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  1. MyRealName

    S05.E00: Bandersnatch

    By "endings" do you mean credits roll? Once they roll do you have to start over and make different choices to get a different ending? I got stuck in a loop several times and it took me back to a previous choice. I went through most of the choices, but only got one "ending".
  2. MyRealName

    S05.E08: A Friend of the Family 08.26.2018

    Tariq may be an absolute idiot, but he knows that Tasha and Ghost would never hurt him, while Kanan killed his own son. That's the only reason he chose family this time. I still expect him to be the asshat as normal.
  3. MyRealName

    S05.E01: Everyone Is Implicated

    I didn't get that at all. I read the nod as acknowledgement that Tariq was "stepping up" for his sister by being an unscheduled pall bearer and that Ghost and Tariq were ok after their earlier fight. Ghost is too smart to include Tariq in any kind of plan. When Tasha was talking about her 2 remaining kids, it took me a full 2 minutes to remember that other little girl.
  4. MyRealName

    S05.E01: The Call

    I agree with everyone about Travis. I never found him attractive until tonight, and then they ruined even that. Early Bay and Emmett are my all-time favorite tv couple. They thoroughly ruined that, and eventually I got over it. To try and bring it back now is not going to work. I have never seen reverse character development worse than what they did to Emmett. I do not believe there is anything they can do to make me like him again. I'm in for the season though, because there's no point in not seeing how it ends.
  5. MyRealName

    S01.E07: Real as F**k

    Yes! We actually paused on her trying to figure out what was going on. Anyway, great episode, can't wait for the finale
  6. MyRealName

    S06.E09: Battle Of The Bastards

    My immediate response was F the Starks they're too dumb to root for. Even though Jon's plan was doomed to failure, it was at least a plan. He abandoned it, falling directly into Ramsey's trap, which Sansa had just warned him about. I would have been okay with him being trampled by the Bolton's, thereby becoming another Stark murdered by their own stupidity. If Sansa had told Jon about the Vale army he might have incorporated them into that failed plan, and maybe still have been slaughtered. He wasn't listening to what she was saying, so I've forgiven her for not telling him. Has the Bolton sigil always been the flayed man? If so, the Bolton's been crazy since way back. If their house is truly dead, I'm ok with that.
  7. MyRealName

    S04.E19: A Mad Tea Party

    What did Kathryn do that was wrong? We know Lily's having second thoughts, but from Kathryn's perspective, she's helping Lily and Melody and bringing in some extra money. If Lily decides to stay, Kathryn will happily give up the job to have her grandson in town. Regina and Daphne: Sit Down and Shut Up. I applaud Bay's rant but I'm not sure how to interpret her smirk at the end. I know she does have a tendency to be petty, but I really hope she didn't tell for revenge. It was the right thing to do so why ruin it with unnecessary drama?
  8. MyRealName

    S04.E18: The Accommodations Of Desire

    Yes, and I'm really sad about it. They look fantastic together but there is nothing there. I'm interested in the ex-wife story simply because its something completely new for this show.
  9. MyRealName

    S05.E03: Paris Is Burning

    See, I didn't get this. If she was actually choosing him, she would have stepped out in public with him. Isn't that what he wanted? She was choosing the presidency, which he doesn't care about as much as he wants her. That whole scene was a fail to me, and I couldn't understand why Fitz went along with it. I'm disappointed because for a minute I believed we would actually get public Olitz with all of its fallout, and war with Mellie/Cyrus. That would have been great. Instead we still have secret Olitz, plenty of opportunity for Mellie to come crawling back and B6Crap.
  10. MyRealName

    S04.E16: Borrowing Your Enemy's Arrow

    I do feel bad for Tank. He made one mistake and he is now stigmatized forever. I don't think he deserves it. I liked that he didn't seem to blame Bay, even while she was blaming herself. Her incessant need to be liked/loved is just so sad to me. Knowing exactly where its coming from makes it more difficult to watch because I feel like that should make it easier to get over but that's not the case. I am not a John fan, but I completely agreed with him that the business manager is responsible for this mess. He was supposed to be the professional. I don't care what John asked for, I don't care how pushy he was. He made me do it is never an excuse for anyone's behavior. I hope everything works out for Melody and Gabe. I really like them together. Leaping Lizards, Bay's new guy is HOT! That is all.
  11. Does Katie's mom write this show? I cannot believe Daphne's super powers. There is honestly nothing she can't do. I know my frustration is not coming across so I'll just say GRRRRRR!!! I feel terrible for this, but I don't think Travis is good enough for Bay. She's a 10 and he's a 5. Everyone knows you only get 3 points leeway. He's nice and super sweet, but he's not smart, creative or ambitious. Plus, they have nothing in common.
  12. MyRealName

    S04.E10: There Is My Heart

    I agree with everyone else. I was an EBay shipper for life. They were MY couple. I stuck with them through all the crap. But this shit right here...I can't.
  13. MyRealName

    S04.E06: Black And Gray

    I agree with everything you said except this. I thought it was handled very well. They conveyed the confusion, the differing points of views, and the outside opinions. Although I don't agree with the resolution that was given, I do think its possible it could turn out that way.
  14. MyRealName

    S04.E06: Black And Gray

    I just read that article and all I can say is wow. Its very similar to the show, except that there is text and witness evidence that she came on to him and they were both drunk out of their minds. And still he gets expelled. I get that he was in violation of the sexual conduct policy, but she clearly was too. I'd like to hear from those who think Tank definitely raped Bay. Do you agree with the school's decision in this case? And if so, what's the justification for punishing him but not her?
  15. MyRealName

    S04.E05: At The First Clear Word

    All of them. Innocent until proven guilty. Then you look to the evidence. In this case, there is no evidence.