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    The Bold Type

    This was an ok opening episode. I'm glad to see them all back at the magazine, but found some developments a bit off-putting: Characters have to grate on each other, and plot and plan or there's no fun (I'm thinking of Younger which seems like a similar show to me in many ways), but the writers might be having trouble handling the friction with enough nuance; The guys seem less real to me than the women -- maybe they are written with fewer characteristics? Sutton's boss seamed real to me last year --where's he?; I suppose it's on purpose that boss Jacqueline seems to have little to do, but it makes me nervous because she's my favorite character; It genuinely touched me how Kat was, finally, allowed to just be sad, missing her ex, but agree she should not be pressed to expose her personal life to company social media -- yecch!
  2. albaniantv

    S08.E15: Finale Reunion

    Unless they do a lot of work behind the scenes, I found the professionals or the counselors or whatever their titles to be pretty useless. In a few cases where it seemed obvious that couples really needed some help, they were out to lunch, although the guys (including the host of the reunion show) were better than the women counselors at saying something useful and sharply to the point. In the reunion show, for example, consisting of a bunch of short scenes constantly interrupted for commercials, they needed to know how to communicate better, as they kept repeating all season to all the couples ad nauseum. The cases where i thought there were some serious flags up: Luke and Kate brought out the worst in each other and sank quickly to a sick dependence. The red flag was Luke asking her to lie about their sex life so that he could stay in control of all the information circulating. Everything went south from there with Kate too willing to believe his rejection was because she wasn't good enough and his delight in finding someone who believed his fiction. A decent counselor would have recognized this dynamic before it got so destructive. Jasmine's expectations or demands of a husband were frozen in a 1950's frame, yet I never heard her clarify what exactly she would do to merit someone paying all her bills. Who's your daddy? And I agree with above comments that Will did not seem aware of the difference between dating and an adult relationship, let alone marriage. Not sure he is "on the spectrum," but he did seem to have checked out and the counselors should have caught and derailed this mismatch before the wedding! Hoping those counselors make minimum wage or are paid in cheap champagne which seem to be flowing freely everywhere. (Insert giggling emoji)
  3. albaniantv

    S08.E13: Doomed or Devoted

    This episode did not do much for me -- they all seem a bit depressed. Like the air has slowly gone out of the balloons. Maybe because all the glitter stuff is over: wedding, honeymoon, sexercises, new apartment, organize party to meet friends, 1 month weekender, boys and girls nites out. A couple of you mentioned that all 8 have had trouble connecting with relationships and that's presumably why they agreed to Married at First Sight. So, we do know, I guess, that's a reason to keep hanging on to something that does not seem like a great relationship, or even a good relationship from our point of view. It could be that all 4 couples are actually experiencing the best adult relationship they have had so far. I would love to know if that's the case -- it would make me way less judgemental. Maybe the professionals will fill us in a bit on the backstories--God knows they haven't done much else this season. Ok -- they looked stern about Luke, but that was ages ago.
  4. albaniantv

    S08.E12: You Give Love A Bad Name

    Agree generally with this, including how little we actually know about Kate's drinking and how lacking in credibility Luke is about anything. But I have noticed that none of the professionals on the show and none of the other newlyweds seem to like Luke. Most either narrow their eyes and question him closely (the professionals), ignore him or take him on with challenging insults (AJ). Not sure about the newlyweds --can't tell if any of them have 1 to 1 time with Luke--but the professionals have presumably spent intensive time with all 8 and it's clear they are not liking this man. That tells me we are right to be suspicious of Luke; whether it's just that he has never had an adult relationship with anyone and so blames Kate for anything that she finds amiss, or whether something more pathological (he's mostly sexually dysfunctional or gay) is going on is not clear. The women seem to feel bad for or pity Kate, especially Jasmine, who might be feeling empathy. They have seen her in social drinking situations a few times. If they thought Kate's drinking made her unattractive, I think at least one of them would have said something??? So, again, we don't have a lot of information but the 3 women seem warm towards Kate and not judgemental --that says something positive to me about her personality.
  5. albaniantv

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    Yes, I agree they are both smothering and, at the same time, childish or maybe just too insecure to let their bosses know that sometimes they will be putting their spouses or families first. By insecure, I mean that in both cases their jobs are new and quite precious to them and they haven't yet been clear about where their work/home boundaries are. Not something to resolve or even rehearse on cell phones!!
  6. albaniantv

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    Toby is a comedian so of course he has to try out a line when he has the attention of the whole room. I thought it was clever, actually, mocking both Miguel and himself for their shared outsider status. Miguel, I think, took it as intended and the others weren't going to get any humor that day anyway, so why worry about them. Good job, writers! Hey, I loved the writers' sense of black humor --I mean, c'mon, a bottle in a bottle episode???!! I even ended up feeling sorry for Kevin who obviously did not intend to have his relapse in view of the entire Pearson clan. Also commend the writers for not giving us a dose of Kate until, all of a sudden, we really needed to see her as a mom. She was the only one who behaved for the episode, just rode out the waves until Jack arrived. She looked beatific in that last segment, i thought, so welcoming to that tiny little baby. I didn't mind the battling Pearsons -- it seemed pretty real to me that this family, with its long established pattern of withholding and dumping, withholding and lying or evading. would spend the hour sniping, avoiding, retreating and escaping. Loved this episode, but not sure i want to go through the realism of up, down, down, downer, up, ???? of a preemie with this group. Although i don't think the writers would kill Jack twice.
  7. albaniantv

    S06.E05: The Great Patriotic War

    Wow, we really are 5 episodes away from the end. Can't imagine not wondering about, worrying about the Americans. Still love this show and most of the characters, and glad to have spent the time with them. I say that because many shows I spent this many years with, looking back I did not feel so kindly about and actually wanted to reclaim the time spent. (Lost, I am thinking about you especially.) That said, I have one point to make that is tangential to plot, USSR-USA war and cold war history, FBI (and KGB and CIA) competence or incompetence and whether any of my favorite characters will survive the summit. Just because the several shows I have watched intently over the last several years also include Breaking Bad and Homeland, it's been hard to ignore that both adult and adolescent female characters seem to provoke anger and even hatred among quite a number of viewers. Here's an article I found interesting on this topic: https://www.thedailybeast.com/homeland-star-morgan-saylor-tvs-most-hated-character-talks-back I don't want to focus unduly on this, but I think the ire towards and hatred of Holly Taylor and her portrayal of Paige parallels the red-hot negativity towards Anna Gunn's presentation of Skylar White in Breaking Bad and Morgan Saylor's interpretation of Dana Brody in Homeland. In my view, Anna Gunn is a powerful and accomplished actress, while both Morgan Saylor and Holly Taylor are quite talented young women, hitting all their marks in these demanding roles. Somehow, though, they seem to provoke irrational and disproportionate reactions to their craft, even to their presence. Concerning The Americans, I read a discussion by the showrunners and producers recently where they were horrified by the number of viewers who had requested that Paige be killed! A commenter on this site recently expressed the wish that Phillip had knocked his daughter unconscious to show Paige she was overestimating her combat readiness. Because they love them, most fathers would not want to knock their daughters out, regardless of the intended lesson. The writers have been careful to differentiate the parenting approaches of Phillip and Elizabeth, but there seems to be love on all sides of the equations. Of course, I want the whole family --Henry and Paige and Phillip and Elizabeth-- to survive, even though every episode makes me less certain that any of them will.
  8. albaniantv

    S02.E08: The Luxury of Conscience

    Since there doesn't seem to be any historical information about Drummond being gay, and it seems he was actually shot before the vote on the Corn Laws, this looks like a case of inventing a gay "rise and demise" story just for drama and advancing the plot. Drummond's death led smoothly to: Peel's quiet exit stage left, a crack in the icy mien of the Duchesse of Buccleuch (sp) and a place for us and several of the characters to spill the tears readied for the fevered death of the young princess. So for the St. Valentine's episode, Cupid was stopped mid-flight at least twice (I am also counting the reappearance of the Rash), while the Angel of Death (thanks, Penge) seems sated for now.
  9. albaniantv

    S02.E12: Live in the All Along

    Nova did seem inflexible with Robert while they were together, but then back home, when Charley pointed out to her that the seeming conflict produced "good tv," she seemed to reconsider. So, I was not expecting Nova to completely finish the relationship off when he came to the Brown Sugar Festival just to find her. That was good tv! Also found Nova a bit less Know-it-All when she made Vi go back over the history of her father and mother's breakups so she could form her own opinions about Charley's mother. She's impassioned and can be harsh, but now we have seen her flexibility. I love this show!
  10. albaniantv

    Predictions for the FINAL Season

    In 2010 the Russian spies whose story seeded the Americans (pretty sure the writers have stated this more or less) were discovered and sent home to Russia. At the same time, there was an exchange for US spies living in Russia. This Wikipedia entry is regularly updated: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illegals_Program and details a variety of experiences of couples and a few with kids. I'm guessing that the Americans might end in a similar fashion because it would let the writers develop some bloodless and nonviolent outcomes, unlike the show itself, but in line with our affections for many of the key actors. I also predict that Henry gets to go to his boarding school and just basically miss out on the whole drama --he has been off in his own world for years, why upend him now. Agree with others that it would be creepy for him to copy Paige and run to Stan for protection -- I'm guessing he has made many observations since his crush on Stan's wife and his experiences breaking and entering others' houses. I think we have learned the background and contemporary realities about Philip's son and brother because they will make it possible emotionally for the family to move to Russia --I really don't want them dependent on Gabriel's limited social network and cooking skills. On the other hand, not everyone can get off scot-free --this is The Americans. So how about Stan, Renee and the FBI guys? And lonely Oleg? Are they going to be sacrificed? We know there have to be sacrifices beyond Tuan and Kimmy's folks who we don't care about. So, I envision Philip, Elizabeth and Paige somehow surviving a massive exposure and starting anew in Moscow or even St. Petersbourg, with the Center's help. Henry has agreed to visit but no one is sure when and the Center doesn't really want him in Russia anyway. Endnote: Oh and Martha won't let Gabriel near her little family unit, but somehow she is drawn to the brusque, soon to be retired Claudia, who wants to be a grandmother but whose neglected Russian family has turned their backs on her.
  11. albaniantv

    S05.E12: The World Council of Churches

    This season wasn't like any other season of the Americans, it did work its way subtly and without major payoffs but some of what I learned and am really hoping it will matter for next season: the Moscow situation was revealing of the system breakdown in both political beliefs and in the national food production and delivery system and gets us ready to move quickly to Gorbachov Oleg and his father and mother have been riven to the core by the brother/son's death, but they are all trying in their own ways to sustain the family as they recalculate what their lives mean similarly Philip and Elizabeth are enduring unwanted relationships and travel to help solve Russia's food crisis, even though each seem to have reached the end of their capacity to "suspend disbelief" our favorite FBI guys are overwhelmed by the possibility that this Russian "couple" are offering them intelligence - while Stan reminds the boss how closely their spiel matches their training about how to recognize Boris and Natasha Henry, my favorite character, has figured out what he wants for the next few years of his life and I for one, am hoping his parents and TPTB let him have it, somehow, yet to be defined! Philip's brother and son are now together -- looks suspiciously like a happy ending awaiting Philip when he comes home--I want to but can't believe that's going to be Philip's reality. One more episode to wrap up this season--
  12. albaniantv

    S05.E10: Darkroom

    Agree Paige has a lot of story line invested in her, which has made me increasingly nervous about how much she knows and how easily she could blow the show up at any minute. That Lady Macbeth cleaning in the middle of the night (out damned spot, out) routine is not a good sign. But it's too early for the show to explode, so looks like we are doomed to more and more wheat (is this a gluten free joke?) research, hazing of children, sad glimpses of silent Russians in yellow light, maybe lightened by a few more morbid flashbacks and scary est meetings. Will the Jennings book themselves a honeymoon? Will Paige find a spy boyfriend (remember all those interns Elizabeth used to train?) and forget about Pastor Tim and nighttime photo labs? I love that Henry is the only one who figured out his own exit ticket from SpyWorld-- hoping that works out. We'll need him safely stowed away, so when everything blows up, there's someone to answer questions. (Yes, officer, I was 6 when I looked out my window late at night and first saw my parents driving away in funny wigs and hats...)
  13. albaniantv

    S05.E08: Immersion

    This show appeals to viewers for an array of different reasons, something that the writers probably can't let themselves get distracted by. I love all the glimpses of Russia, Russians, the language, as well as the KGB and Rezidentura characters and angles. Always wish I knew what was real and which details about 1980's life in Soviet Russia are adapted for sake of plot or streamlining. I don't much like Gabriel but that doesn't stop me from wanting to attach a camera-bug to his collar so i can watch him adjust to life back home after so many years away.
  14. albaniantv

    S05.E08: Immersion

    Paige doesn't get off the couch or bed much since she ditched Matthew, and seems almost paralyzed with depression and fears. Reminds me of when the hormonal Dana Brody of Homeland also became depressed as she figured out her father was not who he pretended to be. Maybe the writers like the extra danger a teenager represents with uncertain loyalties, unknown emotional and behavioral limits and untested tolerance for stress and fears. It's definitely making me nervous...especially since I have moody teenagers in my life right now and would not want to have to depend on them to decompress in a safe way, keep my secrets or stay alive. What bothered me even more this episode though was that Elizabeth and Matthew were opposite in almost every issue or skill that came up. Summing up Gabriel, hard ass Elizabeth went all wobbly, admitting she would miss him and stating firmly he was a good person, while for the first time I could recall, Philip was misanthropic, stressing only the negative aspects of the man and doubting that they were more than an assignment to him. Usually the more skilled one with technology, Philip acted like he lost his nerve and know-how with the large camera Elizabeth grabbed and shot effortlessly undercover of the thicket near to the motel. Needing Elizabeth's suave suggestions to get back in the game after being dumped by a mark, Philip is suddenly as clumsy in faux affection as his wife is in the real thing. (That was a terrible sentence but I am in a rush to get somewhere, sorry.) Similarly, as Paige's depression deepens, Philip appears to recede from her. It's not just that he can't come up with any relevant stories (like from his past the way Elizabeth does, ever since she started talking about her own mother to Paige), he seems as horrified by Paige's outlined future as she does and can offer no alternative vision or distraction. We have not seen him buddy up to Henry since became an adolescent ( which may be why realistic Henry has consistently searched out Stan) but we have seen him try to engage or mollify or even distract Paige. But no more; Philip seems overcome by what they have done to their daughter. Somehow, Elizabeth does not seem to take any responsibility for Paige's situation (teenage secretkeeper and spy in training for a country and philosophy she has been raised to fear and loathe). This may change as the dangers loom larger (we are definitely inching up some magnum gauge roller coaster) but right now, Elizabeth seems oblivious to the dark future Philip sees and Gabriel glimpsed as he made his hurried exit from the (no longer safe ?) house.
  15. albaniantv

    Famous In Love

    After 4 episodes, FIA is holding my attention more than Riverdale, which I just dropped out of boredom. First few of Riverdale, way upriver from Manhattan, were fun but everyone is a diva or a lowlife. (Archie wears way more makeup than most of the girls and Jughead whines about everything. The parents rehash drama from 25 years ago and the high school kids all wish they were on Glee.) On FIA, set in LA, everyone is a diva and wants to be in, produce,do the music for or direct a movie. Not sure if it's better for the dynamics of a show to be based on an old comic strip or a new book, but for me FIA has more going for it in diversity, intrigue and dialogue. Interestingly, both shows involve some of the parents of the main characters, perhaps as a reference point for evolution of mores, styles, beliefs etc.
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    S05.E06: Crossbreed

    I wish I felt as confident that Oleg is okay and did not commit suicide. Why go to a roof to burn something if not to then jump off? I want to believe he had to go to the roof because no one would be there to observe him burning the tape and map, but it just seems so extreme. Wheat Guy seems a lot like Paige's Pastor to me -- big, blondish strongmen who specialize in using their words and their inside voices. Wheat Guy is more coltish, could have been a dancer, but he has that same "let me tell you how to save the world, little girl" approach as the Pastor. Can't wait to find out who the park statue is... thought maybe Tolstoy because I was looking for a paragon of virtue, a parallel to Lincoln. But a Tolstoy statue would probably be more prominent than that one? What a relief to see Henry is still willing to hang out with Stan and talk food and women. The writers probably had a lot of fun working on that mundane little scene showing us how all American boy the math wizard is.
  17. albaniantv

    S06.E12: America First

    Painful finale. I knew it was time for Quinn to go --he was so unhappy in his current state--but still, it made my heart hurt when he took those bullets for Carrie and the President Elect. Agree with those who noted it's unlikely she would have had such a small circle of protectors, but at same time, I love that Quinn got to go out as a hero. Loved when Carrie discovered her photo in the collection stored in Great Expectations (thanks Gansa) she did not pretend to be surprised that she meant so much to Quinn--good writing, there. It would have been much easier to make her act out ignorance. Next year maybe we will find out something about that boy in his photos, most likely his son. I was very amused by some stuff, but not sure how it was meant: --Keane, who might originally have been written as a sort-of-Hillary-like -President, ends the season by "Locking them Up," all those folks in the govt and congress who might have had a hand in her assassination attempt; --General Jamie McClendon, weirdo conspiracy theorist, sure does look a lot like Michael Flynn, Trumpy's most recently fired conspiracy theorist; --When Dar Adal handcuffed a chubby senator in an ice room, I kept thinking about ICE and, can't help it, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz or Corpus, no Chris Christie (but this is no doubt my own affliction) Finally, I don't like Keane much but it is so hackneyed to think of her as a Manchurian Candidate. Hope it is more interesting than that next season...
  18. albaniantv

    S01.E15: One Hundred Days

    This was my last episode. But I came on here to see what everyone else liked and disliked. Though a liberal, found myself agreeing more with the conservative comments. For example, I don't come to a show about terrorism, espionage and politics to find out about gender pay-gaps, please!!! For me, the acting on this show is fine but the writing is mostly cliches and soapy stuff. The plots are not well developed, not enough depth or follow-through. Yet, the camera is always too long on a face, especially the principals, perhaps trying to grind or tease out from their reactions some information or innuendo that is not on the page. Especially poor Kiefer, whose every eyelash is scrutinized by the camera for possible evidence of how well he means to do good...Same with the wife whose expressions range from "earnest but intelligent" to "hurt like a doe but leaving now" to "doe-like but smarter than you think."
  19. albaniantv

    S05.E05: Lotus 1-2-3

    That's exactly what I said. I also thought it was interesting that Oleg clearly wants an intellectual equal based on the fact that he called them silly. Genetics are strange. My mother refers to it as genetic roulette. Parents don't always look like thier kids. I love Oleg too and not only do I want him to survive and be happy, I want him to team up with Stan again. They worked well together. Claudia is an older version of Elizabeth (ideologically driven), and Gabriel is an older version of Philip (concerned about people). Philip's memories have to been leading to something. There has to be some sort of payoff to these odd fragments that keep popping up at odd moments. Question: I don't understand the threat Olg's supervisor made to the store manager. Was the idea that if the man co-operated, his son would return from Afghanistan/be reassigned to another post or was it that he had a realitivy easy position in Afghanistan (Saigon soldier working in an office in Vietnam) and they would have him transferred to the front/a more difficult position. Sarah 103--love what you said here about Claudia/Elizabeth and Gabriel/Philip parallels. I should have seen that but didn't. It also gives me hope that Gabriel will find a way to evade Claudia's collaboration with Center to get Mischa out of their hair (kill him? remove him to Moscow?) and instead create an opportunity for Philip to meet this son. I believe this is a distinct possibility because why would they bring these 2 lions back together just to obstruct Mischa--seems like overkill. But, they would bring them back together for a showdown.
  20. albaniantv

    S06.E08: What Will We Do This Time About Adam?

    When Adam asked what Hannah's plans for the rest of the night were, I figured he had checked out of the Get Back Together fantasy, but then was surprised to see her looking like she was a half beat ahead of him. Thinking back though, it makes sense that after the phone call with biodad was so brutal of a letdown, like a massive disregard, she would have her guard up about what she could count on from the men in her life. I'm guessing the ones who show up for pregnancy and birth support will be Elijah for sure and Dill, if he sticks around. All this year and up until this scene, I did think Adam and Hannah would get back together. Not because I think they seem good for each other but because all Hannah's boyfriends were so boring. Adam's Broadway angst seems so New York, not like those inept teachers and surfers. I'm sure I have forgot a few. And Jessa didn't seem to fit with Adam at all, except for energetic apartment smashing sex.
  21. albaniantv

    S01.E06: Burning Love

    That apartment looking over the ocean didn't look dingy to me. I'm packing now and taking all my windex with me. And the shrink. With that shrink and that view, I just know all my problems would be resolved. Didn't know there was a book--or that next week is the last episode. Somehow I thought there were two left, damn. Speaking of two, I have assumed without any evidence, that one or both of the twins have been bruising and biting little girls, copying the way they've seen their dad treat their mom. Maybe it seems too textbook but we haven't been given any other clues that I noticed. Most of the songs are familiar to me musically, but I'm no good at recalling lyrics. So I just turn on my captions and read away, often surprised to see what the actual words to a song are.(Compared to what I swear I heard...) This has been a great ride and so much grittier than I expected, not ready for it to end.
  22. albaniantv

    S01.E07: Frog-Bikini-Eiffel Tower

    When the trio told Max they wanted their money back in exchange for not ratting the enterprise out, they were essentially acknowledging the larger scam, that it is illegal and that they are now participating, even if it is in a limited way. The FBI, as those lawyers indicated, could, if they wanted, treat the trio's behavior as criminal (maybe aiding and abetting?? maybe blackmail?) since they have come face to face with FBI staff and reported nothing. Maybe the FBI will just threaten the trio to get maximum information about Maddy and Max, but in any case, every day none of the trio comes clean, they get dirtier!
  23. albaniantv

    S05.E02: Pests

    The gym lady chilled me a bit too, but agree with those who questioned the sense of piling all that KGB staff on Stan. Then I thought maybe the FBI hired her to see what Stan's real attachment to Oleg is, since that seems to mystify Stan's bosses. But that's expensive and complicated. It's simpler if she is just interested in Stan, falls for him and attracts the attention of ----Henry! Remember how Henry developed such a thing for Stan's wife, has a picture of her in some secret box somewhere. Didn't he also break into their house once to watch tv--I can barely remember, but it was intense. So how about if adolescence falls heavily on dear Henry and he develops a case on Stan's new girlfriend. Philip and Elizabeth and Paige intervene and direct him elsewhere and just like that other kid of illegals, he explode and murders them? That of course would be the end. No, it doesn't sound like our writers. But, I'm watching Henry as closely as possible...definitely some reason this kid has been given no story for so long. We have to still be in 1984 because Chernenko's picture was on the wall tonight. Next up, Gorbachev in early 85 when Chernenko dies in office, just like his short lived predecessor, a KGB spook called Andropov. Too tired to google but am pretty sure it was Stalin who would not let USSR or EE satellites get aid through our Marshall Plan. Hence all that concrete bloc architecture.
  24. albaniantv

    S01.E06: The Maddie Code

    Me too on the must see, Christina. Except I am even worse: first I cry through This is Us, then sit frozen forward the whole way through those tense episodes of The Americans and finally, finally, get to laugh with The Imposters. I am confident there has to be some superior masterplan to keep this thing going. I just don't see Uma Thurman showing up to threaten Maddie that she will stay until everything has worked out to the Doctor's satisfaction if there weren't some cool scenes ahead for her. Why would she visit this slightly noir caper unless her part is stellar? That's what I am hanging my hopes on, Uma's good taste, and also I want to see her dance with any one of the Imposters. Maybe at a diner.
  25. albaniantv

    S01.E05: Is a Shark Good or Bad?

    Getting obsessed too--got two of my siblings and today my hairdresser to watch so far. So happy Jules figured out ahead of time that all 3 of them were still super susceptible to Maddie's charms and needed to have a plan. Or code as they call it; whatever they call it we know they will fail to observe it. Which will be half the fun. Patrick may not be who he seems but he has a gentleness none of the others do, so hope he doesn't end up dead. Not even a little dead.