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  1. Lunula


    I was disappointed with this, as well. Second, was chemotherapy used for breast cancer in the 1940's? I did a little research and it seems chemo was "discovered" because of the mustard gas used on soldiers during WWII when researchers found it reduced white blood cell counts and began using it to treat lymphomas, and then later to treat leukemia. I couldn't find references to breast cancer until the 1950's - though it was a cursory search. I wasn't a fan of AHS at all, but I quite enjoyed Ratched. Not the best thing on TV and definitely not without flaws, but I'll watch S2.
  2. So... I am one of those "dog moms" - I have two dogs, I adore them, I have no human kids and we have lost 4 of our furry kids over the years. It's tough, we love them, we are sad when we say goodbye and honestly, some of the goodbyes have been truly traumatic and I still get pangs when I think of them... (over 10 years later). However - Flip lost his dog a YEAR AGO and they are making this big a deal about it? Like he lost an actual human child? That is 100% absurd. Either the show is absurd for making this a big deal, or Flip is absurd for being this broken up about it. Seriously, this isn't something the show should highlight, either way. ANW - stop trying to force shit like this to "make us feel something." The only thing I feel now is that Flip is an emotionally neurotic mess and probably shouldn't be on the show at all if he's this broken up about his dog that he lost a year ago. I know all the athletes have their "schticks" and a lot of times they are pretty silly, but this one takes the cake.
  3. Bad Salsa. 100%. Had I remembered to watch it live, they would've gotten all my votes. Bello Sisters do amaze me, though. That is some strength and concentration, super impressive.
  4. That was handled so poorly. The entire Kiko situation was so utterly awful and made Sandy look like a complete asshole. Malia trying to bully Hannah into bunking with Bugsy, who also agreed she didn't want to bunk with Hannah - and then going to Sandy to whine about it and, of course, Sandy taking Malia's side. And then she enters Hannah's cabin (why?) and takes a photo of her "drug stash" and just MUST turn her in... because, why? She's a drug addict who is strung out on the job? Didn't they at one point say that someone couldn't take Valium and be on watch, which is relevant how? Because Hannah does anchor watch? And then Sandy following Hannah around trying to assuage her guilt and general shittiness by insisting "she cares" so much? For real? ANd then insisting she fired her because she "didn't feel safe" having her onboard? Are you JOKING? She has panic attacks and takes a Valium to deal with it. And you're trying to say she's a danger to herself and others? I do agree that when something like this is taken to the captain and there is an infraction, it should be dealt with. But by God, in reading everything others have posted that is has nothing to do with maritime laws - if it's the policy of the yacht, then say that. I was not a huge fan of Sandy already, but this seals it. And Malia, seriously? So shady. So so shady.
  5. I saw the voting the entire time, on all the categories, in all the rounds. Before the official winners were announced, I already knew the winners. Happy to do some testing if that helps - I always thought it was super weird that I could see it.
  6. Hmm. When I was voting, I was seeing a “total vote” tally for each category and on the tie breakers - saw it last year also.
  7. I feel like the awards for "best/worst" episodes, for me, are totally meaningless. I have no idea what happened in which episodes and when, other than perhaps season finales. I didn't vote in any of those categories and never will - I feel like maybe people just vote for a "show" rather than a specific episode in those instances? Also wondering why voting participation is so low? I see lots of names on various threads and though I have no clue how many active users this site has, I was surprised last & this year at how few people actually voted. What, maybe 60'ish people on most awards? Wondering if it could be promoted more/differently to garner more votes next year? Finally, after binge watching The Umbrella Academy the past few days - I'm shocked it didn't win any awards. I don't remember if it was even nominated? It's a great show!
  8. I feel like there must be something more to the story since we've already seen, in episode 4, that Libby is a (the?) killer, and she's already taken out another suspect in the matron. I'm really disappointed in the Señora Linares story. So...her baby falls on the floor because she's not watching and she's too scared to tell her husband (who seems pretty okay thus far). She takes the baby to "that hospital" because they are discreet - she herself is not medicated, ill, comatose, etc. - yet she somehow blocks out seeing Libby there. Why? She's a normal-looking woman. She isn't overtly doing anything crazy. What the hell was so disturbing that she mentally blocked it and needed to be hypnotized to remember? Are we really suggesting that women back then were so hysterical and fragile that someone who gave them the jeebies at a hospital, who they later saw again at a park (again, where she was not injured, medicated or psychotic) so they completely blocked it, involuntarily, from their memory? Who does that? I'm calling shenanigans.
  9. The biggest issue I have with the entire, "I can't understand you!" thing is the inherent racism, in this case, with Americans. I work in a huge global company and we were joking the other day on a meeting that we had 8 different countries/languages represented and yet - yet every single person on the call was speaking English and I was the only native English speaker. I never EVER complain that I can't understand people - I just work harder to communicate better since I don't speak French, Polish, Spanish, Russian, etc. and they are already working double-time to speak another language. It's kinda the same thing here - this bitching about people not speaking American English and her stupid inability to understand people. In essence, she's trying to make it Bugsy's fault that she sucks at her job. I get that's it's all part of the drama of the show, but if you can't understand another native English speaker because of her accent, then I don't think yachting is the career for you given how geographically diverse those crews normally are.
  10. I am loving Bugs this season - would actually like to see her come back as chief stew next season. Hannah clearly isn’t into her job anymore, I am guessing she’s only doing it for the money and fame at this point? I think Malia is doing pretty well. The whole drama with Bugs and her accent...seriously, Jess?
  11. Lunula


    Man, I like this show and at the same time I am incredibly, super annoyed at the gaping holes left behind. Season 1 was pretty solid. Plot points were completely dropped and some things made no sense - but I enjoyed it. I didn't mind all the characters and red herrings, but once we learned Henry was the killer, I went back in time and didn't understand the trophies from his victims. If was doing it all a ruse to throw suspicion so he could eventually kill Grace, why take the jewelry from his victims? And how did the blonde online camera porn lady steal them? At one point someone kidnaps Marcella, seemingly to kill her (I can't remember who it was) and she goes into a fugue state and the next scene she is at home. No explanation. Nothing. WTH? Season 2 was starting to piss me off. I thought the child killer story was sufficiently creepy, dark and sad - but I cannot stand the huge cast of characters as red herrings and then the killer turns out to be someone we saw like what - ONCE - in the first 6 episodes? That is just cheap ass writing, IMO. If you're going to make me guess and try to create twists & turns, you can't then make the killer Joe Blow down the street that we saw one damn time, with no back story and maybe one speaking line, until the final two episodes. That sucked. And how the hell did she bury a body in the police station? And MY GOD, are we really supposed to believe they found that body in the span of 2 minutes by looking at a photo that had a map on the wall with something circled? And that led them to the exact spot in the police station where it was buried? Ugh. The hypnosis stuff was also annoying. So Marcella finally decides to get help - something any half intelligent human being in in the same situation would've done way before that point - and it's magic hypnosis? I can get behind the changing her identity for S3 when she realizes she killed Juliet; however, why the hell did she cut her face like that? To leave her DNA behind? To punish herself? To try and annihilate who she used to be? A mere mention of her motives in S3 would've been great. And Season 3 - I thought it ambled along for too long. I had no clear understanding of what she was trying to do other than, "Bring down the McGuire family." And WTH happened in the beginning? She was with the accountant, who they killed, and then she "goes back" to Finn? So...the accountant didn't know she was with Finn to begin with and then switched to him? Or did she seduce the accountant first to get to Finn and "flip" to gain trust? I enjoyed the backstabbing, the tension and the weird characters in S3 - but until the last 2 episodes, I didn't understand her purpose. Even then, are we to believe she engineered all of that - or it was just happy circumstance (for her) how it all ended? Don't even get me started about her treatment towards Sangha.
  12. Anyone else feel super cheated that the show ended before we got tWitch's redemption votes? We're now ending freaking World of Dance on a cliffhanger? /groan I was super disappointed that Styles & Emma didn't make it through. I'm tired of hip hop/street dance acts making it on these shows based on tricks & fun music, whereas dancers with years of training in a classical style (a difficult one, no less) get cut. I know Kurtis was contemporary so that complaint doesn't apply with him - and maybe this is an unpopular opinion - but I thought Styles & Emma were better. I mostly find solo acts boring & tend to fast forward. I watched Kurtis and it was good, he's a great dancer, but I still found it ho-hum. Plus, I truly appreciate the training & skill it takes to partner. Why the hell does this show constantly pan to the damn judges while dancers are performing? I don't care to see J-Lo or Derek's reaction in the middle of a freaking routine, I want to see the dancing.
  13. Was the female Chronicom Jessie Graff (from American Ninja Warrior)? I looked on IMDB and the entire role wasn’t listed. We also watched the closing credits and none of the Chronicoms were listed.
  14. Duck Donuts (no, they aren't made of ducks) - the store originated in Duck, NC (Outer Banks) and they are so darn good. They must be eaten immediately, as they are made to order. We've eaten them after they cooled down and though still good, not as magical as piping hot.
  15. Ketchup is disgusting. Also, I don't like "custard" textured foods - pudding, creme brulee, etc. My husband thinks I'm nuts because creme brulee is pretty much his favorite thing on earth and I have a huge sweet tooth. I just can't stand that texture... And raw tomatoes. Yech!
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