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    S01.E10: Night

    In the US, death row prisoners have been revived from suicide attempts just days before their execution date, eg David Long (TX).
  2. numbersix

    The Eyes: News and Media

    What time should we expect the episodes to drop on Hulu? Is it right at midnight or later in the day, in which timezone?
  3. numbersix

    All Episodes Discussion: 2017 Season

    I'm sure that she's a little bummed about the mixed reviews of Monday's show, but she and Colbert have a relationship. I really doubt that Colbert would go to the point of genuinely insulting Rachel, and she certainly seems to have enough of a sense of humor about herself to take it. I didn't think it was a swipe as much as an ironic "touche" of sorts. In the greater scheme of things, she might even see the entire episode as a bit of a win. She got over 4 million viewers and, for those that aren't regular viewers and/or political junkies, the context, especially about the Russian oligarchs, may have been welcome. I do wonder about the choice to go on air, etc. Johnston, after all, was the one who received the returns, which he also disseminated on The Daily Beast. It is possible that he oversold the story and MSNBC/Rachel erred in building up the pre-show hype.
  4. numbersix

    S05.E02: Pests

    Interesting to see so many people thinking that Stan set up an operation to help Oleg and defy the CIA's attempts to turn him. My read was that the CIA dropped Stan's name in the hope of luring Oleg to meet with them. Curious to hear arguments for both interpretations.
  5. numbersix

    The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell

    Oof. The great nothing-burger that is Rachel Maddow's tax story, which was already a bit embarrassing, can probably be used against the media now with David Cay Johnston's aside regarding Melania's alleged porn career. Rachel rebuked him, but now they're open to the Trump attack machine.
  6. numbersix

    The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell

    I like Lawrence and his show, but, my God, what is his freaking obsession with repeating "the biscuit" over and over and over again? We get it: You were/are an insider and know a bit of jargon about presidential nuclear powers. That doesn't mean that you have to find every possible excuse to interject the phrase into any discussion even remotely related to the presidency.
  7. Apprentice79 AJ Delgado is reportedly pregnant by former Trump adviser Jason Miller, who is already married with children. As a result, he announced in December that he wouldn't be taking a communications job with the WH. I haven't seen either one of them on MSNBC since. I tweeted a complaint about one of her more obnoxious appearances on All In and she retweeted to all of her followers, a raving bunch of lunatics who bothered me on Twitter for a few days.
  8. Chris Hayes had the good sense to stop inviting AJ Delgado for comment, and I wish he would do the same with Katie Packer. Her only redeeming quality was being a never-Trumper, but now that he's in the WH and Packer has been, I presume, blacklisted by Fox, she's using Hayes and others as a platform for defending the indefensible. Regardless, she's a giggling moron who embarrasses herself any time she is on the air. I remember one point last summer when she was arguing that Democrats were responsible for Detroit's collapse, denying Hayes' and his guest's clearly superior command of the relevant history and policies, all based on her having grown up in Michigan at the relevant time.
  9. I share a lot of this group's frustration over Rachel's niceness, so I nearly fell off the couch a few moments ago when she flat out called Donald Trump a liar. The gloves are off.
  10. I was hoping that Rachel would also mention Indivertible, a similar guide put together by former Countdown and Daily Show producers on how to effect change in the new media. I know that at least one of the authors worked with Rachel on Countdown: http://thefingnews.com/index.php/indivertibleguide/
  11. numbersix

    S01.E06: Chapter Six: Star of the Morning

    I am interested in seeing what Henry's role in all of this given his seizure in the presence of the police captain, who we later see is part of the conspiracy.
  12. I took a class in college that was team-taught and there was a hugely noticeable gap in the analytical skills and intellect of the two professors. When we all gave group presentations at the end of the semester, the dimmer of the two never had anything substantive to say in his critiques, but instead focused exclusively on verbal styles and mannerisms of the presenters. That was all I could think of last night listening to CM go on and on about Ivanka. Perhaps that is now his go-to compliment for women since oozing about their looks has been taken off the table.
  13. I am a political scientist. Rachel Maddow, like me, has a PhD in political science. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why she keeps babbling nonsensically about this "poli sci model" for picking a vice president. This is the type of crap that a journalist of slightly above average intelligence comes up with to create a vaguely interesting "frame" for an election story in the lull between the primaries and the conventions. I'm embarrassed for her.
  14. Seriously! What a poorly conceived and executed....whatever that was. The only thing worse than explaining a joke is repeatedly explaining the joke time after time. We've got a major party nominee that constitutes a serious existential threat to the nation and Maddow wastes more than 20 minutes of airtime with low-quality, unedited campaign footage, all to end with the insight that it's "weird?" And she's one of the few bright spots in today's media environment! We're doomed.
  15. numbersix

    Past Episodes Talk (Seasons 1-17): Skeeter's Bar

    According to Comcast, Comedy Central should be airing Over Logging right now (head out Californee way), but instead Jared Has Aides is on. Sick coincidence or twisted programmer? Hard to tell with these guys.
  16. numbersix

    S03.E06: Dolce

    I think it was some sort of marinade. When Will said it wasn't very good, Hannibal murmured that it was mostly for his own benefit. Then he fed Will another spoonful and said, "Let it circulate." A bit of a letdown, considering the amount of time he had devoted to feeding oysters and acorns to Bedelia.
  17. numbersix

    S03.E06: Dolce

    To be honest, since I knew that there was going to have be some sort of Verger-Hannibal showdown, I'm sort of glad that they didn't drag things out with the inevitably artsy cat-and-mouse sequence showing Hannibal and Will being kidnapped and spirited out of Italy. Connecting those dots is not that difficult. I am happy that we got one last Hannibal & Bedelia in the bath sequence. Never sure who I'd rather be in those, Gillian or Mads.
  18. numbersix

    S03.E05: Contorno

    Or the onset of an eating disorder when he came to grips with what he had been eating at Hannibal's all that time. Actually, I think there was an aside in Silence of the Lambs (the book) about a former frequent guest of Hannibal's, someone affiliated with the Baltimore Symphony, that developed anorexia after Hannibal the Cannibal was caught.
  19. numbersix

    S03.E14: Dead Or Alive / S03.E15: The Reckoning

    Memo to the "writers" of The Following: I knew Jack Bauer. I watched Jack Bauer suffer for ten seasons. Ryan Hardy is no Jack Bauer.
  20. numbersix

    S05.E18: Eat, Spray, Linda

    I LOVED the parrot saying, "All right!" My facialist says that all the time and I'm torn about asking her if she's a Bob's Burger fan since I don't want to make her feel self-conscious. (It is very annoying, though.)
  21. numbersix

    S08.E23: The Maternal Combustion

    I was really hoping to see some interaction between Amy and Beverly. It could have gone one of two ways. Either they bond completely over their adoration of Sheldon or Amy could see Beverly as competition while Sheldon remained oblivious. Probably the latter, though.
  22. numbersix

    S03.E07: The Hunt

    They're just screwing with us now, right? Joe + Ryan 4-EVER!
  23. numbersix

    S03.E04: Home / S03.E05: A Hostile Witness

    How does Michael Michele keep getting work? She is literally the worst actress I've seen in non-children's programming.
  24. numbersix

    Speculation Without Spoilers Theories

    Wanted to throw out an idea for how things come to a head with Paige: In Fall '82, Kathy Boudin, one of the last fugitives from the Weather Underground was captured and it got a fair amount of news coverage. I'm half-expecting that coverage to become part of the story line here, i.e. Paige reads about it and begins to think that, given Gregory's criminal activities, her parents might well have been involved in something similar and all of the fishy stuff about having no relatives and taking weird trips in the middle of the night means they're '60s activists on the run.
  25. numbersix


    I was excited about another limited-run drama, especially after seeing all of the reviews, but, after the first episode, I don't think I'll be sticking with it. It's clearly a quality production, but I just couldn't get past the fictional character/composites. I think this will be a disappointment to anyone who's read a non-fictional account or two of the Manhattan Project.