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  1. Regarding the clowns thing, our school had a social media threat at Halloween a few years ago, right around the time there were news reports of someone dressed as a clown threatening kids. So yeah, no more clowns. Just a sad fact of life that I totally understand and approve. I appreciate that the show can address this real world madness without overreacting one way or the other. There really are shades of gray out here in the real world.
  2. What's wrong with me? I like Maggie. And my take on the kid was that he was special needs, and that I didn't need exposition to figure that out. Maybe that's just the teacher in me. And of course, I could be totally wrong. Oh, and I loved the date.
  3. I looked at my watch with 2 minutes to go and found myself disappointed it was almost over. I really liked seeing "the rest of the story"--changed my perspectives on both Deja and her mother. As a teacher, I've seen many foster children come through my classrooms. I found this story especially touching.
  4. LOVE old school recap! That said, I stopped watching SVU years ago. I was a fan of L&O original flavor, SVU, and especially Criminal Intent (just saw a Nicole Wallace episode earlier tonight). But SVU just became Icky for me. There's plenty of drama in the cases--I don't really care for the family stories, and Liv is just not who she used to be.
  5. I love this show so much. Tonight's episodes had me tearing up. I had a breast cancer scare a year ago (God bless the radiologist who called me with good news at 5:40 pm on Good Friday because she didn't want me worrying through Easter weekend), was care-giver to my mom through 3 different cancers over the years, currently have a family member going through chemo prior to cancer surgery, and had a text from a friend this evening venting her anxiety with her family's medical issues that are now resulting in them having to sell their business and their home. I teared up multiple times--such truth, fear, humor, courage, and friendship. Love these ladies, and their bravery in sharing a story so close to their reality.
  6. I noticed someone mentioned having "Fargo dreams." Last night I dreamed I was giving birth, and I delivered a cute little kitten. Ray, is that you? I am enjoying this season, as I did the other two. I can't rank them, as I have enjoyed them in such different ways. One common thread for me is a real appreciation for the female characters. Lots of really strong, appealing (even when they aren't the most virtuous or moral women) acting.
  7. I confess to letting out a delighted "whoop!" when Amy opened the door. Some years back I dated a "Sheldon-y" guy. Amy has been much more successful with Sheldon than I was with his counterpart. I truly have affection for both those characters. The ending left me smiling.
  8. As an otherwise rational person (for the most part), I can attest to dental phobia. I would rather endure almost any other routine medical test or procedure than go to the dentist. I do, however, take good care of my teeth, and I have an appointment on Wed. I thought the rest of the episode was somewhat predictable, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The young actor playing Reggie was quite sweet.
  9. Love Fargo and love this article. As to the Red Owl--it was my grocery store of choice/necessity when I got my first job in the Stillwater area in the late 70s. But all good Minnesotans know you can't buy liquor at the Red Owl--grocery stores here don't sell liquor.
  10. This episode kept my attention, although I found myself getting annoyed with "take charge" Meredith. I wasn't familiar with Spencer Grammar, but I really liked her and her character. At first glance, I thought she was Emily Proctor with dyed hair!
  11. I am a long-time fan of the whole franchise, although I favor the mothership and CI. I've given up on viewing the SVU episodes. I can't even watch the repeats on USA anymore. There is just too much ick factor--I can't see any of it as entertainment anymore. Just too much real world ugh.
  12. Pink Ribbons, I find this incredibly sweet. I really did like this episode.
  13. Hit close to home. Meredith's advice about Maggie talking to her mom was spot on. Memorize the sound of her voice. Terrific acting. That's all--I need to get another tissue.
  14. I have NCIS on USA playing as my Saturday morning background noise while I do chores around the house. The episode right now is Knockout, and it's not particularly one of my favorites, but I had to stop everything and watch the scene with Leon and Jackie at home with their kids and Gibbs visiting. Jackie is such a wonderful character--I love her no-nonsense manner, and the little Len Bias story with Jackie obviously repeating to her kids for the umpteenth time, "And how many times did he do drugs?" really gave a feel for the kind of mom she was. She's not a main character, but is one of my favorite all-time NCIS characters, male or female. Wish they had kept her on. I'll watch Paula Newsome in anything, even bleach commercials.
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