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  1. I am enjoying Rage!John when he speaks the truth, like "Why TF is my wife helping that psycho after what he did to Will?" Obviously it went off the rails when he started in on Steve doing stuff while he was Stevano, but there was some fun there at the start. I don't believe I'm alone in wanting to throw things at the TV when Ben starting his pity party about how he huuuuuurts. I actually snarled "So do the families of the people you killed, dumbass."
  2. Let's not forget that Nick was "killed" the first time by Gabi because she was trying to defend herself against his rape attempt. I am in no way sorry he was officially killed off.
  3. This also applies to every single thing the Salem PD does. I'm sure RandomExtra#4 even has some kind of personal tie to all the criminal element of Salem.
  4. You'd think Sami, with multiple children - who live overseas from most of their family - would know the regulations regarding passports.
  5. Whoever called Eric leaving for Africa as his exit was right! Just remains to be seen why he goes alone. Any word on when Ciara returns? I'm just wondering so I can have my ear plugs ready for the endless moaning and screaming "CIIIIAAAARAAA!"
  6. I was speaking to the hypocrisy of Lani, rather than a direct comparison of Gabi and Kristin - both who have done awful things. IMO though, Nick is not missed.
  7. Lani forgives (or forgets) all of Kristen's sins, but Gabi? Well she's the devil herself don'tcha know! Lani barely does police work in general, so maybe she doesn't understand that what Eli is doing is... police work.
  8. Right? It's idiotic even by Salem standards. And how did they find her rings in there, but they weren't burned? At least throw in "we found some hair" or something.
  9. Good God. They should have provided anti-nauseous meds before today's episode. Those never-ending CIN fantasies are ridiculous. And they have the same fantasy! Both of them named their baby Bo! I did howl with laughter though when Ben was caressing his pillow like it was one of Ciara's heaving bosoms. Hope is convinced that Ciara is dead because the fire chief said "there was nothing to see". Like, he literally meant "nothing to see". (Enter scene from Clue: Who's in there? Nobody. I mean no Body. Mr. Body's body! It's gone!")
  10. I haven't surveyed every woman in the western world, but I'm pretty sure 99% of us are aware that tampons come in multiple absorbency. The surprise! of the women in the washroom that they can change which tampon they use! is so insulting.
  11. Well the 5 seconds Brady grew some balls and told Kristen he has never made her shun her family, despite their past actions, was great. Unfortunately it did only last 5 seconds. I am finding it harder and harder to be a Sami fan. I don't agree with the sainting of Nicole, but Hurricane Sami needs to chill. Yes she's always done impulsive things with little thought to others, but it's out of character even for her to spring Jan Spears onto society, especially after the recent actions of Jan to her little sister.
  12. Their maternity ward is literally in the nurses station. (And magically appears and disappears as needed!) It's doubtful they have access to air ambulance. 😉
  13. Can Vincent inject Ben with some kind of drug that shuts him up? If I never have to hear him screech "CIIIAAAAAARAAAAAAAA!" again... In the absence of Vincent, Sarah can do it. Although I am deeply concerned about the lack of professionalism of the Salem U Hospital doctors who choose to make out like teenagers in the lobby. (Also Salem U Hospital has an ER? Is it next to the 1-bed maternity ward?) I am really enjoying MM as Abigail. She brings a good snark to her line delivery.
  14. Sweet Jesus, Ciara. For all your "knowing what to do because my parents were/are cops", you sure took a long time to catch on to the idea that pretending to be Wendy was going to go better for you at that moment. So if Gwen is this criminal mastermind who drugs Abigail, then why did she run away to Bayview to hide from her boyfriend when she stole the book from the mob? And as it's been noted - how exactly did she drug her when she was supposed to be in Bayview at the time.
  15. At least if Lani is busy babysitting, she might stop running to the hospital/Sarah each time the babies kick. Gwen's overacting today was more obvious than usual. Hey, I'm watching a soap so I get there will be massive amounts of dysfunction in relationships, but the Gwen/Jake dynamic is just pathetic. He broke up with you, move on and stop begging for him to come back.
  16. Ciara can continue to caress necks as her go-to romantic move, and Vincent can purr that she "learned well from her previous love".
  17. It's been mentioned previously that the difference is that NZ's boat was faulty and therefore they were given a replacement boat. Earlier in the race, the teams had perfectly working boats, but the choice was up to them as to whether or not they wished to continue or receive assistance due to the incoming storm.
  18. I'm pretty sure "two months ago" was referenced in today's episode.
  19. Yes Jack has spent a lot of time off screen. But during some of this time, we are to understand he had no organs. Now I'm not a scientist, but I do believe it's hard to procreate when one is technically dead and organless. (Yeah, Dr. Rolf, Salem, yada yada...) Even though he's lately had the warmth of a cold winter's night, I am here for a battle over Chad between Gwen and Princess Abs.
  20. I want an entire spin off of Lucas making side comments. "Am I psychic?" was gold. Also kudos to Belle for the slap. Yes, slaps are a dime a dozen in Salem, but that one was well deserved. Team Vincent.
  21. Phil: What is your story to share with the world? Myles: I'm learning to be a better person for my family. Danny: Never judge a book by its cover. Murph: Did you know I was a marine? That last competition was a marathon, and unfortunately Danny sprinted out of the gate. I was hoping for at least 1 woman to be involved - Linda was great in the wood chopping!
  22. I had to turn off today's absolute dreck of an episode. The first Ciara dream was ridiculous - but I was feeling nauseous by the third. And now let's have Claire prop up the serial killer! (Excuse me, totally changed, reformed serial killer.) Did Sami take lessons from Ciara on smugness? I have always enjoyed Sami as a character, but this ridiculous story line is working my last nerve.
  23. I read this and looked up at the photo and for a moment or two, thought the flower pot behind her head was part of her hairstyle... 😆 I'm still on the fence about who drugged Abigail, but I'm not ruling out Chad just yet. Even when asked about her lately he's so passive about it. (That could just be his apathetic acting style, rather than a specific clue to the future.)
  24. So Gabi puts on a bra to have sex. She very obviously was not wearing that push up in her crop top. 🤣 Yes Hope, screaming at a person you know has been brainwashed and is clearly confused about what is happening is going to make him provide you with clear answers. Also, shut up both Sami and Nicole and this whole stupid endless baby story line.
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