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  1. I vote for Isaiah, the kid that Donna "rescued"/followed home in the episode where she works in the convenience store. That kid was smarter, more mature, and more responsible than Donna ever has been, and basically had his sh*t together in a way she never has or ever will.
  2. Well, horses were definitely a status symbol in that era (and probably still are, but I don't know anyone who had horses in the '90s and wasn't forced to sell them). Plus, didn't The Horse Whisperer come out around the time this aired? That movie was pretty popular, from what I remember.
  3. I was listening to this in the car, and "It might be an oral" prompted not one, but two Deadpan Buntsy Wows behind the wheel. And yeah, of course this show would have a guy being the harassee, because I'm pretty sure this writers' room was populated by Whedonesques who wouldn't dare to point a finger at one another.
  4. The only way Steve could have legitimately escaped punishment is if Randall didn't actually have a copy of the paper in question and the whole proceeding was based on his word that the papers were the same. If that's the case, then the evidence of Randall lying by falsifying the grade record would have cast enough doubt on the initial accusation to effectively nullify it. Of course, this raises the question of whether Brandon could been compelled to provide his copy of the paper during the proceedings, but I'm sure the writers didn't put any thought into that, so I won't waste my time.
  5. I can't believe no one got rid of Brandon! I think Michael Mancini would be a great replacement for Brandon, because he actually has the charisma and sexual prowess that Brandon only believes he has. Also, I say we swap in Jane for Donna just to get rid of the boob cavern.
  6. The only way that Brandon is a "legendary prose swordsman" is if Randall has only ever taught brain-damaged athletes who shouldn't have been passed out of the 8th grade. As someone whose undergrad papers won actual awards, I'm kind of offended by the insinuation that Brandon's demonstrably crappy writing is even passable, let alone laudable.
  7. Don't they at some point try to write her pregnancy in only for it to end abruptly, both on the show and IRL? Or was that a different actor/show?
  8. None of the drugs used as mood stabilizers cause addiction. The only psych meds that are addictive are given for conditions David doesn't have.
  9. (TW/CW: references to mental illness/suicide) I was diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder a few years after this aired, and the med I was given (Depakote) had all the side effects Sarah mentioned and more. It even caused a permanent hormone disorder that I have to treat with even more medication. Bipolar II is tough because you do not, under any circumstances, want to take antidepressants for it--they cause full-blown psychotic mania. The only drugs they would give you in those days were anticonvulsants (epilepsy drugs) or lithium, and lithium wrecks your liver but it'll keep you from offing
  10. Did they just copy Jennie or Tori's real license and change the name & address? No way BAG is blond, either.
  11. Philip Seymour Hoffman's performance in Twister (my poppy field movie, ymmv) actually does make him a logical choice for Steve in my book. He's got that same rakish charm and complete lack of both self-consciousness and self-awareness.
  12. I wish demon possession (Days) and dogs eating donor organs (OTH) were common enough to be considered tropes, because both of those would vastly improve this show.
  13. Yeah, I had at least two cardigans that only had one top button when I was in high school in the late '90s. One was part of a velour twinset.
  14. Yeah, Donna should have had to pay back the city for that the way Steve did for the fire. What a dumbass.
  15. I just now remembered who Bruno was, and I first read this post 2 hours ago. These seasons are waaaaaaayyyy too long.
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