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  1. earlier this year: You may have glossed over it what with the riveting tools-from-the-restaurant-are-stolen storyline.
  2. I very much enjoyed him shaking his head behind Catherine's back - looking out for his buddy like good bro code dictates. :-)
  3. betsyboo

    NCIS In The Media

    I apologize if these were already posted, but I didn't see them above. May 29, Fox News: 'NCIS' actress Pauley Perrette threatens the media: 'I will have you arrested' June 1, Radar Online: Peace Restored! ‘NCIS’ Set ‘Relaxed’ After Pauley Perrette’s Departure June 2, Celebrity Insider: Pauley Perrette Is Doing ‘Great’ After Leaving ‘NCIS’ Over Mark Harmon Feud Claims Her Dad June 6, Twitter: June 6, popculture.tv: Pauley Perrette Appears to Call out Report About ‘NCIS’ Set Relieved by Her Departure
  4. If y'all haven't seen it - Live From Lincoln Center featured Stephanie J. Block last month (with bonus Seb!) and it was DIVINE.
  5. i loved all of it. every last earnest preaching too-emotional minute of it. I wish they had spent a couple more seconds with the kids watching Dalton explain what had happened, and them realizing what their parents had been thinking for those 20 minutes. The convo b/w Conrad and Russell: "Do I call Carol? ....?" "What's the point?" GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH <allsob> I want to know more about SecDef's history - do we know if/when he served and rank? (I feel like we must, but that I haven't been paying attention.) Fascinating that all of the people the Pres needed to make his decision were with him, except Bess. So he can just notify the Joint Chiefs and not ask for input? I liked the first guy Daisy met. More of him, please! Waffles FTW! Matt annoys me.
  6. I was all excited that they finally CONFIRMED his age! and wow, y'all are right - where's the mandatory retirement??? Federal agents are subject to mandatory retirement at age 57. I mean, I can go along with a hand-wave - but let's at least address it!!!
  7. SECOND. It was AWFUL. I think he was at Walter Reed. Agreed. I don't think he's ever said it out loud, not even to Jenny.
  8. I *was shipping Hidoko and Sam, but now I want to see him and Marsha T on my screen foreverandeveramen. I felt like they made the leap to the counterfeiter pretty quickly at the first shootout in the parking lot. For all Duchamps knew, Callen and Sam were followed and that outed her as an NCIS stooge, either agent or CI. Because that's what I thought when that truck pulled in. Am sad we didn't see Sam "take care of it himself" for the brother.
  9. betsyboo

    NCIS In The Media

    Well, this is letting me hold on by my fingernails to my belief that MH wasn't a COMPLETE ass. If the article is somewhat true, at least, and he was trying his best to make it safe for everyone, that I can buy. (Although, what are the laws in California re: dog bite? I think in New York the dog would be euthanized after a bite that resulted in stitches. unless the crew member was provoking it or something, which i doubt. Again - only think in NY - don't know law.) Oh Pauley. Just keep your mouth shut. I'm with @slothgirl - they are going to HAVE to address it now. Now regular TV media will be asking about it at the upfronts - TVLine, TVInsider, etc.
  10. EW recap: Okay, time for a bit of conspiracy talk: Abby’s farewell episode relied heavily on the past closeness between Gibbs and Abby, and the flashbacks did the bulk of the emotional heavy lifting between these two characters. This starkly highlighted the fact that these two didn’t share a single in-person scene this season until tonight — and let’s be honest, tonight’s scenes could easily have been filmed separately since the pair never exchanged dialogue or even appeared together in the same shot. It was a tiny sour note in an otherwise lovely goodbye. TV Insider: Question: Is the rumor true about Pauley Perrette leaving because of Mark Harmon's dog? It would explain them not being in any scenes together all season and that weak finale between them. — Leo Matt Roush: I had to look this one up, and even if there were any truth to this story, it wouldn’t explain why they couldn’t rise above and do their job—which is creating the fiction, satisfying to millions of fans, that Gibbs and Abby had a singular father-daughter type bond within the team. The final wave from across the street was so inauthentic it would be laughable if it were actually funny.
  11. all of this. thank you for saving me the time of having to type it myself!! :-)
  12. I see both your points. And I def agree @Ohmo that the blocking screamed “AWKWARD!” But IMO while Abby def became his surrogate daughter and she treated him like a father - I could still see her chickening out of having to tell “dad” she was leaving. I was in a somewhat similar situation (note—not *nearly as long, or *nearly as close in terms of a relationship) and I was scared to death to tell my mentor that I was up and moving and completely changing professions. Oh well. YMMV. I guess it doesn’t matter if any of us believed it since we know there is a reason they didn’t shoot the scene together.
  13. Loved that, too - seemed in character for both of them. I actually wondered if they would shoehorn in a MW visit to boost the Bull finale. Me, too X 2. AND - wasn't she still dating the park ranger? Whose name I forgot? What about the nuns??? Agreed. I'm surprised we didn't see Delilah at the hospital, but two infants make that reasonable. Agreed. As I watched this ep and her badass hardcore takedown of King, I actually said out loud to my empty living room: "Well where has that Abby been for 15 years?!?!" I rewound the list of agents twice and was PEEVED they left off Paula. Then I heard her say "hero-friends" and thought - oh maybe Abby meant friends that died in the actual line of duty. THEN i remembered, NO, Paula DID blow up in the line of duty. Then I got mad all over again. -------------------- I apologize for all the quote-posts. I could have probably quoted each of you for I agreed with something from everyone. I couldn't even comment until this morning from the rage-induced blackout I suffered at 9:01. I didn't get taken out of the story with the lack of Gibbs/Abs until the very end. It seemed likely to me that he would be out rounding up the shooter in rage. And then in the lab - he would have never done a big group hug. (I admit to full-on crying here.) I *do believe that Abby the character would be so wracked with survivor's guilt that she would give up everything to do what Reeves couldn't. If I hadn't known that there was this ridic fued for whatever reason AND hadn't noticed they hadn't been in any scenes together all year, I would have completely bought that ending. Abby bugging out via note is completely believable to me and in character. Knowing the reason (or, that there IS a reason of some sort) made it all kinds of shady. I mean. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER PEOPLE. #45 - Clean up your own fucking messes!! Here's what I want to know: With the understanding/caveat that yes, they're actors ... How hard was it for PP/MH to shoot those scenes alone?? How does MH emote while reading the letter (without his glasses)? How does PP look all sad and respectful across the street. HOW does MH fake-sign an 'I love you' to a soundstage about a woman he currently is not speaking to (or at least amicable with)????? And HOW uncomfortable must this set have been these last few weeks? Mother fudge. It makes me angry. and sad. And i didn't even like Abby! Did anyone else notice that Gibbs had maybe 15 lines the total episode?? What did Torres say after Gibbs looked him the eyes to see if he needed sleep. I couldn't catch it.
  14. agreed. And I noticed a lot of conversation happened downstairs at the desks instead of ops or Mosely's office. That little blonde pixie can never come back as far as I'm concerned. I'm with Sam - I'd rather have Arkady! Loved the military funeral, although I don't know why Hetty got the flag. And then didn't have it when they left the cemetery.
  15. I will be bummed if she dies. I don't like Abby, and frankly she ranks low on the list of characters I care about; HOWEVER she has been there 15 years and I would rather that she CHOOSES to leave, and gets to say proper goodbyes.
  16. ME TOO! And then I spent an inordinate amount of time wondering why she was putting on (ROLL-ON!) deodorant when she hadn't showered yet! Or did she shower and put her pajamas back on!?!?! I LEGIT laughed out loud at "Did you know <orcas> sleep with only hemisphere of their brain at a time? Such inquisitive creatures..." SNORT. I tweeted the actor (@fjue) and his reply was "Thank you so much for reminding me about that line!" His delivery was genius. agreed- but I attribute a lot of it to being 16 and a dumb boy. I think it's a realistic response from someone that age, even if we don't like it. Also genius? Sebastian's facial expressions during Piper-interruptus. First, the security wave-off behind the door --"all good-don't go in there" and then the big eyes/puffed-out-cheeks/heaved sigh of "Kids! Amirite?!" as MS exited with a flustered OMG! HAHAHAH I heart Blake.
  17. agreed. Also agreed. I loved the side eye at Tim which basically screamed "HELLOIWANTTOBEALONEHEREEEEEEEEEEE" i did NOT like the closing photo shot on Bishop making a face at Torres/Annie. BOOOOOOOOOO. And I took Torres asking about her night about strictly because he was mad the guy didn't call him like they previously agreed. I didn't necessarily think he was jealous. (Perhaps i'm so against them, that i can't bear for BOTH of them to be pining away...)
  18. Second. My heart broke with "I don't need you to pick up carpool, but I *do need my girlfriend to trust me." YES! This! Also this! I think ... Jane knows? Jane knows that Rose is the one with all the answers about his parents. And that Rose offered to trade those answers for Luisa's location. yes? Do i remember that correctly? ETA: Random Q, but clearly I have a lot of time on my hands... Do we know what kind of birth control Raf/Jane are using? Has it been discussed? As in, I would hope/expect that Jane would INSIST on making Raf get tested before they went condom-less.
  19. betsyboo

    NCIS In The Media

    TVLine article re: renewal: NCIS Renewed for Season 16 as Star Mark Harmon Signs New Deal
  20. I full-on busted out laughing at Nick leaning in with the razor AND at him doing Ruth's hair: "Now Daddy is gonna do his job, because these braids are straight-up dock ropes."
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