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  1. It was OK. Didn't live up to my anticipation. Did any one else feel we were in the age of a pandemic? The shots were mostly one person on one person. No large crowds. Everything looked like it was shot on a soundstage. I'm glad it's back.
  2. Depressing... I hope everyone's fine. https://people.com/home/erin-napier-says-grief-from-covid-is-too-heavy-its-beginning-to-feel-like-part-of-me-now/
  3. Quarreling and fussing tires me. So, I'll see you all next season...
  4. I'm glad Dorinda is gone. Isn't everyone? Ramona needs to be next. She's just not into the show anymore. She's too busy partying and finding loverboys.
  5. Pictures of mom, dad, and baby. https://people.com/parents/mina-starsiak-welcomes-daughter-charlotte-drew-first-photos/
  6. I think Ramona should go with Dorito. Neither can control themselves if they can't control the situation.
  7. Does anyone know more about this? I'm not even sure who he is. Showbiz Cheat Sheet: 'Below Deck Med' Producers Promised To Edit Pete Hunziker Out of the Show, Now Some Fans Can't Remember Why. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/below-deck-med-producers-promised-to-edit-pete-hunziker-out-of-the-show-now-some-fans-cant-remember-why.html/
  8. I've watched ten minutes. I'm done. I'll read your comments tomorrow. They will be more entertaining than the show.
  9. Has Tom seen Malia's previous season when she slept with two guys to assure a promotion?
  10. Mina's brother, step brother, half brother, whatever, was so sweet with her when she told him she was "knocked up".
  11. I take prescription probiotics to ensure a BM. So if I was Stew and didn't give my pills to Capn Sandy and ask for one every day, I put the whole boat in Jeopardy? And I'm really cranky when I'm constipated!!!!
  12. Well, that went downhill fast. They took over the restaurant and made it about them. There were kids there! These ladies are just trash....
  13. Oh, me! me! me! I'm also 5'2". But I have a few years on her. Older and wiser!
  14. Malia is just so fucking smug. I hope she has her comeuppance...
  15. In Luann's talking head shots, is that a picture if her or her son on the bookcase in back of her?
  16. Teddy is a Stallone??? I thought she was Teddy Meloncamp....
  17. LuAnn is so different with this group taking them to the spa. She's must more comfortable. Remember when she talked to the school age girls of color and suggested they lose weight? Awkward!
  18. I think I'll sit this one out. I get nervous watching gang ups. But I'll read your witty comments!
  19. I'm completely lost. I feel like I'm in a time warp....
  20. I wish I had a fraction of the self esteem these women have. I could rule the world!
  21. I bet Tinsley is happy she's out of this mess. Think she watching and laughing?
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