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  1. fabinpink

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I think this might be my favorite new pilot of the season (so far). I loved it. It had everything I wanted, tons of medicine and drama, humor and heart break, and good characters with lots of potential.
  2. fabinpink

    S01.E04: The Meltdown

    That was intense! I really love this show.
  3. fabinpink

    S11.E17: With Or Without You

    I'm happy for Zola and little Bailey. With Derek home, they finally get out of 24 hour day care.
  4. fabinpink

    S11.E12: The Great Pretender

    Where were the kids when Meredith was over at Alex's? Did Meredith even see them when she got back? Derek should have taken the kids with him.
  5. fabinpink

    S01.E11: Tell All

    When Perry was being arrested, what did he say to Janice? I keep watching it, but can't make it out. I'm thinking Perry will start stalking Janice now and back off of Beth a bit.
  6. fabinpink

    S01.E11: Tell All

    I love Janice. She is my favorite! That scene with Perry was awesome. The twist at the end was nice. I really didn't think the ex husband had anything to do with it. I really like this show. The Jack/son storyline doesn't even bother me.
  7. fabinpink

    Bad Judge

    Keeps getting better. I laughed a lot during this episode. "His grandma wife is going to be pissed." - Ha! Love Rebecca and Tedward's friendship. Loved Judy invading Rebecca's house at the end.
  8. fabinpink

    Bad Judge

    Episode Description
  9. fabinpink

    Bad Judge

    I thought that was a great episode. Very much improved. I was hoping the show would find its footing. For me, it did tonight. Rebecca's face at the end was priceless. Lol.
  10. fabinpink

    Bad Judge

    I laughed some and cringed some. This show has its moments and has potential, but it needs to find its footing and some direction. I really did love the ending. Thank goodness that ugly van is gone. There needs to be some balance to all the wacky. Otherwise, it is just too much.
  11. fabinpink

    Bad Judge

    I liked it and I don't really care for comedies. It was a little all over the place, but came together nicely at the end. I love Kate Walsh, so I will definitely stick around.
  12. fabinpink

    Bad Judge

    I assume they would have to reshoot. I admit I didn't think Mather Zickel was very cute in the trailler. Maybe if he would shave.
  13. fabinpink

    Bad Judge

    Talk about Media! "Nurse Jackie Co-Creator Set As 'Bad Judge' Showrunner" - http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/nurse-jackie-creator-set-as-705951 "NBC's Bad Judge Recasts Roles" - http://www.deadline.com/2014/05/nbc-bad-judge-cw-izombie-recast-roles/
  14. fabinpink

    Bad Judge

    I am! The trailer looks hilarious. And I love Kate Walsh.