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  1. Lunula

    S07.E16 Lashanta's Story

    What the bloody freaking hell?!? You get a boyfriend at 13 and have a baby at 14. Then literally every guy you meet after that, you have a kid with and every one of them turns out to be abusive and leaves. You don't have a high school diploma and work in fast food and keep having babies. This just kills me. I don't like seeing any human being suffer - whether by choice or circumstance. I pull for every person on this show to regain control and break free from their demons. I pulled for Lashanta also, but I have to take a break and take it off my DVR because it is only showing me how god-awful sad it is when people who should not have children have them anyway. I'm always saddened by how trivially people treat the decision to create other human beings. Yes, it is your right and no one should be able to mandate for or against it, but I feel physically ill at how flippant people are. Lashanta sucked. Her mother sucked. All those absent fathers sucked. This whole episode sucked.
  2. Lunula

    S06.E13: The Bimbo

    Gina left them with a statue of her when she departed her job there to honor herself.
  3. Lunula

    S01.E18: Five Miles West

    I think you should apply to write for the show. Seriously, had bio-dad called a lawyer (which he should’ve done immediately) and gotten that explanation- or if the judge had explained it in such a fashion, I wouldn’t have been thinking it was so stupid the entire time I was watching!
  4. Lunula

    S01.E18: Five Miles West

    Exactly! They made it very clear the surrogate was not the biological mother, so how could her next of kin have any claim to the child at all? I understand the legal system is complex and sometimes pretty stupid, but that seemed incredibly dumb. It would've made a lot more sense if she had been surrogate and egg donor, but signed the agreement with bio-dad. The entire story of the kid not taking her medication was simply stupid and made no sense. And the explanation after she woke up? Are you joking? She was jealous, at 12 years old, of the new baby and stopped taking her medication in an effort to see if mom would notice - and then it was all neatly tied up and we hugged and kissed after mom says she loves her? Ugh. Bartering system I thought was silly, but okay. The only stories I really connected with were the wife's bracelet - though I'm a bit shocked at how quickly the relationship between the son and the cashier lady is progressing - and Max's new doctor finally getting through to him (though it didn't make much sense that he was ignoring his health to run the hospital when he could die and miss everything). Oh. And what the hell is happening with his wife? He goes through a blizzard and prioritizes the hospital above his pregnant wife and also prioritizes the hospital above his very life, again ignoring the pregnant wife. Starting to think he's kind of an ass. This show seems to have a good following/ratings and I can only cross my fingers that the stories & writing get much better next season. Bordering on ridiculous every episode is wearing thin.
  5. Lunula

    S05.E19: Under the Influence

    I understand the show has no clue what to do with Junior at this point. He's not going to get his own spin-off like Zoey, and he didn't choose a college close to home where he can still be part of the show. I'm glad he finally got a damn job, but I find it completely insane that anyone in today's incredibly competitive job market, especially in advertising/marketing, believes he can take a job as an assistant at an advertising firm, with only a high school diploma, and be successful and advance. Is it possible? Sure. But I work in corporate America and it's competitive as hell. I've been with my company for 10 years and I've seen really smart, long-term employees get laid off because they lacked college degrees and their jobs were outsourced. In fact, now even the "outsourced" staff overseas all have college degrees - some of them graduate degrees. I do not want to offend anyone without a degree and would argue that personally, I don't think it should matter as I've worked with loads of individuals without degrees that kicked ass. But to corporate America? It matters.
  6. Lunula

    SEAL Team

    Literally the first thing I said after hearing about his evac was, "Would they really evac him, in critical condition, from the Philippines to the United States? On a commercial airline, that's like a 14-24 hour flight (depending on west vs. east coast). Why wouldn't he go somewhere closer with more modern medical facilities? Australia? Japan? Hell, even the UK would be like 12 hours. Maybe someone else can clear it up for me - I assume a military evac would be faster, yes? But would they move a critically injured patient, who hadn't had any surgery to stabilize, on a long flight like that? I kind of zoned out during the whole job offer thing, did they seriously mention a job paying that much? And Jason would rather sell his house and go into debt for his daughter's education (apparently forgetting he also has a son) than quit the SEALs, at his advanced age, knowing it's only gonna be a few more years at best? The mind boggles!
  7. Lunula

    S01.E19: The Checklist

    Seems silly to me, though Sgt Grey did mention "foster siblings" or something to that effect being a direct question on the form when he was talking to Bishop. I find that dubious, but okay. I felt the same way. It was cute, but it kinda made me cringe. Not sure if this was said jokingly, but Nathan Fillion isn't fat in any way shape or form. He's a 48-year-old man who looks pretty damn good, actually. Hey, maybe I'm sensitive since Fillion is like a month older than me, but it irks me when I read people calling individuals "fat" when they are clearly NOT fat...or even overweight...or that any of that even matters.
  8. Lunula

    SEAL Team

    I'm confused also about him selling the house for Emma's school. Now, do they need a house that size with Emma and Alana both gone? Maybe not. Would've made more sense if Jason had mentioned he was thinking of downsizing anyway. I get he wants to support her and I know there are other career paths other than just "singer" when coming out of a fine arts school - but given the expense and her family's situation, I'm befuddled by the choice. I came from middle class parents, my mom stayed at home and my dad worked. There were 3 kids and I was the youngest. I knew, from the time I knew what college was, that I would either have to get a lot in scholarship money and go to a private school, or I had to make sure I could get accepted to state school so we could afford it. Luckily, state school for me meant UNC Chapel Hill, so I still got a great education, but the private schools where I was accepted were out of the question because I didn't even think taking on $100k+ in school loans was an option for me or my family. How could Emma not know they didn't have that kind of money, even if Alana were alive? Did she never have a conversation with her parents about college? Maybe my family was freakish, but do people really do zero planning for 18 years and then decide to go to a private fine arts school in a different state and take on $200k-$300k in loans so they can maybe make $30-40k when they graduate?
  9. Lunula

    S07:E14: AnnJeannette's Story

    Erica's reaction seemed pretty genuine to me. The entire exchange seemed massively awkward, but I racked that up to AnnJeannette not really understanding why Lola suggested she do this (again, I FF'ed Lola's entire section, so not sure what she advised her to do). It didn't even register with me that they'd broken up until AnnJeannette mentioned it in her voiceover. Not sure how tricky editing could show Erica crying and then have AnnJeannette say they had broken up and Erica had moved out? To me it smacks more of AnnJeannette being self-centered and silly, breaking up with Erica and then regretting it later after realizing that she had it pretty good - then blaming it on editing to make herself look better.
  10. Lunula

    S07:E14: AnnJeannette's Story

    I'm always amazed when (some) people on this show have significant others - not because of weight - but because of how seemingly horrible they are. I guess a person tends to attract, and be attracted to, people as damaged as they are - but honestly, what is attractive about a person who never leaves her home, who has one hobby (eating), who has no interests other than eating and who is self-centered and bordering on delusional? We've seen people featured on this show who seem genuinely nice, smart, generous and loving and yet AnnJeannette attracted a mate a short while ago, based on what? Erica seemed like a pretty nice person who worked to support them, picked up her life to help save her girlfriend's life and then because their short list of "goals" don't match up, AnnJeannette breaks up with her? Seriously? I fast-forwarded the entire Lola part so I don't know what the "goals" exercise was really meant to be. Her advice is always the same to the point that we laugh when we see her and say, "So how long until she tells this person to confront mom and/or dad?" I cannot imagine that she advised her to sit down and tell Erica to "write down her goals" to see if the "match hers" and spend 2 minutes on that, with no explanation, no conversation and no instruction - and then break up with her because they didn't match perfectly. That felt so juvenile and silly, and then the fight erupted and all of a sudden their relationship was over. Okay then. I rest my case that I see nothing in AnnJeannette's personality that would/should attract a mate.
  11. Lunula

    S14.E17: Game Night

    I personally think Michael's dead also, and perhaps I should take this to the writers thread, but only pointing out we've seen similar retcon before if it suits a writer's fancy.
  12. Lunula

    S14.E17: Game Night

    Chuck also confirmed Gabriel was dead. Just sayin'
  13. Lunula

    S14.E17: Game Night

    THIS. Seriously, Mary? All of you are questioning Jack's soul vs. soulless state and yet you cannot just bite your tongue and bring it up to the team later? You just see this kid light someone up (even though I don't have much issue with it) and it alarmed you, you're scared of him, yet you feel the need to tell him in - in that moment - that there is something wrong with him and you have to go tell everyone? What logical reason is there to do that? Did you think Jack would go, "Oh, yeah - you're right. I'm really sorry, I'll never do it again!" So.Illogical. And why on earth would Sam & Dean ride around in a car with Nick sitting behind them so they can't see anything he's doing? The entire time I was saying, "Why is he back there? He's going to get free. He's going to choke one of them from behind. What if he has a knife?" Sam & Dean are the most savvy hunters on the planet, yet somehow sniveling little Nick beats Sam to death? Not to mention another fake death at this point in the show is beyond ridiculous. I find it disrespectful to the fans (and to Jared) who've stuck it out for 14 years and are facing the end in one more season. It...cheapens...the show and its legacy. Please let this be the real end of Nick and Lucifer. If Mary did die (I don't think she did) then let that be the end of her, too. I continue to have issues with angel (and demon) powers that seem to come and go with no logical explanation. I will never understand fist fights between humans and angels/demons.
  14. Lunula

    S13.E15: A Most Holy Man

    My impression wasn’t that he was indignant about the actual thieving, but that they were doing it for hire. Being your own boss vs. working for someone else and all.
  15. Lunula

    S14.E16: Don't Go in the Woods

    Didn't mind a MotW episode, though I feel the show is flailing trying to find a point to the season after killing Michael off. This one felt oddly directed, acted and written with too much focus on Jack and the kiddos.