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  1. From what I have read, this is the only book so far, but there is a sequel in the works. I think there are some short stories also set in this alternate reality. I've only just started reading the novel, but, so far, the series is pretty close to what is written.
  2. Steven has been told he will be a king someday, so I suppose he figures he will eventually get something out of the situation, whereas Lady Pole has nothing to look forward to. Thank goodness she has found some allies in Segundus and Honeyfoot.
  3. Newspapers are an endangered species in this area, too. Seattle used to have two major newspapers, the Times and the Post-Intelligencer; we still have the Times, but the P-I is now online only. There also used to be local newspapers for all the smaller towns in the area. Nowadays, the local papers are all free weeklies that are mostly advertising; what's more, all of them are published by the same company. I guess we should be grateful there are still some newspapers left.
  4. Made shrimp roll for lunch. Dinner was a dim sum plate from a stand at the local farmers market.
  5. Currently reading Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde, by Jeff Guinn. It's a grim book --per Guinn, the celebrated criminals lived squalid lives; often times barely surviving from day to day. A very different story from the highly romanticized 1967 movie.
  6. It's possible. IIRC, his blood dripped on the tarot cards, particularly on "The Hanged Man". Perhaps that had some magical effect. Another great episode. I am enjoying this series immensely.
  7. Well, I think they're all sexy. Who wants a Barbie Doll, anyway?
  8. miles2go

    Ice Cream

    Tillamook ice cream is pretty good; not in the same league as Ben & Jerry's, but less expensive.
  9. I don't think Kasabian was around at this time (1967). Although, from what I've seen so far, Emma has some doubts about Charley and the gang. Very curious to see what they'll do with her character.
  10. I never had a Facebook account until a few years ago. The city I live in was having a competition, with a series of clues posted on their Facebook page. For some reason, you couldn't get the final clue unless you were logged in. So, in order to log in, of course I had to make an account, which irritated me no end. But I consoled myself that Facebook might be useful some day. Well, so far it hasn't. I can see how it might be useful under certain circumstances; e.g., starting a new business or keeping in touch with family and friends who live a long ways away. But, otherwise, I just d
  11. If you mean someone officially listed as "friend", then I have none. Don't quite see the point of the "friend" button, actually.
  12. Linda Kasabian -- if they do focus on her -- didn't actually do any of the murders, although she did participate in the creepy crawls and thefts. She was the chief witness for the prosecution. For the other Manson followers, I have little sympathy.
  13. I love to dip bacon in syrup -- the wonderful combination of sweet and salty! I haven't seen maple bacon doughnuts in my area, although I've seen caramels with bacon and fudge with bacon. I guess bacon is the trendy thing now. I'm with those who stick with genuine maple syrup. It's worth the extra expense. (Also, from what I hear, it's healthier than the imitation stuff.)
  14. The stages of tonight's dinner: 4:00 pm--It's 90 degrees in the shade. I don't wanna cook. 4:05 pm--So make a salad. 4:10 pm--Don't feel like eating salad. 4:15pm--So heat up some left-overs. 4:20 pm--Ate up all the left-overs earlier this week. 4:25 pm-Grill something? 4:30 pm -- The hibachi is somewhere in the back garage. It's hot and dusty in there. 4:35 pm -- Well . . . isn't there some kind of festival downtown involving music and food trucks? 4:36 pm -- BY GOLLY THAT'S RIGHT!!!! 5:00 pm -- Happily snarfing down BBQ pork sandwich and cole slaw. Nice music, too.
  15. I'd be interested if it wasn't Lifetime.
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