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  1. why does jamie lee curtis hate jeff goldblum? she was turning her body away from him while he was talking. she wouldn't look at him;. she kept patting gary barlow. it was really rude.
  2. TheodoraK

    S20.E37: Fast Forward; Eviction #13

    okay, i've watched the whole season but i haven't come on here or on any other forum. which i realize has been stupid of me because i have been yelling at the tv and at my senior service dog cocoa chanel and my gigantic transgender kitty Bobby Seale the Black Panther. this is what i care about. i'm wondering why others hate angela because i certainly feel the same way. to me she felt like the wicked witch of the west, kind of putting a shadow over everything this whole season. one thing cracked me up about her and that was the sense of smell thing. that was the only thing they could think of to single her out. which was just sad. that and, finally, the backstory about the gymnastics and the long jump or whatever. which is why she has no feelings. but, hey, many years have gone by. so how about some therapy and how about another facial expressions. one that isn't a smirk? wow, okay. so is any of this why others hate her too?
  3. TheodoraK

    S13.E01: The Blind Auditions Premiere

    okay, i'm so sad but i think i'm done. for now. i have never been a fan of J.Hud -- oh please, sweetheart. you do NOT give yourself a nickname -- as others have said. don't like that style of singing, as others have said. and seriously cannot stand the hooting and hollering and if they are throwing shoes already? shit, man, what the freak is coming down the pike for us? i miss alicia keyes so much already. i'm also severely annoyed by miley. still have flashbacks when i see her, about her sticking out her tongue and wiggling her ass against robin thicke. which was mostly him, i'm sure. i do think she's a decent singer. again, as others have said, but what i need to get off my chest, this shit slows down the show so much. i'm so freaking disappointed.
  4. TheodoraK

    S16.E05: Descending Into Good And Evil

    i hate the twins so much. they are so self-indulgent and so oblivious to anyone else's needs. it's disgusting. and the running around? just juvenile. and what the freak is that lipstick that they wear? it looks horrible on tv and is so distracting. ugh!!! i'm 65 so i'm not always entranced by young people stuff. i don't get the nose rings that go inside the nose. looks like stuff is leaking out of the person's nose but the 2 of them wearing the same ones? yuck. just adds more ugliness to the whole situation.
  5. TheodoraK

    S16.E05: Descending Into Good And Evil

    i agree with everyone that brandon shouldn't have won but i do enjoy his stuff. probably because i have Early Kindergarten taste. i have a fashion questions concerning the designers. what are these thin leather straps that so many of them wear? in different colors but connected by the metal loops. what am i missing? i think they are very cool but don't get it. is this a bondage thing? or a reference to that? i'd like to get some myself if i knew what to search for. i'd be grateful for any and all information on this. one thing that bugs me about this show is that we don't really get to see what the judges are wearing or the guest judges. and i often feel like what the designers are wearing is so much more interesting than what they are making. anyone else?
  6. TheodoraK

    S19.E02: Season Premiere (Part 2)

    wow, i do watch this show. which i am ashamed of because i'm middle aged. but it's kind of fascinating in a sociological way. and every year i think that things will improve. that it won't be racist and sexist and ageist. and this year is the worst yet. 2 black people. well, one is a two-fer. black and gay. the one gay person. the women are almost all blond, of course. but i think there are more fake tits this season than ever. it's kind of horrifying. there are going to be so many showmances this time. it's cool that so many of the contestants are smart and educated but they behave like idiots. one old guy and 2 or 3 who are somewhere in between. the men who are younger than the Dad all look and behave the same way. oh yes, and one latino. and you would think that these women have never seen a man with gray hair. they must go crazy after the guy on the Trivago ad. so i'm done. not doing it this time. if i ever tune in at the beginning and there is a real cross section of the human race, i'll stick around.
  7. TheodoraK

    S13.E06: Week 6: Denmark

    wow, i'm feeling like rachel should have invested in some serious therapy rather than going on these shows. she doesn't expect good things to happen for her. she worries that things that are good are too good to be true. of course she doesn't read men well at all. she doesn't pick up on peter's indifference to her or will's similar lack of physical enthusiasm. she is so gorgeous and has such a lovely personality. i'm an extremely straight woman and i definitely have a girl crush on her. i feel like she's going to end up being just one more graduate of these shows who ends up not getting married or having a relationship past the show. alex is so great. he's playful and sweet and kind of a character. and clearly smitten with rachel. what the freak is wrong with her? she sends him home and keeps those Nothings there. i feel heartbroken for him. i think if she'd bothered to have a one on one date with him, she would have actually gotten to know him and had fun and lots of affection. it killed me to see that clip of the viking games where alex was being so cute. it does look like peter is dumping rachel. why the freak would he stay on the show so long if he wasn't attracted to her. or maybe the show deliberately kept it going to cause more drama. but, shit, what is the point of a show like this if 2 of the men so close to the end aren't attracted to the bachelorette? i don't watch the bachelor at all. i've only ever watched one of these before. jojo i think was her name. i watched that one more like an anthropologist observing human behavior. this time around i've gotten really invested in rachel and it's killing me. i think this is that last one for me. i'd rather watch Unreal to learn how they manipulate these shows behind the scenes. it feels like she may end up not choosing anyone. which would be good. then she can go home and get some therapy. a lot of therapy.
  8. TheodoraK

    S01.E15: Jack Pearson's Son

    oh god, i'm so stupid. i came on here and read a lot of the comments before i was finished watching the show. i don't even know why i did that. but i didn't cry when kevin went to randall and randall was scared because i was so freaking pissed at kevin for ditching sloane!!! that isn't even remotely okay. to do that. phone randall, phone someone and tell him that he's on the way. randall can have his breakdown for a couple more hours. he's not going anywhere. and kevin can do the play or at least freaking tell sloane he's leaving so she can find an understudy. that was so contrived. to help someone by screwing over someone else? so not cool. i get it that he wasn't there for teen randall when he was crying -- and i don't even remember why teen randall was upset -- but it's not cool to bail on a fellow performer like that. i know that others wouldn't agree and i'm sure i'm making it all too clear that i am a Looney Tune and know far too much about breakdowns, but whatever... :) i don't get the hate for miguel. feel like i missed an episode there. i too am very shallow because i have always hated the way mandy moore moves her mouth when she talks. bugs the crap out of me. it's like she indicates, okay, now i am talking and you wouldn't know that if i didn't use my full mouth and face to show you that i'm talking. i'm so grateful to whomever pointed that out. so validating. that i love this show despite her being such a significant part if it speaks very highly of this show. not to mention that she's pretty much the wicked witch of the west for not telling randall about william even though we understand why she did that. i took perverse joy in that. and i found her acting to be much better as the older version of rebecca. probably because she was chastened and guilty, but, really, she was great in those scenes. wow, okay, just saw the previews -- well, part of them because my dvr is always cutting stuff off early. and now i am crying. shit, don't know if we are allowed to talk about previews on here or if they are spoilers so i won't say anymore. i am dreading the demise of jack. but the writing is pretty freaking good because they've set us up for that in so many ways and we get to see him as a fully dimensional human being before we lose him. last thing. i am seriously tired of Kate being completely defined by her Being Fat. didn't we see her get that personal assistant job where the daughter was also fat? how did that just disappear? and what is she living on? how does she have money? to support herself? the actress and the character deserve to be complete human beings. and does Toby have a job? what is the deal with Big people not having jobs? i wonder if anyone else has been bothered by that.
  9. this is a strange show but i didn't watch the british version so i need to be patient. i love mary of course. and i can see the charm of it. but why are nia vardalos and her husband there???????? why is there no explanation for why they were chosen to host this or whatever they are doing? i have never cared for either of them. never found them compelling or fun or any of those good things. not trying to be mean. i just like to know what someone's expertise is. or passion or whatever that makes him/her the right fit. on a positive note, i don't cook or bake at all so i'm in awe of what the contestants create and the suspense does kill me a bit.
  10. TheodoraK

    S01.E03: Windsor

    i had heard or read that both the duke and duchess of winsor were nazi sympathizers -- i think it was covered in the later version of Upstairs/downstairs. it was done well and was very disturbing. i had a hard time watching the episodes involving them because that wasn't mentioned at all. they did a good job showing what a jackass he was and how, well, whipped. and at the same time showing the sadness and ambivalence and feeling left out despite the fact that it was his choice that lead to it all. i'm a few episodes farther on from this one and what annoys me the most about this show and what constantly takes me out of the stories is that we never see the kids at all. it makes her seem so selfish. her and philip. we see her walking down the hallway, showing how lonely she is because philip's away and i was screaming at the tv, for god's sake, go play with your freaking children. and i'm not someone who does a lot of yelling at my television. they had so much to cover. obviously. i get that. but a few scenes here and there of them as parents??? wouldn't have taken that much time and effort. and Charles has had a big part in modern life.
  11. TheodoraK

    S12.E09: Week 8

    okay, i am so confused. i have never watched this show. and this is the first episode i've seen since the one where chaz -- is that the creepy stalker guy? -- was left out in the woods. now, the whole fantasy suite thing? is this code for Sex. so does she have sex with all three of them in a row? is that how it always goes? it seems really creepy. and i agree with everyone about the fake crying. it's just annoying. i'm going to go back and watch the ones where she visits their families. i can't take this seriously but it's a pretty fascinating social experiment. i see why people watch it now. is it mostly hate watching? no kissing in the temple? what a great fake way to create sexual tension? with very little background information, i think i like jordan the best. but they may just be because i liked him in those beginning episodes. okay, i'm sure that everyone else is on tonight's episode so i don't expect any information. off to the Fantasy Suite topic. that puzzles me the most. and, oh yes, i'm sure this has been answered thoroughly but are her breasts fake? they seem unnaturally perky.
  12. TheodoraK

    S06.E08: No One

    wow, how much did i not care about 90% of this episode? if i never see cersei and the sparrows/septs again, i will die a happy woman. same with arye and the effing No Ones. the interminable chase through the city when i couldn't even remember where she left the needle? oh my god in heaven. too much of the freaking hound and the gore gore gore... the taking of riverrun??? are you freaking kidding me? they just march right in and the blackfish dies elsewhere???? i'm not going to talk about the books because i haven't read them and this is the wrong place but i'm wondering now if continuing past those written stories was a good idea. i wanted to feel for Edmure but that actor's role on Outlander has traumatized me so much that i can barely look at him. i cannot get enough of Brienne and Pod and hope so much to see them reunited with Sansa and Jon. love love loved Tyrion being so sad and alone that he gets the Unsullied and that lovely woman to tell him jokes. and of course the ending!!!! for me, there cannot be enough dragons, even if it's just the back end of one flying away. as someone mentioned, i would love to see the dragons versus those white walkers. thanks for the reminders about how evil Jaime is. he gets away with it because he is handsome and blond and looks great in armor. and because of how well he and brienne play against each other. and i keep forgetting about crap like him throwing poor brann out a window. and seeing him as a prisoner for what felt like so long and losing the hand made me have major sympathy for him. but i'm realizing now that he should have been in the cell with Theon all this time or in one next door. with or without his dick. preferably without. and with cersei there too. and ramsey also. with sansa in charge. i'm as much about the direwolves as i am about the dragons. is ghost with jon? and if not, why the eff not? they kill off summer, for christ's sake. they better have made some babies along the way. sorry. feeling really blood thirsty today because i hated this episode so much.
  13. TheodoraK

    S12.E04: Week 3, Part 2

    i have so many questions. i am so appalled by this show but it is like seeing a car accident and not being able to look away. okay, first, the guys just sit around the house like beached whales. are they not allowed to read a book or do some writing? are they forbidden from having any inner life at all? it's just creepy to see and hear them just hanging there bitching -- and chad sulking elsewhere always with his shirt off -- and talking about "falling in love" with jojo who is basically an idiot. there is no way that she is a Real Estate Developer. that is a Real Job that takes real smarts and real commitment. she must be a real estate broker or an assistant. what really gave me the creeps was when JJ asked luke about his life and he's talking about his time in Afghanistan and losing a fellow soldier and she was fluffing her hair. there was no compassion in her blank eyes. no feeling at all. just a flat toned "i'm sorry". is this a situation where she was given instructions to ask him about himself but it wasn't an organic thing. i'm not a prude. but this bit with JJ being in a bathing suit whenever possible and wrapping her almost nude body around these guys is prettodd. does she sleep with all the guys she falls in love with or is falling in love with? and of course she's falling in love every week or 2 weeks. okay, sorry for bitching. i can see how this could become a guilty pleasure. i'm hooked for this episode because i, of course, have to see what happens with Chad. i'm sure that whole thing was planned and edited to death. of course the most fascinating thing -- which i'm sure has been discussed to death -- is how much Unreal shows and tells about the whole behind the scenes stuff. i wonder if anyone has been chosen to jump off a building?
  14. TheodoraK

    S06.E05: The Door

    for now and i apologize for being repetitive if i am. i loved this episode. i understood almost everything and there was so much humor interspersed with the horror. tormund's lascivious glance at Brienne and her reaction! priceless. more that i can't remember without a second viewing. but i do have one huge beef with the show. where the flying fuck are Ghosts and the freaking dragons? how can she be the mother of dragons without them following her in some way. of course someone did talk about her dragons burning down people in its way or whatever. maybe that was melissande's red cousin in mereen. she is something else. to get to Varys that way. wow and scary. summer getting killed? are you kidding me? which one of the writers hate canines so much? but jon needs ghost and vice versa. can someone explain this to me? did he die to allow jon to live? sorry for the obsession. i have a service dog and yada yada yada. i'll be back with more praise and more ranting.
  15. TheodoraK

    S04.E20: It's Sure Gonna Hurt

    i'm going to have to watch this again. i loathe Alicia Witt so much that it almost totally distracts me. she may be a lovely person but when they cast someone as nasty over and over again... i'm probably being unkind and unfair. whatever she's had done. botox or other injectables. it's not working. sorry. i am being so mean. i'll watch it again and leave some meaningful comments. hopefully.