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  1. Good grief - literally. Poor Ramina (sp?) knowing Miriam's mom, counting her as a good friend, and never knowing the abuse her daughter went through. But then again, Rinder worked with Mimi's mom and never knew the woman had kids! Loved hearing from Hanna - one of the first to get out and someone who knew LRH (Lying Repulsive Heartless). And how her and her husband help other escapees. Also heartbreaking to hear while Leah's daughter, her only child, was learning to walk Leah was working then auditing until midnight or 1:00. This whole cult is way messed up! Thank you Leah.
  2. The Pat and Vanna interaction (yogurt, etc.) was weird. I liked that Jessica is so cheap of course she is going to continue to stay with Honey and nickel and dime the man selling the house to death. I agree with you all - yikes Eddie! That was some summer of growth. New voice too.
  3. I thought the same thing. Was hoping their headquarters would have been blown away. Most heartbreaking was Jackson's marriage breaking up. That and the fact he really thought he was special and would be "allowed" to let his wife have the baby. Broke my heart! So glad this stuff is coming out. Way to go Leah!
  4. I cannot get enough of this show but like many of you, Charles and Diana? That is the next one? Was kinda hoping they would stay with old Hollywood. And to whomever posted the Vanity Fair "truth and fiction of each episode" link: thank you!
  5. I think Katy had a baby sometime this year. I adored her on Mike & Molly - this show, which I really wanted to like, was just eh. I will give it another try because I also hated the pilot of Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond and went on to love the shows. The little girl going into the bathroom with dad on the toilet was all types of wrong! Disgusting, unreal and boarding on creepy. Hope the jokes get better.
  6. barbedwire

    MLB Thread

    Hunter Pence = Marv from Home Alone. Dang those Cubbies! Back home for the Dodgers.
  7. Did Jan do her own makeup or did she pay someone to do that? I assume someone would NOT want that reference on their resume. Yikes. I saw on Alyssa Bates-Weber's instagram that she is promoting some cleanse thing. Probably is going to start shilling a lot of products to get the $$.
  8. barbedwire

    MLB Thread

    Dodgers shut out Cubbies and Arrieta!
  9. Glad I was not the only one who thought first kid out of the gate was just so ugh. After 2 jokes I turned the channel. I did like Opera girl and bird man. And I too loved taped mouth comedian. So funny! Didn't see that coming.
  10. I did like it, not loved it. I know 2 couples who that happened to: one got pregnant during the adoption process and the other about 6 months after they brought their baby home. I like that Carl and Victoria were back together and what Nana said "I was talking to her." - LOL! So glad Nana was there. The sweetest part was Mike's mom worried that she would hardly get to see the baby and her little speech about wanting to do better with the grandchild since she was hardly home being a single mom when Mike was growing up. I get that. Always seems like one side of a family spends a lo
  11. barbedwire

    MLB Thread

    No. And what a Cubs game yesterday! Turned off a movie I was watching and it was (naturally) on sports channel and I couldn't stop watching in the 10th inning.
  12. Can't see the picture because link is blocked on my computer, but was Joshy out and about? I thought for sure they would have hidden him away.
  13. I flipped over to the show once and saw the whole big clan of them in Central America and thought "couldn't they have saved the money and supported the Dillards?" That was enough for me. I went back to my other channel and the commercials were more interesting. I agree with those who said if they are going to sing at least learn one song in Spanish. As part of their homeschooling, do they even learn a 2nd language?
  14. I liked last night's show/interview/playing a game. Good to see Lisa Arch again! Haven't seen her since "Clean Sweep" (I think that is what it was called). Audrey seems like she tries too hard to be cool. Molly is always a delight. Jeremy is an amazing photographer so I wish they would have shown some of his pictures. Glad they mentioned Jacob. What is Zach's job/line of work?
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