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  1. IMO it was because she clearly wanted to (and did) break in to get the journal. She was on suspension and wouldn’t have been part of any search, even though she told Zabel to get a warrant. She wanted to find the evidence herself and read it before the search warrant was executed. Maybe even showing Zabel after the fact so he could claim it was found during the legal search, knowing that he would go along with it. On a side note, maybe she just doesn’t trust Zabel - or other police - and wanted to maintain control over what could’ve been a key piece of evidence?
  2. Lunula


    Binged all three seasons and overall really love the show. It’s a lot to unwrap having watched all three seasons in a week - but I want to implore the show for next season... put Casey in track spikes when you show her at meets! JEEZ! No sprinter would run in regular running shoes - especially at a meet. And while you’re at it, get some training in how to pass a relay baton and how to start off a block. We are meant to believe that Casey is competitive enough to try for UCLA and the team is good enough to actually recruit players, yet they put sprinters in running shoes, don’t know how to star
  3. That was some serious codependency going on. And wow, the dramatics! For me, neither were overtly unlikeable or shitty people, but I tend to run the opposite direction when I encounter theatrics and drama in people like this. I view it as a clear sign of emotional immaturity, insecurity and desperation to be heard & listened to. I get why adults could develop into that, but it's entirely too irritating trying to placate and nurture someone like that. She loves him and seems sweet, but why in the hell does he need someone to go into his therapy session with him? Codependent drama.
  4. Same. And the baby story line was so completely unnecessary. They could've just gotten the two back together, had her move in and then had Enzo show up and Gwen realizes she's still in love with her old flame and that Owen was the rebound guy. I legitimately hated the unexpected late-middle-age baby trope and given how this ended, it was 100% unnecessary. Blech. As soon as they showed them in the car, at night, in pouring rain - I said, "They are going to be in an accident." If we must have a cliff-hanger accident, why can't the writers at least give us something at least a tiny littl
  5. Dear Hollywood writers, PLEASE PLEASE stop with the "surprise pregnancy" story lines. It's fucking 2021 and a woman, especially a woman like Gwyneth who is highly educated, middle-aged, well-employed, with the knowledge and means to protect herself against such bullshit, should be able to figure out how to use birth control. Even women without insurance in the United States can get birth control pills on the cheap. And if not, ya know, condoms? I'm sick to freaking death of surprise pregnancy stories. It's irresponsible, stupid and IMO, pretty much never makes a show better. W
  6. I hope the best for Isaac, though I do think he is in that magical-thinking group who believe the surgery will forever remove their desire to binge. I am glad Dr Now told him the 5 year success rate was 2%. Those are shitty odds when you think about the fact that you are irreparably mutilating your body, undergoing an elective surgery that could very well kill you and placing a heavy financial burden on yourself and family. I couldn’t believe they took a cab - twice - from the Dallas area to Houston. Holy shit. Especially the second time, my husband was yelling, “Why don’t they rent a car
  7. This. Cindy checked out a long time ago. That, ladies and gentlemen, is someone who wants to die. Even when Dr. Now tried to evoke an emotion about her dying soon, she could barely muster the enthusiasm I typically have when I go check my mail. As others stated, I was thinking she must have money given how hard that initial care giver was trying to keep her disabled and in her care. Second that with Sandy's behavior. At first I thought, "Wow, what a great friend. Sandy really loves her." - but that wore out pretty quickly when we saw that she lied about having her room all set up an
  8. Lunula

    SEAL Team

    We thought he was a mole also! I can only assume any military, especially special forces, are taught not to discuss their military status in situations like that. The chances of a captor overhearing, or that guy being a mole, or simply telling him something that he could accidentally or intentionally tell the captors (thinking it would help him, or while being interrogated) would be too risky, especially for such a high value target.
  9. I loved this episode and the entire season. Sure, there were a few disappointments, but the show wasn’t written for one person and cannot possibly suit me individually 100% of the time. I am okay with it getting it right a vast majority of the time. As soon as the ship showed up and the dark troopers started wigging out, my husband said, “A Jedi is here!” and I immediately yelled, “Luke!” The very first movie I saw in a theater when I was 6 years old was Star Wars. I haven’t read any of the books, nor did I see any of the animated series, etc. - only the movies. I will always love Luke a
  10. Lunula


    I was disappointed with this, as well. Second, was chemotherapy used for breast cancer in the 1940's? I did a little research and it seems chemo was "discovered" because of the mustard gas used on soldiers during WWII when researchers found it reduced white blood cell counts and began using it to treat lymphomas, and then later to treat leukemia. I couldn't find references to breast cancer until the 1950's - though it was a cursory search. I wasn't a fan of AHS at all, but I quite enjoyed Ratched. Not the best thing on TV and definitely not without flaws, but I'll watch S2.
  11. So... I am one of those "dog moms" - I have two dogs, I adore them, I have no human kids and we have lost 4 of our furry kids over the years. It's tough, we love them, we are sad when we say goodbye and honestly, some of the goodbyes have been truly traumatic and I still get pangs when I think of them... (over 10 years later). However - Flip lost his dog a YEAR AGO and they are making this big a deal about it? Like he lost an actual human child? That is 100% absurd. Either the show is absurd for making this a big deal, or Flip is absurd for being this broken up about it. Seriously, this i
  12. Bad Salsa. 100%. Had I remembered to watch it live, they would've gotten all my votes. Bello Sisters do amaze me, though. That is some strength and concentration, super impressive.
  13. That was handled so poorly. The entire Kiko situation was so utterly awful and made Sandy look like a complete asshole. Malia trying to bully Hannah into bunking with Bugsy, who also agreed she didn't want to bunk with Hannah - and then going to Sandy to whine about it and, of course, Sandy taking Malia's side. And then she enters Hannah's cabin (why?) and takes a photo of her "drug stash" and just MUST turn her in... because, why? She's a drug addict who is strung out on the job? Didn't they at one point say that someone couldn't take Valium and be on watch, which is relevant how? Becau
  14. I feel like there must be something more to the story since we've already seen, in episode 4, that Libby is a (the?) killer, and she's already taken out another suspect in the matron. I'm really disappointed in the Señora Linares story. So...her baby falls on the floor because she's not watching and she's too scared to tell her husband (who seems pretty okay thus far). She takes the baby to "that hospital" because they are discreet - she herself is not medicated, ill, comatose, etc. - yet she somehow blocks out seeing Libby there. Why? She's a normal-looking woman. She isn't overtly doin
  15. The biggest issue I have with the entire, "I can't understand you!" thing is the inherent racism, in this case, with Americans. I work in a huge global company and we were joking the other day on a meeting that we had 8 different countries/languages represented and yet - yet every single person on the call was speaking English and I was the only native English speaker. I never EVER complain that I can't understand people - I just work harder to communicate better since I don't speak French, Polish, Spanish, Russian, etc. and they are already working double-time to speak another language.
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