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  1. berwoman

    S15.E12: Girlfriend in a Coma

    So is Station 19 being cancelled? Did they bring Ben and Bailey back together because the actor needs his old gig back? I wonder..... (full disclosure, I find Station 19 unwatchable but I do like the Ben character)
  2. berwoman

    S07.E01 Octavia's Story

    I miss the days when we'd actually get to see someone work hard, stick to plan and have success. Now we have to wait until the "Second Year" episodes... I used to find this show uplifting.. Look at that person work hard and lose weight! Now I find it depressing - Look at the super-fattie be slovenly, completely unaware and combative! Not that this will prevent me from watching, mind you.
  3. berwoman

    S04.E08: Episode 8

    Ross Ross Ross. It's always about him. Way to barge in on George literally minutes after Elizabeth passed... way to force your way into the home and the bedroom so that you can have your moment... Even Dwight knew he shouldn't be there... insufferable man.
  4. berwoman

    S15.E03: Gut Feeling

    I'm sorry but I am not buying Jackson's crisis of faith. It just seems too sudden. Perhaps we're expected to believe much has happened off screen since last season, but it just seems rushed and false. The actor isn't even "selling it." and never mind Deluca/Amelia or Amelia/Link. How about Deluca/Link?? Yummmm Seriously, NewAsianOrthoGod and Glasses seem a little odd at first, but I think it's high time Grey's explored a gay male relationship. It worked with Calzona.... give the guys a chance! Also, it's petty to wonder how the nerdy guy could attract the hot guy. There's someone for everyone, right? (else I'd be single!)
  5. Forgive me, as this is probably posted somewhere, but why did Courtney leave?
  6. berwoman

    Four Weddings

    Can't it just be because they love Halloween and want everyone in costume or because they want a black & white wedding?
  7. berwoman

    Four Weddings

    One of my pet peeves... jeans at weddings. (or funerals for that matter) I get that it's all a matter of personal preference, but I still hate it. But that brings me to another peeve... brides who complain about dress codes/costumes/ special requests. If the bridal couple requests you to wear sackcloth and ashes, you do it because it's what they want! It's NOT YOUR DAY! Suck it up and console yourself knowing that you made someone else happy for once...
  8. berwoman

    Four Weddings

    Watched a rerun yesterday where I saw the lowest score given (of all I've seen that is...) 21 year old "waiting for marriage" gave model bride a 2 because she didn't take her ceremony seriously?? Not. About. YOU! This was the same episode where they all called for Italian take-out because there was no food. So rude. So, so rude. Has there ever been a score of 1 or 0? Any other 2's?
  9. berwoman

    S01.E10: Opening Night

    @Lovecat , I laughed too since I work in Center Valley and stay at the beautiful Hotel Bethlehem all the time... love your little city!
  10. berwoman

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation: Benchmarking

    Wha if it is Harriet that dies? Would they do that to April twice?
  11. berwoman

    S03.E11: Folie à Deux

    That was the least passionate kiss I have ever seen on television. They're like 2 robots. Actually, that's unfair to robots...
  12. berwoman

    S06.E05: Karina's Story

    That meal would have fed my family of three for 2 full days. Watching her (allegedly) shovel all that in made me physically ill. I have no stomach for gluttony... but good for her for making progress despite a family that obviously has run right out of f**ks to give.... (and yes, I could stand to lose a good 30 lbs too.. so I get the desire to eat yummy pizza... just not that much!!) (and that pizza didn't even look yummy - just sayin....)
  13. berwoman

    S14.E09: 1-800-799-7233

    I too enjoyed this episode, and no doubt this is a topic that needs more attention, but I hope this doesn't turn in to another weeks-long saga about Alex and whether or not he's going to jail. Can we just put this one to bed quickly with a satisfactory ending for everyone except Mr. Schue? (Spinoff potential: was I the only one thinking this could turn in to an amazing revival of Jail House Rock?? Schue in Stripes??)
  14. berwoman

    S14.E04: Ain't That a Kick in the Head

    Am I the only one who wasn't amused by the string of possible interns? It was like they played on every bad hipster stereotype... would you really bring a dog to an interview and let it run all over the table? Would you really answer your cell phone or ask for a snap during an interview? Not all 20 somethings are stupid or vapid... if this was supposed to be humor it fell flat for me.
  15. berwoman

    S13.E08: The Room Where It Happens

    When I saw the slow-motion, stylized entrance, I thought "Oh crap, they're all going to sing again..."