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  1. Honestly. It's time to switch out the Judges. I'm sure they could find 3 New Fresh Judges to come in and take over. In regards to Ally- 3 times she's on the bottom and 3 times saved- it's clear that America isn't connecting to her and that's fine. It's not like the other 4 dancers were bad that you needed to keep her. Also- at Semi-Finals there shouldn't be a Judges save.
  2. I would just like to say I am very proud of myself for guessing this 10 days ago 😂😂😂
  3. I'm just throwing this out here as PURE speculation- but for the upcoming season we will probably meet whomever the Mother of Kevin's kid is- I'm assuming they will try and cast someone who is a "name" for the role. I was just on Instagram and Jennifer Morrison whose pilot was not picked up- just posted that she is binge watching the show to catch up. And then I thought to myself- OMG- she'd be perfect casting to potentially play Kevin's love interest and the Mother of his kid. I just wanted to put it out there- because it's in my head and if it proves true- I want to have at least put it somewhere. HAHA.
  4. Super excited for the season to start!! The HGs should start to be kidnapped starting this weekend, but my guess is more into the coming week. The HGs are usually in sequester for about a week. The reveal of the HGs is usually a more then a week before the premiere- usually the Monday before they go in the house- so probably June 17th. They will probably go in the house on the 18th or 19th and then the premiere is on the 25th. So it’s coming!!! I don’t believe the returning showmance rumor. Unless CBS has told Tyler & Angela to mess with the fans- they did a video today as a joke with Tyler leaving to head out to go to sequester for BB with his bag saying “I hope I win this time” and Angela saying bye! Lol. If you were actually going to be on- your ass would be quiet and not even acknowledging the rumors. I think Brent just wanted to stir the pot- and be dramatic as he always is. Alex Kidwell who used to work for RHAP tweeted that he was told the “outrage over the showmances coming back made production reconsider” so “Brent saved BB21” 🙄 1. Relax with giving Brent all this credit- I’m sure he made it all up; and  2. Production has NEVER cared what the hard core fans have ever thought about anything- because if they did then they would have changed A LOT or things. They actually think Battle of the Block is a “fan favorite”, remember when Julie said that? So I don’t buy that bullshit for a second. They are going to do what they want to do. 
  5. I thought the finale was great- I hadn't watched in a few seasons- but just got caught up recently when I heard it was ending. I thought the elevator reveal was awesome. I thought it was a perfect ending. I haven't seen this mentioned- but Penny was wearing the shirt she wore in the first episode when she meets Leonard & Sheldon in the last scene with them all sitting around eating Chinese!
  6. I think Steve was always Peggy's Husband and it just completed a loop. But in regards to the Shield- I cannot imagine he got another one during the time he was with Peggy from someone in their time period since he was "dead". Is it possible that at some point in the future in another movie a few years from now- someone goes back in time to get Cap because they need his help- and that's when he gets a new Shield- takes it back with him and then gives it to Sam in this movie? Does that make sense? Like how else would he get a new one? Unless Howard knew- but I doubt it since all he talked about was Cap and how he was dead to Tony growing up.
  7. Billboard Interview with Wade, James & Dan The last part of this interview gave me the chills.
  8. Completely agree. I just have been seeing that a lot- well they have no "Proof". Okay. Well what kind of proof do you want? Look at the guy- he looks distraught- it's written all over his face. Also- if you want at least proof of his inappropriate behavior- I direct all those people to those Faxes. They were bizarre.
  9. Wade & James both came out with their abuse allegations LONG before they were ever approached about doing a documentary- the director states in the Oprah Interview that he had basically no real knowledge of this whole situation until he came across both Wade & James lawsuit against the Jackson Estate, he then decided to approach them both for a documentary. He also mentions in another interview that he had spoken to another man who also told him he was molested by MJ but wasn't ready to go public. Also HBO just bought the rights to the documentary AFTER it premiered at Sundance in January of this year. There can be two documentaries about 2 prominent male figures in Music at the same time without it being some sort of conspiracy. You really need to watch the whole thing through. People always tout this line of needing "Proof" when people speak about Child Abuse Allegations- but unless the perpetrator took photos or videos of the acts happening- where does this so called "proof" come from? All the proof I needed was their physical body language and torment written on their faces especially at the end, and very clearly noticeable in the Oprah interview with James. When Oprah said this in the interview with the men- it made complete sense to me- and I had never thought of it that way before. It was quite eye opening for me.
  10. I haven't been paying much attention to what's been going on in Oscar land this season- in terms of controversies and so forth- and I didn't see Green Book- but saw most of the other movies. But I did see my Twitter timeline erupt with disgust when it won. Can someone fill me in as to why? I figured this was the best place to ask!
  11. Playing the same characters? Just sequel movies in different seasons?
  12. No info yet- probably won't be released until a week prior like last season.
  13. Pepper. Her friend that was with her was Salt. LMAO.
  14. I've seen this discussion on a few BB Boards. I am not surprised that Brett was invited as he was in the top 3 of AFP, and my guess is Winston was invited by association as they were the "bros" or Brett said he would do it only with Winston. Rachel wasn't invited- she's the only "Level 6er" not going. Kaycee is doing her own event next week at these clubs next week. I guess it is strange that there were 3 showmances and one of them wasn't invited- so I could see why people could see it as a race issue. But I'm not going to step into whether it is or isn't- that isn't my area. It could just be as easy as they wanted the Top 3 people in AFH and the winner- an the other 3 that came along are just strongly associated with the others.
  15. Nope different one. The one on Finale had like faint stripes on it.
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