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  1. They seem to be panicking and rushing things, afraid of getting eliminated near the end like last time.
  2. Yes, that's what I'm saying: Uganda was singled-out because it isn't a Muslim nation where harsh treatment is expected.
  3. Unlike Brett, both Korey and Tyler do have the gay voice to some extent, which could mark them out. Is the gay voice a thing in Africa, widely recognized, and used to discriminate? Uganda was probably singled-out because, while strong and enforced anti-gay laws are common in Muslim nations, they're rare in Christian nations, from which most viewers come.
  4. Five years after the second and last series of Amazing Race Australia, a new season will air later this year on a network bought by CBS in 2017. Applications close today.
  5. Here I suggested that it can be made possible to claw back big leads by only eliminating a team if they check-in to a pit-stop later than (say) 12 hours after the race leader (and there are more than three teams left). Teams remaining at the start of the final leg would be equalized, but perhaps handicapped based on their finishing order (like how finals playoffs are done in sports).
  6. Whenever they show racers leaving an airport or exiting customs, it's always as a bunch to to confer no disadvantage from things like being chosen for a customs inspections, and also to aid filming and drama. So, possibly other than the final leg, I don't think more-frontward seats confers an advantage.
  7. The audacity of Cody ripping open the van door and bullying intel out of Indy was breathtaking. The meek may inherit, but the audacity to ask is one key to success on this Earth. With no more U-Turns, and few teams left, it wasn't in Indy's interest. Despite Cody's thanks, I don't think they're going to get anything in return. And I don't think "don’t debate your opinion. You’re not going to change anyone’s minds if they don’t agree with you" is a good rule for this forum. Debate changes my mind all the time.
  8. I do have a problem with teams u-turning the first u-turners, because it's a too-easy way to turn it into a single U-Turn, almost certainly (and usually not entirely deservingly) dooming one team, instead of the Double U-Turn's intention of preserving an exciting elimination-avoiding duel.
  9. I think there should at least be a rule that on a Double U-Turn you cannot U-Turn the team whose picture is displayed in the first "U-Turned by" slot. Then any strategic play of a dead second U-Turn requires that team to either know or guess another team who's in front.
  10. Though Blair didn't have trouble running "fast, fast" down the stairs away from the roadblock while carrying two backpacks.
  11. Yes, the connectedness of the Internet has made recent generations more cooperative. Also, because younger people, and especially these YouTube stars, carry out much of their social interactions on the permanent public record, they're very protective and cultivating of their public reputation. This is why I think help is so often being asked for and given in this season, and why there's less bad-mouthing behind people's backs. Though helping reduces your chance of winning (unless you're calculating on a quid pro quo), refusing to help tags you as a #selfish #bastard, and trash talk tags you as a #hater #bully #troll. The models' biggest worry is not that they were eliminated, but that there's now a #whiny #quitter crack in their public front.
  12. It's not just equipment, any team could be unfairly delayed by a customs inspection, or just have their line progress more slowly. I wouldn't be surprised if teams on the same flight are held at the arrivals exit for simultaneous release.
  13. It's smart to spend your race money carefully. Even though teams usually get money at the start of each leg, they're allowed to save, which can come in handy when you stuff up and need extra taxi journeys. So to some extent the charity shaming in this leg was unfair, used by the show for entertainment purposes to rile up viewers against those teams with insufficient EQ, generosity, or knowledge of race history to avoid the trap.
  14. Laura said in the first episode that she'd been in two LTRs, but never been in love.
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