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  1. Did I blink, or did Bennet not answer who called off the wedding? Now Zac didn't answer what he's afraid of in marriage. I'm crushing on Demar. He gives nice, coherent answers. Yay!She's give reasons to a couple of the guys. I really like that.
  2. Ivan can talk coherently about current events!!!! I"m kind of flummoxed by T's non/tearful response. Is there some dramatic backstory about someone being treated unfairly in her life? I'm probably reading way too much in her non response to his question about how everything is affecting her.
  3. NIce, convenient pillow with the stitches loosened so feathers fly everywhere. I hope they producers aids ready to pick up all those feathers. That is BIG bowl of ice cream. I thought the date with the kids games was cute, but did they look like they were forcing it a little? I really hope that future one on ones get a little more glamorous, and I hope that Tayshia gets some really cool perks to make up for the lack of travel. Can't they go out into the desert to do stuff? Sight see? sky dive, ride ATV's, glamp? I"m not sure what all is around there. I thought the other
  4. I love that she got him to shave his stache. That was great.
  5. Tayshia's dress is amazing! She definitely knows how to wear clothes. And I loved her necklace during the group challenge. Hubby just came up for some sexy time...I pointed to TV and was all, "I'm watching live tv."
  6. I really, really, really love that this is the second time in a row that T tells more than one person reasons why they were in her thoughts for the rose. I don't recall anyone doing that before..
  7. I'm feeling conflicted. Hate that baby man is stirring up drama, but am liking that he's owning up and actually telling Chasen right after he does it. There are some EXTREMELY hot men, but than some average looking men. l'm thinking the "average" guys are probably hot, just the really hot guys are bringing them down. I like that T is being drawn towards the "average" guys and not really zeroing in on the hotties.
  8. That whole "conversation" with T about how Brandon is her person could not have been about that date. You never saw her actually saying those things. I'm glad that an Ette and her beau actually bond over something real and not the fact that they're both pretty and like football. I'm surprised she wants 5 kids. She's 30 now, and planning on 5? if you have one every other year, I had 1 at 35 and its tiring! Also I just don't get the "I want real love" vibe from her yet.
  9. I do like a fun flirty ette....but I really hope she doesn't stick her tongue down multiple throats in a single day. Not holding my breath, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. I don't get the love for ...Brendan?,,,that she is giving. He's not the cutest guy in the house, and his personality isn't as obvious as some of the others. I'm actually kind of liking Chris having to actually earn his paycheck this season. I think we've seen him more this season than we have in the previous 6. Okay...that top is the one she was wearing when she was supposedly fretting over Jason in her room.
  10. The bro love is strong with this group. Poor Jason. I hope his feelings are genuine and not totally producer driven.....She's in the same suite Claire was in?!?!?
  11. Spencer looks like a former ette contestant....he was on paradise last season. I can't remember his name. I"m glad that T recognizes she has good men. She looks so relaxed and like she's in control. We'll see if it continues. aawww.... I like that shes saying something nice about the guys that she considered, I've never heard a lead do that before. It's very considerate. Are the roses fake? It just doesn't look real ETA: Yeah....I didn't get the inside joke either. Why show us joking about something we didn't see, unless they're going to show it after the credits.
  12. Okay....new guys wimpy mustache is really squicky. He just screams weirdo to me. I'm glad Ivan and the dude who wore the all black to the rose ceremony are still here.
  13. OMG!!!! How long have they been together? "He shows up for me....he's always there." Lets see, what about when you're lying in a fetal position on the floor because you're overwhelmed with life. How about you've both had a crappy day and you're being too needy. You need to have surgery for something and it doesn't go as planned. Lets see in 5 yeas.
  14. Yay! Another ette that can talk without every other word being "like," or "um!"
  15. Is the red dress Tayshia is wearing in the promo photo the same dress Claire wore on her overnight with Dale? Looks VERY similar
  16. Why have we never seen the words, "I love you (her)" actually come from Dales lips yet? Its always a cutaway shot when they air them
  17. Clare....:I am falling in love with you Dale............oh shit I am falling in love with you through this process.. I"m here with an open heart..... - aren't these things all the contestants say?
  18. That dress is beautiful. I still stand behind liking that she can make a cohesive sentence with no "likes" or "ums." Dale.....not so much. I'm not getting the goo goo over her vibe yet from him.
  19. I honestly thought she was going to give the rose to Dale saying, 'you all gave him such a hard time, and he took he it so great, he deserves the rose." Damn....Tayshia looked GOOD!!!! I hope she does a good job. Those men are going to be so happy when they see her.
  20. "Like,.....Oh my God......tell me what he said about me...no don't...wait, yeah, SQUEAL, when did he say he's the front runner." Bennet, "lets put Dale aside and talk about you and me." Claire, "yeah, I get it, lets do it...but seriously, when did he say he was the best suited, tell me what he said about me!"
  21. Okay....what was that? He wasn't pulling away....she's imagining things. Okay...he just got the shaft. She's so blinded she's projecting her feelings onto him. ETA, he shouldn't have grabbed her and tried to kiss her....you could see the freaked out in her eyes. But he was freaked out too....he had no idea what happened.
  22. Oh my god...they are TOTALLY like high school kids getting caught by their parents. I'm rapidly losing my Claire love.
  23. I get being into a guy....but Claire is being totally disrespectful to these other guys. I would be totally pissed if I was these guys, glad they're saying stuff, I hope their blow up is good. Dale can't lie for shit. Edited because I know the difference between their, there and they're
  24. Points to Claire for telling him that's why he wasn't on the date. He was making excellent points, but then he went way overboard. EEK...you could see her butt crack/gstring when she walked away from the guys announcing no ceremony. Dale showing up out of nowhere - yeah.....that's not a producer plant at all (heavy eye roll). Loved the guys circling the wagon around Claire - literally - when Yosef was ranting.
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