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  1. Julie23

    S10.E12: The Doctor Falls

    I wasn't a big fan of Peter Capaldi's Doctor, until this season. I don't know if it was the writing, or the companions, but I so loved Nardol and Bill, they made this season, in my opinion. Well and Missy/Master was terrific. I have always had a love/hate thing for John Simms Master, and he did not disappoint. This was by far the best episode of the entire 12th doctor reign, although we sadly lost everyone at the end.
  2. Julie23

    S02.E12: Pangaea / S02.E13 Clementine

    Who knew you could just put a piece of cloth over your mouth and poison gas has no effect! Who knew that Mitch, Jamie and Logan could somehow make it to this supposedly secret island without a plane, train or automobile, as far as I could tell, they just teleported themselves there. Maybe THAT is how they have been going from country to country in minutes! Who knew Billy Burke wanted off this train wreck of a show so bad he was willing to get eaten by the University of Arkansas mascot. Weird ending and no reasoning as to why this group would want to wipe out mankind. Who knew this show would actually get renewed?? Without Chloe or Mitch, this really won't be worth watching.
  3. Julie23

    S02.E11: The Contingency

    Who knew badger spit could be used as a pregnancy test? and somehow "The Great and Powerful Oz" (best Mitch-ism of the episode) knew that. ...and what does that mean for the University of Wisconsin mascot? Who knew that all you had to do to avoid your plane falling out of the air when you employ an EMP was turning off the lights?? Weren't the engines still on? Who knew gorilla's were bullet-proof?
  4. Julie23


    I love this show. I admit I initially started watching it because I'm a bit of a Luke Wilson fan girl, but over the course of a short 10 episodes, I grew to love this crew as much as Reg did, and want to see more of them. I hope there is another season.
  5. Julie23

    S02.E10: The Yellow Brick Road

    Who knew you could use parakeets as GPS devices? Zoo knew! OK, Sorry, but that was just so ridiculous, it doesn't even qualify for "Who Knew". Also, who knew you could tell if someone was lying by holding hands. Awww. Hand-holding is going to become obsolete all over the world as partners are afraid their significant other may be able to tell they are lying! Who knew a single man wanted for attacking a hospital could somehow get out of the country and get right up to the doors of Big Bad Corporate Army Headquarters before anyone noticed? Where is the BBCAH anyway? I go the impression Oz Sr was not in the U.S. Who knows with this show. I think they must all have a TARDIS.
  6. Julie23

    S02.E09: Sins of the Father

    Who knew that a stampede of mildly annoyed horses could keep up with a motorcycle? But when the cycle stalls, they could not out run the runner? Zoo Knew. Who knew that after getting stabbed by a mutated human's grossly long fingernails, you could go tire punching without seemingly any side effects from said stabbing? Wasn't there blood all over Abe's shirt outside, but not when they got back to the plane? I thought the first thing he would need is medical treatment. Who knew Mitch's father would be more annoying and snarky that Mitch! And did he almost hit on Jamie? Wow. What a DB.
  7. Julie23

    S2E08: Zero Sum

    I really hope he did. That would be awesome. My new game, Who knew? Zoo knew! Who knew you could stand on the back lift gate of a plane at so many thousand feet and not only not get sucked out of the plane, but you can actually have a conversation! Who knew? Zoo knew! Who knew that you could fly from Florida to Botswana in just an hour or so. Who knew? Zoo knew! Who knew that you can not show any flight attendants or crew other than one pilot, yet somehow fly all over the world and all your messes get cleaned up? Who knew? Zoo (and Mitch) knew! Who knew you could start a heart with electric ants? Who knew that a earthquake causing sloth could cause quakes above the earth? In an airplane. How does that even work? Who knew?
  8. Julie23

    S02.E07: Jamie's Got A Gun

    Loud bugs and a couple of panthers. Yawn. Oh, and that bear from France showed up, only in time to roar menacingly and get shot with a tranq dart. ha! That poor guy just can't win. I did like "I don't give a crap if you want a break" Mitch, but the flashbacks were really not interesting. I was really hoping for some mutant animals, not boring ordinary animals.
  9. Julie23

    S02.E10: Bedtime Story

    What the hell was that?? No Abbie revolution, no named characters left behind (except mom/wife), nice neat bow on a pile of crap.
  10. Julie23

    S02.E06: Sex, Lies And Jellyfish

    Spiders! Why did it have to be spiders? Hurricane inducing jelly fish! hahahahahahaha! I would love to get a glimpse into that hat the writers are using. Rejected ideas for this episode: Tornado creating Bison, Canadian Geese that make hail, Electric eels that can come out of the ocean and create lightning....and zebras that create killer dust storms!
  11. Julie23

    S02.E09: Walcott Prep

    Sometimes we get sucked into watching a show that started off pretty good, then went downhill fast, but we (or I) feel compelled to watch to see how it ends. And sometimes, it's more fun to post about the show than it is to actually watch the show. :-)
  12. Julie23

    S02.E09: Walcott Prep

    I can't believe the show went there. No, I take that back, I DO believe they went there, because this an awful show, so why not throw incest in there too? Ugh. One more episode then hopefully this show is done forever! Abbies rule!
  13. Julie23

    S02.E05: The Moon and the Star

    Didn't think they would kill off Chloe, but at least that actor is FREE from this particular circus Like seeing "Myka", but Holy Retcon Batman! Glass shedding snakes and nothing special polar bears. Come on show, you aren't even trying anymore! I was really hoping that roaring was coming from killer zebras in Canada. Now that would be a twist!
  14. Julie23

    S02.E04: The Walls Of Jericho

    Just when I thought it could not get any better than killer beavers, the killer sloths arrive. Honestly are they just pulling animals out of a hat now? Because sloths just don't give a crap. They eat, sleep and procreate. That's pretty much it.
  15. Julie23

    S02.E08: Pass Judgment

    This episode was... kinda good? Have I lowered my standards that much? Still hate Jason and don't really care about the Xander-Rebecca-Theo draaaama, but Margaret's escape and the ineptitude of the boy-army was kind of fun.