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  1. Why is Pastor Cal scary?!? I don't see him that why at all.
  2. Stephanie would have tested many guys patience with her slow speech patterns as she was endlessly, tediously seeking out the perfect sports bars just so she could keep watching the game. Just pick somewhere and go now considering she cannot cook at all and that's the only way they will eat unless he does all the cooking himself. Drove me crazy watching it.
  3. When Jasmine and Will were laying in bed and her voiceover states she needs/demands affection he said this directly to Jasmine. If you didn't place a list of daily demands on me, the affections could be expedited. So it's clear Will is turned off with her forceful, bossy, emasculating commentary that began at the start of their marriage.
  4. In the screening stage, Jasmine told the experts she wanted her man/new husband to be her slave and then laughed, but it's becoming clear she meant that statement. She also belittles Will every chance she gets. I don't expect Will to stay in that marriage. She never should have been selected to be on the show at all based on her slave comment.
  5. I can't stand to watch or listen to Bethany and her partner. Could she please wipe that incessant smile off her face...it's so unsuitable for the profession. Everything is a joke to her. When they came upon the shooting victim I was shocked she didn't smile over that as well....but then at the end of that scene, she did. Ugh... The New Orleans' series was far better. Too much cop stuff this season.
  6. Ashley said she is a "Slow Mover" even in situations that are not stressful or rushed. She told David that in this episode. I bet he thought now this is the type of wife I've dreamed of having. LoL And how does this character trait make her a good nurse or social worker? What medical facility wants a slow mover on staff? Hope she never works in an emergency/trauma center. Maybe she changed professions due to unhappy clients in her social worker profession. I cannot imagine conversing with her in a counseling session. She is just so blah in every way. And she got matched with Davi
  7. Thanks Sea. The Long Script Running message appears on its own at the bottom of the page when things are running slowly. Today this website is operating perfectly.
  8. For the past 3 days this website has been arduous to read because the ads seem to be hanging my computer up to the point refreshing does not work. I close it down, reopen it and it happens again. It is very, very slow. The cause according to my computer is the "Long Script Running for the Outbrain Ads and the Ad placed in the middle of the page. I have only had this issue once before with the site and then all was well again until 3 days ago. No other website is giving me this problem...or any other problem. Just wondered if anyone else is experiencing this and if so, can it be repair
  9. It's a shame David was matched with a woman with such a dead personality. He could not have given more to the marriage...he tried it all and then some. And then as Ashley has repeatedly pointed out, her prolonged cold & distant demeanor in terms of her affection tendencies has historically been prominent in ALL her previous relationships, which appear to be very few in number. As she said, "I wait at least two months before becoming intimate with the man I am dating, because if he cares he won't be bothered by waiting for SUCH A SMALL THING". She considers affection and romantic relati
  10. That's right, there is no hope for Tres because he will always roam from one woman to the next seeking affirmations that he is special, is appealing...is a catch. He will do this until he gets therapy for his abandonment issues caused by his mother leaving him. Sam was a total disaster in every way possible. What an embarrassment for poor Neil. She showed no respect for the wedding ceremony or at the reception. I nearly got sick when she asked the guests if she had food in her teeth. Ugh....just typing that out made me nauseous once again. Her father was even horrified. Then she la
  11. Every time I see Chris, I remember him running on the beach towards the ocean with some girl (on one of the past Bachelorette or Bachelor Pad shows) and what an unappealing sight that was to see. He was so uncoordinated and odd looking with his arms askew... and with such a strange non-athletic gait going on.
  12. I like Dan Cox and Ashley S. together. He really is a stand out in terms of being an all around great guy. As they were being seated for their dinner date, Dan pulled out the Ashley's chair and said, "Here Ashley, I don't want you to fall down". The comment had nothing to do with alcohol, he was just being kind/caring and sincere with her. Dan does have a sense of humor, but he also has deep insights into what is happening all around him with the people in Paradise. I'm thinking the world must be a beautiful place... in Dan's mind.
  13. And Kaitlyn's blinding, over-bleached 1" long teeth. She thrives on showcasing those teeth every chance she gets. I wonder if she is afflicted with being a bleachorexic...one who never thinks their teeth are white enough, so they overdo it. Over time these people eventually wear the enamel off their teeth. Yes, this is a petty post. LOL
  14. Backformore, that is the most insightful commentary written so far on Kaitlyn's character trait in terms of her nauseating, immature sense of humor. Well stated.
  15. But Sean wasn't kind to Davina at the season finale. In fact he was intentionally cruel to her...just listen to all that he said about her, to her face, to Kevin, to the viewers and to the experts. And all that occurred after he initially came into the finale telling all... that he only had one concern and that was to NOT hurt Davina anymore than he had already hurt her. Then when he joined her that nite on set he did the opposite. The exact same thing happened at the stay married or get divorced show.... His manipulative nature was in overdrive as they were getting ready at her apartm
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