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  1. It was so exciting to see that an episode of Southern Charm was filmed in out little 'one stoplight' town! We had a little watch party to enjoy the local bits, but most of the mountain parts of this episode were in Asheville. Guess we'll have to have another party next week, when the drama on the porch continues. Still, it was lovely to see that all of the things we enjoy about this area were there for all to see---the mountain vistas from the porch, the sunsets, and the great mountain peace. Too bad it will all be shattered by this lovely manufactured "Whitney and Kathryn drama"...
  2. I know this has been noted earlier, but I have to say that the ONLY thing I enjoyed about this episode was its locations: Mankato for Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Lowell for Kerouac. If your going to write horribly, at least do it with a nod to the great writing of others.
  3. I was coming on the site to comment on the horrible costuming, but I see folks have beaten me to it. After looking forward to the Season 2 premiere, I was dismayed to find that the costuming took me out of the program so much that I could not enjoy it. In many scenes, it appeared that they had taken some care with the costumes of the leads, but other characters were dressed as if someone had gone thrift shopping. In the scene in which the three sisters were descending the stairs---the BIG moment---Elizabeth was wearing a dress from the time period. Julie was clothed in a prom dress from th
  4. OK...on third, fourth, and fifth look at next week's promo, I stand corrected----on Youtube it doesn't look as much like Henry in a wig as it did when I saw it last night on the TV screen. I stand corrected--I'm going to go check my glasses now.
  5. Did anyone else get creeped-out by seeing the upcoming scenes for next week? They have Henry in a wig playing Dorothy---I had to replay it several times to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.
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