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    "The View": Week Of 4/8/2019

    Up is down and down is up. Was Sunny defending Assange and Meghan against him? Is Sunny saying that it was OK that Assange and Wikileaks conspired with Russia to influence the election? I guess I didn't understand their positions because I agree that Assange was a cyber-terrorist, so that puts me on Meghan's side. Yikes! I will go to my death reminding people that nobody hacked Hillary's emails - her server was secure. It was the DNC and Podesta's emails that were hacked. Every time I hear "Hillary Clinton's emails" it's like a needle scratch.
  2. CousinAmy

    S05.E12: Up in the Air . . .

    I actually liked this episode. Everyone seemed to be a little more light-hearted. Week after week there has been so much complaining about the complications from surgery - don't most people accept that there might be complications from any surgery? Especially stitches ripping or infections or one of a thousand after-effects. It's is hard on most parents, too, when they become empty nesters, but more so for Jeanette who has been micromanaging Jazz's life for 18 years. If she has no other interests I can see her go into a depression. With Jazz not around, she loses her not just her "day job," but her identity. I hope she figures out something to do with the second half of her life.
  3. I was shocked after my mother died to get a condolence note from my mother's doctors. I had never met them (1500 miles away) but I do think they liked my mother, and she thought they were gods. Is that something most medical practices do? Or was this highly unusual?
  4. CousinAmy

    S05.E10: Enemy in the Family

    I still have my parents' furniture from the 1940s. Their dressers are solid wood, sturdy with roomy drawers. And their Bendix radio/phonograph - the radio still works! Count me in as another skeptic on Jazz's brilliance in her online scholarly pursuits. Florida Department of Education doesn't have the best reputation. I think online courses can be "gamed."
  5. CousinAmy

    A Place For Questions & Educational Links

    What is a "female brain," though. From the beginning, she was attracted to the sparkly stuff, very childish and superficial. As a 3 year old, she obviously couldn't describe what her definition of being a woman is, but has she ever really expressed anything besides "having a vagina"?
  6. CousinAmy

    S05.E10: Enemy in the Family

    My mom was very pushy about my having friends (nagging me to join a high school sorority) - and I eventually realized it was because she didn't have many friends when she was in high school. And she pushed me to continue seeing my first boyfriend - because she was so afraid that I, a cute, smart college freshman, would never be asked out again if I stopping seeing him. Jeanette must be terrified that no one will ever love Jazz so she is desperate for her to date and pair up. It might not even have to do with Jazz being transgender - because it's really about Jeanette anyway. I can see her fussing over her "baby" no matter the circumstances. I still think Ahmir is an actor - just a really bad one!
  7. CousinAmy

    S05.E07: Your Girl Jazz has a Boyfriend!

    This whole boyfriend thing seems fake to me. Amir speaks as if he's saying lines. (I certainly don't want to dox him, unless they are out and about as a couple in real life.) But this seems clearly designed as a storyline for the show.
  8. CousinAmy

    S03.E08: The White Elephant

    I don't mind so much that Queen Vic kept her girlish figure, but didn't she have internal damage from having given birth so many times? Or did that happen after the last two?
  9. CousinAmy

    S05.E05: It's a Girl

    Often after major surgery the doctors will send the patient to a rehab center - it's a step down from the hospital where they can monitor you, start physical therapy, etc. Or else they might send you home, but since Jazz had her surgery so far from home, a nearby hotel would be the closest option.
  10. CousinAmy

    S03.E02: London Bridge is Falling Down

    After 6 pregnancies I wonder how robust their love-making was. I know I would have locked the door on Albert, no matter how cute he was, if I had spent my 20s being sidelined from my job for a decade. I think she had a clue about how babies are made, and I know I would have put a stop to it. Enough is enough.
  11. CousinAmy

    S03.E02: London Bridge is Falling Down

    I didn't realize that Osborne House wasn't just a house, it was another palace - and huge! They tore down the unoriginal house to put up this new one. (Same with Balmoral.) Of course I spent last night reading about the various castles. Victoria looks as ethereally beautiful after 5 (6?) pregnancies as she did when she was 19. Did she really still have the glow of youth by 1848? I would rather see the character age as the years go by, but maybe the creators think that the audience would prefer seeing young Ms. Coleman play her up till her death. Albert, also, looks the same - although he hasn't had any pregnancies, he literally hasn't changed a hair - a little maturity, maybe a few extra pounds - would add authenticity.
  12. CousinAmy

    A Place For Questions & Educational Links

    I can understand that a two-year-old might have an idea of whether they are a boy or girl, but "the good fairy" and its powers is definitely not something innate - tooth fairy, Easter bunny are learned concepts, either from parents or another older person. What would lead a toddler to think that there was a good fairy that swapped out body parts?
  13. CousinAmy

    S02.E01: Simone

    After her father's phone call Midge rushed home to check on her children. She's still in that apartment and still working. Who did she leave her children with for four days? The housekeeper? I can't believe she didn't try to check with her mother at least once to get an update on how their day went. Was that just a set-up for the physical joke of checking Ethan's eyes, nose and feet. I loved the scene st the switchboard at B. Altmans. I've also worked an old PBX board, though never that busy, and only as a fill-in at lunchtime. We were told to never say, "One moment please" because that was giving the caller a command. That's why they said, "I will connect you" instead of "Hold on." Civility; it was a beautiful thing.
  14. I have 2 relatives from that generation, my late aunt and my older cousin, who were both middle-class, Jewish, married with children, and college-educated, who stuck with their husbands until death did them part. I was married in 1969 and after three years I realized it wasn't working so I initiated a divorce. My family was shocked - I was the first person in my family to get divorced. If it had been 10 years earlier, and if I had had a child of two, I probably would have stayed married forever.
  15. CousinAmy

    S01.E08: Thank You and Good Night

    The new apartments on Riverside Drive were for the wealthy set of the 1920s who gave up their private homes to live in luxury flats - some took their meals in a dining room as in a hotel, but they were built as Classic 6: living room, kitchen and dining room, plus 3 chambers (bedrooms). The maid's room off the kitchen wasn't counted as a bedroom. Since Joel and Midge lived just below her parents, you would think both flats had the same design and same number of rooms. I didn't understand the recording thing. Who recorded Midge's set, and why? I thought it was somehow related to her father's security clearance but were they just fans? And why wax the recording being played while Joel was there?
  16. CousinAmy

    The Royals and Company: The Cast Thread

    I've seen a picture somewhere of Camilla in the 1960s looking very pretty. I'll try to find it if no one else can.
  17. CousinAmy

    S01.E05: Doink

    Midge was pretty young when she got married, and she kind of followed the roadmap for girls of that era: get the ring, get married, and start having babies. I'm sure she didn't even think about getting pregnant, or NOT getting pregnant, it just happened. So maybe she's not quite as in love with being a mother as she "should" be. Certainly running all over town going to nightclubs is more exciting than the drudgery of being a hands-on parent. In another decade or two she would be me, who never wanted to have chikdren and, with the aid of modern science, didn't have to. It's just a little early for anyone to verbalize that not every woman wants to be a mother.
  18. I'm not sure Senator Kennedy of Massachusetts would have been on the radar screen of a New Yorker in 1958 - his father, as her father noted, was actually much more well-known at the time. The Jane Jacobs fight for Washington Square made a big impact in New York City, and it's nice to see that ASP thought about it enough to include it here: https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2016/apr/28/story-cities-32-new-york-jane-jacobs-robert-moses
  19. CousinAmy

    The Human Beings Known as the Arnold-Klein Family

    Children are born, not made. The Kleins chose two children who were extremely disadvantaged in their own countries, were probably unadoptable in their own countries, and also had similar health concerns, backgrounds and challenges. They did a good thing by bringing them to America where Bill and Jen could see to not only their physical needs, but also their medical needs. We will know when the children grow up if indeed they resent being taken away from the countries where they were born, or appreciative of the efforts it took to bring them here.
  20. CousinAmy

    S13.E11: You're a Fish Approver!

    The house seems to have lots of open space "living room" but at the expense of the functional rooms - like the kids' bedrooms which are fine for now, but as teenagers they will want more personal space. And their kitchen things might not all fit in the pantry? Why buy a huge house without a huge pantry and storage? I couldn't tell if they have a cooktop that is average height as well as the custom height one. Since we know Jen doesn't cook much, I assume the nanny/housekeeper/chauffeur/pool cleaner/laundress will be doing most of the cooking, but that won't be comfortable with the custom fixtures. I would have made sure that anyone who stays over will able to use the kitchen, too. Don't get me started about the Royal Staircase leading up to the front door. All the grandparents are over 60; I hope they all have remotes to open the garage doors to access the elevator. Believe me, knees will go before you know it. There are just too many stairs and steps in that house.
  21. CousinAmy

    S13.E10: A Storm to be Reckoned With

    I noticed that Jen speaks to the people building her simulation center the same say she speaks to the children: clearly, pleasantly and rationally. She is very, very organized, and very good at expressing herself. This is just the way she is: not histrionic or dramatic. I don't see the family having factions or rivalries, because they are a tight family unit. Jen provides the practicality, Bill supplies the whimsy. The kids supply the comedy and drama. It definitely works for them.
  22. CousinAmy

    The Human Beings Known as the Arnold-Klein Family

    I'm not going to try to diagnose Will's learning ability or dis-ability from one picture on the Internet. But in the photo, he had written not on a flat piece of paper, but on a paper on the wall. It's not easy for an adult to write legibly, let alone a child. Note that he spelled every word correctly, except for one - "doges." And he remembered to dot his i's. I've seen much, much worse in 3rd graders. I'd be interested to see if he has trouble with math, or if it's just language arts. Some kids are better in one, and some in others. I have always been impressed with his curiosity, his interest in how things work, and his endless questions, "why?" I think that's a far more important measure of his abilities than his handwriting and spelling.
  23. CousinAmy

    S13.E08: The Toilet Exploded!

    I think I'm having buyer's remorse - for Jen. The last place I'd want to own a house is on the beach - I'm just picturing sand everywhere, inside and out. You'd have it in every corner of every room, in your hair, in your bed... She has that nice pool, but still really wants a house on the beach. So, how far is the beach - any beach - from their home? Maybe she should have held out for that coastal farmhouse.
  24. Doesn't the house have 6 bedrooms? I assumed that the nanny/housekeeper/cook/laundress/scullery maid would just have the smallest bedroom by the back stairs. (My aunt lived in a 100-year-old house in Connecticut that had a small maid's room by the back stairs that led to the kitchen. It's so Gothic.) Where is this space that Kate and her family will occupy? I really think that they will need more than one "helper" - keeping up that large house is a big job; wrangling the children is a different job, and I can't see that they can be performed at the same time. Plus, there's a lot of outside work that needs to be done: cleaning the pool, keeping up the "grounds" such as they are. Maybe they'll have a cleaning service; pool maintenance service; lawn service - I once knew an upper-middle-class family that had a plant-watering service provider (who I think was also their dog-walking service provider). The problems of the rich!
  25. CousinAmy

    S13.E05: Time to Leave!

    I've had a car or two shipped to me in New York from Florida, and it was convenient and not that expensive. I'm sure they could have flown quite easily and have cars sent, but then they would have missed out on The Great Road Trip, which seems to be the title to the next episode (or something along those lines). Someone probably figured that having them use up time by having road trip episodes would tide them over during the boring renovation months. (The renovation will be interesting in small bits but most of it won't make such great TV.) I doubt Bill and Jen are fooled about Will's achievements in comparison to Zoey's. Jen at least knows that there is a world of difference between the two from their ages, sexes, backgrounds, medical conditions, etc. They can probably both read report cards! And Jen probably knows more about child development than she lets on. I am certain she isn't just shrugging her shoulders to say, as long as he's happy we can't expect any more from him. Remember he's curious about how things work, and from a young age always asked "why." He isn't placid and bored, but is interested in things happening around him and a creative thinker. Those are better indications of how far he can go than some imaginary baselines he is supposedly stuck on.