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  1. ladyrott

    S02.E30: Girl Meets Legacy

    I found the girl's behavior in the classroom (or rather, Maya in classroom and Riley putting her nose to the glass like a pathetic puppy) ridiculous in a show that is supposed to be about this incredible friendship between the girls. I found their interaction in the window seat truer to their relationship. I am glad Lucas finally brought up that this decision was not JUST up to the girls. It's not like they just get to decide who "gets Lucas" and he has to go along with it.
  2. ladyrott

    Killing Fields

    This show has definitely lost me as a viewer. I was really excited when I first saw commercials for this. I thought it was going to be a new cold murder that different detectives would be investigating every week. Instead I get 7 episodes dedicated to just one murder....and they DIDNT SOLVE IT AT THE END! Seriously, WTH, show? The ex-husband looks guilty as hell with all his lawyers and refusing to talk, but there are other reasons he could be acting like that. As someone mentioned last week, could be he doesn't want his current wife to know he slept with the ex while he was with her. They made a pretty big deal over the fact that he remarried the month after his divorce was final but I don't find that all that strange. They could have been separated for 2 years before it was finalized. Besides that, even if he was having an affair with his current wife while married to Eugenia, what difference would it make as long as the divorce went through? He had no reason to kill her if he was done with her. GAH! I hate shows that don't solve the damn mystery!
  3. ladyrott

    S02.E26: Girl Meets STEM

    Loved the idea behind the episode (it's great for girls to like science....even if I was never one of them), but thought the execution left a lot to be desired. If they wanted Riley to act that she was being relegated to non-science-y part of the experiment because she was a girl, then they should have given her someone other than Farkle, who is in no way a chauvinist, as her lab partner. What about Billy? Nobody expects Riley to end up with him, so why not make him a guy who thinks girls are of no use in the lab? Or if they don't want to make us dislike a semi-regular character, stick a new guy in there to be the chauvinist. Speaking of new guys....Yay for another teacher at the school! I really liked that the science teacher was in charge of the life lesson this week. Time to give Cory a break as the constant life guru for these kids. Plus, got a kick out of seeing him try to actually teach them some (boring) history and get nowhere. The final interaction between Cory, science teacher, Riley and Maya was also kind of nice. Very glad I wasn't the only one picking up on some romantic vibes between Riley and Farkle. Now that Farkle has become a little more mainstream (but remains the Farkle I love), he and Riley seem kind of cute together. Certainly like them better than Lucas/Riley. And wow, Ava was actually GOOD this episode. LOVED her reason why she was dirty (she hugged Auggie when he did well) after pushing Auggie in the mud when he did badly. I don't have a huge problem with participation trophies, but I do think they should be smaller than the champions trophy.
  4. ladyrott

    S06.E05: Now

    Silly me! I thought the wall was cracking, not bleeding. If that IS blood, I want a reason why the wall is bleeding even more than I want a reason why two semi-intelligent adults would want to bring a baby into this World. I am putting out my prediction now....baby will be a boy and his name will be Herschel (or Herschel Glenn if it turns out Glenn is walker chow).
  5. ladyrott

    Girl Meets Other Roles

    I really enjoyed Rowan in "Invisible Sister". It was a change from her Riley Matthews role and I thought she did a great job. These Disney kids are often typecast in Disney movies. Invisible Sister gave Rowan a chance to show she could handle something besides Riley Matthews, oversized 5 year old.
  6. ladyrott

    S02.E23: Girl Meets The Forgiveness Project

    This episode was kind of heavy (like the Farkle/autism episode), but I did think it was well done. I agree with kalamac that there is nothing more annoying than when shows tie up parental issues in a nice little bow at the end of 30 minutes. This is a real issue in the real world being faced by a lot of kids. Maya's reaction was age appropriate and very realistic. Personally, I was glad to see her realize it wasn't anything she did that caused dear old dad to leave. That's the first step and maybe, when she is older, she will be able to forgive. Cory was right....she doesn't need to forgive dead beat dad right now, she just needs to forgive herself (or rather, realize there is nothing to forgive herself FOR because none of it was ever her fault to begin with). I don't have an issue with the Topanga/Katie friendship. It actually makes sense to me that they would get to be close, considering how close their daughters are. I actually think that makes more sense than this sudden super close friendship that they seem to have with the Minkus family. It seemed as though Cory hadn't seen Minkus in years when he showed up at career day and even at the beginning of the autism episode, it seemed like he was just finding out that Stuart had married the monster. But then "that's what friends are for" and all this closeness while they waited to find out Farkle's diagnosis? THAT made little sense to me. I understand why Farkle would have wanted to be with his besties at that time, but I would have thought his parents would have close friends that they would have wanted to share this stressful time with.
  7. ladyrott

    S02.E22: Girl Meets Texas: Part 3

    I feel bad for Charlie (poor guy is being used, rather blatantly at that), but loved when he piped up with that Riley ends up with Farkle comment. Also, serious love to Farkle for his description of how he feels when he looks at Smackle. It seems the genius is the only one who is accepting the fact that, as a young teenager, all this dating stuff just makes a kid feel weird and awkward and insane. LOL
  8. ladyrott

    S02.E21: Girl Meets Texas: Part 2

    Am I the only one who thinks it's pretty damn strange that the BFFs both got their first kiss with the same guy?! Don't know about anyone else, but even at that age, I would be bugged by that. I thought Zae totally rocked this episode. That is one young man with great comedic timing. Loved his "Yee Haw! Well that slipped out." and his excuse of everyone "making him" tell their secrets. He is a great addition to the cast and I hope they develop his character more in seasons to come. Farkle was also made of win in this episode. His newfound love of BBQ was great as was his supportive friend for Maya scene.
  9. ladyrott

    S02.E20: Girl Meets Texas: Part 1

    I got the feeling Riley was stepping back because she wanted Maya to have what Maya wanted (seriously tired of this "poor Maya has such a terrible life" crap). The way I see it, Riley and Lucas were uncomfortable when they tried to hold hands and became awkward when they went on a date because they are 14 years old not because they think of each other as brother/sister. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the 3 part Texas storyline, but I don't think Disney needs a love triangle on this show. The friendships between the core characters, the lessons on the difficulties that come with growing up....that's why I love this show (plus....you know....BMW fan). Oh and if I were Lucas, I would be pissed as hell that these two morons signed me up to ride a bull without asking me or having any concept of what a bull even looks like, much less what one can do to a 15 year old boy who hasn't attempted to ride anything since a sheep threw him 10 years ago.
  10. ladyrott

    S02.E19: Girl Meets Rah Rah

    Here's hoping this is better than the Halloween special.
  11. ladyrott

    S02.E18: Girl Meets World Of Terror 2

    Glad to see I wasn't the only one who was not enthralled with this episode. I usually watch GMW episodes multiple times before I delete them. This one I barely got through once. Ava was annoying enough (although I do love her calling Topanga "Toppy") but that Doy kid is even MORE annoying. The writers have finally stopped writing Auggie like he can barely talk (even though he was supposed to be 5 years old) and made him a better match for Ava (who granted IS an older woman based on the episode in which she was introduced) so they decide to introduce another annoying child who acts like he is about half the age he is portraying on the show? Why, writers? Why? A 5 or 6 year old who screams every time he sees an adult and who constantly mispronounces words is not adorable and not pleasurable to watch. I get that he is supposed to be terrified of Toppy because she won't mispronounce his name, but his behavior would be more suited to a 3 year old than a 5 or 6 year old. I DID love that cartoon Maya's head is full of little cartoon Rileys who all tell her what to do. I wish they had kept them as cartoons a little longer. That was the most enjoyable part of the episode to me. I am an Austin & Ally fan and even I felt like they were shoe horned in just so Disney could have the cross over. Why wouldn't Riley and Maya have been more excited to meet the famous Austin Moon? Or even the slightly less famous Ally Dawson? They obviously knew who they were, based on what they said to Ava when she was crawling all over Austin. Even if they weren't big fans of either of them, I would still think both girls (and Riley, especially) would geek out over meeting a teen heart throb (Austin/Ross Lynch IS a cutie).
  12. ladyrott

    S02.E17: Girl Meets Rileytown

    I feel like Riley is written as being a bit self-centered, at times, but, as others have pointed out, she is thirteen (or is it fourteen?) years old. At that age, everything is all about you and, by extension, your friends. As I dimly recall, everything is also life and death, end of the world, drama. I thought this episode had a really good lesson and I thought it was well put across. I agree fully with aslightjump that the shame is almost as bad, if not AS BAD, as the bullying itself. I thought Riley's saying she didn't want Maya to see her humiliated was very on the nose for how a young person would feel in that situation. As for Riley's wide eyed innocence, I find it annoying when they write it over the top (like her looking for a bird for 10 minutes with her mouth hanging open like a fish gasping for air) but I don't mind that she is a little bit naïve. She has lived a sheltered life, first being "protected" from things by her parent's and then by her friends, so is it really surprising that adversity kind of freaks her out? I wasn't a naïve kid, but I am an adult whose favorite shows are on the Disney Channel (and I spend more time than any sane adult should thinking about those shows and posting about them on boards like this one LOL) and I tell people, in all honesty, that I embrace the "whimsical side of life". I can easily imagine Riley growing up to be the kind of person that I am....preferring the simple fantasy land of Disney to the harsh reality of the nightly news. I do wish the writers would tone it down a little bit with her, though. There are times that I question how Riley manages to tie her shoes and get to school without being abducted by a predator in the mornings (Am I the only one who could totally see her getting into a stranger's van to go look for a lost puppy?).
  13. ladyrott

    Zay Babineaux: Meet The New Eric

    I enjoyed Zay in this weeks Rileytown episode. I like his snarky character and really enjoyed his take on coming through the window (rude!) while still being rude himself in helping himself to cereal on his way in. I would like to see his character develop a little more so he can become a real member the group. While they're at it, they could bring back the cute boy who asked Riley to the dance and let him turn into a real person too. :)
  14. ladyrott

    S02.E17: Girl Meets Rileytown

    I re-watched and am still not getting the idea that this was a cyber bully (meaning a nameless/faceless person). My take on it is that it is a girl from school who is bullying Riley using all forums available...in person, through text and through social media sites like FB. Although, as someone mentioned, I am not sure how any of this happened without Maya's knowledge as it seems they are always together. Even if it were JUST cyber bullying with no face to face interactions, how is it that Maya didn't notice her BFF getting upset every time her phone dinged at her? On this viewing there was one thing that really jumped out at me. Unquestionably, Maya should have stopped saying Rileytown when Riley asked her too, but one line really jumped out at me. When Riley asked Maya to stop saying it in the classroom, Maya's response was "I like Rileytown, I like you and I like saying whatever I want" (emphasis is mine). That one line makes Maya seem like the most inconsiderate friend in history. Her BFF is upset and Maya's response is essentially, "don't tell me what I can and can't say". That line, more than anything else in the episode, rubbed me the wrong way. It does their friendship a serious disservice, IMO. I also don't really think it should have taken Farkle pointing out that someone was bullying Riley. Riley outright called Maya a bully. How did Maya not pick up on this being the problem?
  15. Are these seasons getting shorter? I feel like the show just started and it's already over. :( I am a complete sap and always cry when the team is announced. This season was no different. I have no idea why I get so emotional about this stupid show. I wish they would another season where they go on the calendar shoot. And maybe a few games into the season? This show is my guilty pleasure and it's just over way too fast.