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  1. Not surprising, but I'm disappointed nonetheless. What I wouldn't give to be able to see some of those performances from the 90s again. I know most of them can be found on youtube, but the quality is so poor 😢.
  2. Speaking of commentators, I wonder what sort of training Tanith had to go through in order to change her voice. There was an interview with her and Ben after the Torino free dance and her voice was so different. It was much higher than it is now, to the point where I'm not sure I would have recognized her if I hadn't been looking at the screen.
  3. Thanks for the correction! I listened to the audiobook during my commute (back when that was a thing) and some of the details clearly got lost.
  4. Not really sure how I feel about some of the changes made in the most recent episode, specifically Mia's relationship with Pauline (and Anita) and the circumstances of Izzy's birth. I think there are a lot of ways to be intimate with someone, and I preferred the more maternal intimacy of Mia and Pauline from the book. I also think Mia and Anita's relationship made a lot more sense in the book. Pauline and Anita had really gone out of their way to take care of Mia, and so of course Anita would continue that after Pauline's death. As opposed to the show where they only seemed to know each other through Pauline. And I thought it was much more interesting how in the book Izzy was wanted and planned for, but her premature birth and subsequent health concerns are what put such a strain on her relationship with Elena. I think the accidental pregnancy in the show felt much less complex and almost a little cheap. I know they touched upon Izzy being a difficult baby, but I don't think that had the same emotional reach.
  5. It's such a shame that Disney/ABC will probably never consider making their back catalogue of soaps available, even in a limited capacity. They would fit in perfectly on Hulu, who already runs the most recent episodes of GH.
  6. Very sad news, David Schramm has passed away. Apparently he was in New York, but no further details were given. Anyone have any favorite Roy moments or episodes? Personally I've always loved the episode where he pretends to be hypnotized in order to get the gang to dig a plot in his backyard to fit his new hot tub.
  7. Such sad news about John Callahan! I'll admit I got a little teary-eyed looking through the pictures that Eva posted.
  8. I don't understand how they could even consider holding Worlds as late as October. Logistically it just doesn't make sense given the Grand Prix series. But if they're intent on having it, I feel like the only thing they could possibly consider doing is holding it behind closed doors later this spring. Even then... I just can't see it working. My heart goes out to all the skaters who worked so hard to get there 💔. What a disappointing end to everyone's season.
  9. Jessica Calalang and Brian Johnson are going to Worlds! Chris Knierim retiring effective immediately. Alexa hopes to find a new parter with her goal being to make it back to the Olympics. Can't say this is a surprise, he's seemed so over it this season. Sounds like he's been battling depression, so I'm glad he made the decision to step back.
  10. Tarah Kayne has already announced on Instagram that she and Danny are skating to Carmen next season.
  11. I'd love to see a total count of just how many senior dance teams Gadbois has. I know there were ten of them at 4CC. Plus you've got teams like P/C, F/G, and S/D. Someone's got to leave eventually and I'm super curious as to who it will be and where they will go. If it is Madi and Zach I wonder if they might try someone like Marina? For as dominant as she used to be, I feel like she's dropped off the face of the earth when it comes to ice dance. Maybe she's preoccupied enough with T/M right now to care.
  12. I could be wrong, but I think she's filming a role for one of the upcoming Marvel shows for Disney+.
  13. I agree with you and was somewhat surprised to see them on the team. This is one case where I wish USFS had held off on assigning that spot until after 4CC. Dave Lease says a lot of things that I don't agree with, but I thought he had a good suggestion that the deciding factor for that second worlds spot should have been determined by totaling the points from nationals + 4CC, and whoever came out with the bigger score got to go. Obviously USFS disagreed.
  14. U.S. Figure Skating Announces Men’s, Pairs and Ice Dance Selections for World, Four Continents Worlds: Nathan Jason Vincent Tomoki (1st alt) Andrew (2nd alt) Camden (3rd alt) Ashley & Tim Alexa & Chris Jessica & Brian (1st alt) Tarah & Danny (2nd alt) Haven & Brandon (3rd alt) Madison & Evan Madison & Zach Kaitlin & Jean-Luc Christina & Anthony (1st alt) Caroline & Michael (2nd alt) Lorraine & Quinn (3rd alt) 4CC: Jason Tomoki Camden Alex (1st alt) Alexa & Chris Jessica & Brian Tarah & Danny Haven & Brandon (1st alt) Audrey & Misha (2nd alt) Olivia & Mervin (3rd alt) Madison & Evan Madison & Zach Kaitlin & Jean-Luc Christina & Anthony (1st alt) Caroline & Michael (2nd alt) Lorraine & Quinn (3rd alt)
  15. Selections are up for the ladies world and 4CC teams. Worlds: Mariah Bradie Karen (1st alt) Amber (2nd alt) Starr (3rd alt) 4CC: Bradie Karen Amber Starr (1st alt) Gabriella (2nd alt)
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