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  1. All of the above. Omg the new Joy is as cringeworthy as the real Joy. and their "clearance" prices? Bwahahahaha
  2. I'll make it my business LOL. What the hell happened to her?
  3. Well I barely made it through the first "babe" episode. Awful. They should have never, ever, ever used them as the first episode. It absolutely ruined it for me. I gave another episode a try. Just no. Nothing really to do with organizing and boring zzzzzzzzzzz
  4. Lol. Exactly. This x 1000. Boo hoo I can't do laundry. Eyeroll. I had twins after 2 toddlers. I managed and no "look at me!" "I'm a hero!" parade. Yep. Yep. Yep. She needs to get over herself. Stat.
  5. Yep also it's the same thing as "Sudden Change" products (avail for like 9.99 at CVS, Walgreens etc if you want to try it) or just slap some egg white on ya face and let it dry for free. :)
  6. Idk...I must be awful but I don't think either their sobriety or relationship will last...
  7. Lawddddd I knew Bobbie was thin but she's like a freaking bobble head. She had her size 2 DG2 pants "altered". "I'm usually a size 0." What in the hell? A grown woman in a 0??????? Off to get pic.
  8. What? Next you'll tell us you don't like walnuts and that you're not really a queen. ;)
  9. Bwahahahahahaha hahahah! You. I like you.
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