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  1. Holy banana balls, that Mormon guy is giving off such a gay vibe. He's obviously not attracted to Ami but I don't think he's attracted to any women. Granted, he managed to impregnate his wife a few times but I'm guessing his heart wasn't in it...
  2. As I recall, way back in season 1, episode 1, the show had been supposed to be about a bunch of single thirty-somethings and Valerie was supposed to be one of the roommates, but then the network decided to go sexy young thing and changed Valerie's role to the Aunt Sassy character. So I don't think Paulie would've hated her that much if she'd been part of the original plan. And it's also hard to believe anybody, even Paulie G., could imagine Room and Bored as a work of creative genius. I think he was just an asshole.
  3. I sound like my mother and I'm hating myself a little for that but could she just get her hair out of her face? She'd be so much prettier if she pulled it back..
  4. I couldn't disagree more. I can't stand her because she always says "Showtime" when the intervention target is about to walk into the room and it seems to me that she's just loving being part of a reality drama, or like it''s the start of a game. She likes the Candy Show. It just doesn't seem like a very professional attitude.
  5. LOL That's the way they're editing it and to me it's part of what makes it so funny to me. They've given up all pretense of this being a show that's seriously about finding love. If it happens, great, but Chris H and company are just having fun with the whole thing.
  6. Yes! I've been thinking he looks like Peter Brady since day one.
  7. Does anybody know when the (most shocking ever) finale will air? I can't find it on the show's web site.
  8. I don't either, and I think Marquel is adorable and I'd pick him, but I don't think he said blackies. Nobody says that. I think he said "black guys." Not that I admire that comment either, but I think it's so weird that nobody even questioned that.
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