ready to sweep it under the rug before he found out about Catherine and now it def will be. But they tried to compare them to that old couple fighting and nope! There’s fighting over trivial things like decorations and then theres Jackson revealing how april is the one that got away. I know krista and Kelly vehemently say it’s just reflection but the writing and the acting portrayed something totally different. it’s not the same and just showing up doesn’t mean they are better or healthy. Heck if this was japril they would have used this to point out how band aids don’t fix a problem. Lastly, i got the sense that link is who mer “should” be with and Deluca is who she “wants” to be with.