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  1. K2DangerGirl

    S12.E24: Live Finale Results

    Yeah, it seems like she finally has a stylist who doesn't hate her.
  2. K2DangerGirl

    The Blacklist: Redemption

    Mr. Dangergirl and I have been calling this "Blacklist: Scorpion".
  3. K2DangerGirl

    S03.E06: T.J. Miller vs. Sam Richardson

    TJ: Well, the first time was funny, and probably more difficult than doing it "straight". But when he started messing around during the second song I started really hoping he wouldn't win.
  4. K2DangerGirl

    S42.E03: Emily Blunt / Bruno Mars

    I said to Mr. DangerGirl during the video "I can only assume this is a parody of some Beyonce song" and then when she said that I was all "CONFIRMED!"
  5. K2DangerGirl

    S04.E00: The Abominable Bride

    I don't think that's what's happening there....in "A Scandal in Belgravia" Mycroft says that "Of course [he doesn't trust their Secret Service], they spy on people for money." I think it was a test, which John passed by refusing to take money to spy on Sherlock. I think we can assume that Sherlock doesn't truly financially need a roommate, he needs a "minder". I wonder how many other potential roommates Mycroft ran off after proving they didn't really have Sherlock's best interests at heart? :) And the real reason I dropped in this thread: Congratulations to "The Abominable Bride" on its Emmy Win for TV Movie!
  6. K2DangerGirl

    S02.E22: All-Stars Live

    IMO, as a performer, Michael Phelps is a very good swimmer.
  7. K2DangerGirl

    S32.E05: The Devils We Know

    I agree, in the sense that if a more physically imposing person were trying to "steal kisses" from another player of either gender, I think a lot more discussion (and disapproval) would be taking place. I generally like Tai but I got a little squicked out they way he talked about Caleb.
  8. K2DangerGirl

    S13.E18: Scope

    When his character said "I need to find out who I am now" (paraphrasing) I paused the DVR and posited to Mr. DangerGirl that he would be DiNozzo's replacement. Not sure if that's possible IRL (training, blah blah fishcakes) but surely it's possible in TV Land. And TD has done TV if I'm not mistaken.
  9. K2DangerGirl

    S32: Peter Baggenstos

    A propos of nothing, I just have to say that "Baggenstos" sounds like a Hobbit 'ship name.
  10. K2DangerGirl

    S28.E02: You Look Like Gollum

    I unknowingly brought a tiny fish back from the beach once in my swimsuit bottoms. I'd been boogie-boarding in San Diego with friends. I think technically they were running shorts (the kind with a liner panty) so probably a bit looser than a swimsuit normally is, but it's probably not that hard if you're in somewhat turbulent water or strong currents.
  11. K2DangerGirl

    S32.E01: I'm A Mental Giant

    I thought I heard them call the area "the poop rocks", so yeah. But it did seem a little close to camp!
  12. K2DangerGirl

    S27.E01: A Little Too Much Beefcake

    Hah! First thing I thought was "Oh, her mom went to Europe in college and met someone called Siobhan and thought 'Gee, that's pretty....'". I was annoyed to see paparazzi *and* TMZ on TAR so I was glad to see them gone first. Clearly I would also be that bitchy, though.
  13. K2DangerGirl

    S10.E03: Auditions 3

    He (making an assumption on the pronoun) was funny, but all I could think was "Poor man's Conchita Wurst".
  14. Speaking of this. I'm thinking this thread is appropriate-ish since a frequent theme of the "inspirational" stories is the supportive partner/spouse, all of whom seem to be opposite-sex. I won't swear to this because I don't actually KEEP TRACK. I'm not sure I have a point, and upon reflection this show isn't that "edgy" but it seems like there could be room for some inclusiveness. Although the LAST thing I'd want to see is a whole "OMG he's tough AND he's GAY" segment. So maybe I should be careful what I wish for.
  15. K2DangerGirl

    Martin Freeman: Unassuming Everyman

    https://games.yahoo.com/news/marvel-casts-martin-freeman-captain-184300004.html Looks like Martin is joining the Marvel Universe.